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Stitch a dreamy embroidered cushion cover

Add a touch of chilled style to your plain cushions and make your home a beautiful place to relax with this lovely embroidery pattern by Laura Strutt.


Embellish a colourful cushion cover with handmade tassels and a statement diamond design. This gorgeous embroidered cushion cover will add an extra dimension to your plain cushions and brighten up your living space.

Designed by Laura Strutt, the cushion features a modern diamond shape created using Couching Stitch, complete with handmade cushion tassels on each corner.

The joy of this project is you can use any colour combination you’d like. Choose a cushion cover and thread colour that compliments the rest of your home decor. If you are making it for someone else, find out their favourite colour!

This project is a great way to craft consciously too. You can upcycle cushion covers you already own and give them a new lease of life. Find more like this project in issue 3 of Love Embroidery. If you’d like to get the other projects in this issue, you can purchase a digital copy.

What is couching stitch?

Couching stitch is a similar method to applique, but instead of attaching a piece of fabric you’ll be attaching a piece of embroidery thread and stitching it into your work. It’s a simple and very versatile method which can be used on many embroidery projects.

Stitch a modern embroidered cushion cover

What stitches will I need for the embroidered cushion?

For more stitching help, try our embroidery stitch library.

Materials needed to create the embroidered cushion cover:

 Embroidered cushion cover: step-by-step tutorial


You Will Need

  • Cushion cover
  • Stranded cotton
  • Erasable marker
  • Basic embroidery kit

Total time:

Step 1

Transferring the design on to the fabric

Transfer the design from the template onto the centre of the cushion front using your preferred method. The whole design is worked using six strands of stranded cotton. Set aside four skeins of pink to make the tassels with later.

Step 2

Stitching the outer diamond

Create the outer diamond shape by working one long Straight Stitch for each side in blue. Repeat working over the same stitches to create two base threads running on each side of the diamond.

embroidered cushion cover step 1

Step 3

Adding the couching stitches

Couching Stitches are worked over these base threads to hold them in place. To do this, work two small Straight Stitches in turquoise at the diamond points and small evenly spaced stitches over the base threads.

embroidered cushion cover step 2

Step 4

Adding the inner diamond stitches

Create the inner diamond shape in the same way as the outer diamond using green thread for the long Straight Stitches. Hold these stitches in place using orange thread for the Couching Stitches, in the same way as the outer diamond.

embroidered cushion cover step 3

Step 5

Embellishing the diamonds

Work a long blue Straight Stitch at each point between the two motifs. Add the outer accents by working four long Straight Stitches on each side in pink and orange. Work one single Fern Stitch in pink in the centre of each diamond side.

embroidered cushion cover step 4

Step 6

Working the fern stitches

Alternating between green and orange, create the remaining single Fern Stitches along each side of the diamond.

Work four single Fern Stitches in blue at the centre of the design. Create two larger ones horizontally and two smaller ones vertically.

embroidered cushion cover step 5

Step 7

Making the cushion tassels

Take one whole skein of pink stranded cotton. Fold it in half and cut through the loops at one end. Fold this in half and use one of the lengths of thread to secure at the top with a knot to make the hanging threads.

Wrap another length around the top of the fold to secure.

Thread the hanging threads through one corner of the cushion and knot them together.

Repeat to make and attach the other three cushion tassels.

embroidered cushion cover step 5

How to make tassel earrings

Do you want to learn the easy way to make a tassel? Follow along with our helpful video tutorial.

You’ll not only learn to make a cushion tassel which you can use for this project but you’ll find out how to transform them into pair of tassel earrings.

DIY tassel earrings

Embroider cushion covers in your own style

Creating your own home decor is a satisfying and low-cost way to express your own style. Items you have customised or made yourself are always a great talking point for guests, plus you get to show off your skills.

Watch out though or you’ll have a list of requests from friends and family before you know it!

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