If you could double the value of your wardrobe, would you?


How about if it took less time than reading a book?

As the ongoing cost of living crisis continues to bite, crafters are finding new ways to get the most out of their threads… and by that, we mean all their threads.

Embroidering clothes may be nothing new, but the practice is undergoing an enthusiastic revival brought about (at least in part) by persistent inflation.

But it isn’t just crafters that are getting in on the action.

Big brands and personalities embroider clothes

Brands’ summer style

Brands as varied as Urban Outfitters, Superdry and Joe Browns have launched lines this year capitalising on the rising popularity of embroidered clothes.

Embroidered fashion at a glance

Joe Browns

Non-embroidered women’s jeans: RRP £35.00

Embroidered women’s jeans: RRP £60.00


Non-embroidered women’s jacket: RRP £59.99

Embroidered women’s jacket: RRP £99.99

Urban Outfitters

Non-embroidered women’s maxi dress: RRP £42.99

Embroidered women’s maxi dress: RRP £72.99

*Prices listed accurate at time of writing. Products selected are similar though not identical comparisons.

Women's clothes on a retail rack

The markup brands can charge is quite striking. So why is it that embroidered clothes generally command a higher price tag?

Check out Gathered’s guide on how to embroider jeans for free.

Star power

High-profile celebrities are embracing embroidered clothing as a fashion statement. Singer Sam Ryder made waves last summer with an embroidered jacket that became a news story in itself.

Never underestimate the value of picking up new tips and tricks
Nikki Morgan, Editor of Love Embroidery

Celebrity culture is inextricably linked to the world of fashion, with artists from Beyoncé, Rhianna, and Pharrell Williams owning brands with multi-millions of sales every year.

Sam Ryder Space Man patch from Etsy store
Image by Ellie Labelle via Etsy

Using the same techniques as leading brands (without the luxury price tag) is a great way for cash-strapped consumers to upgrade their collections in financially challenging times.

Here’s how Gathered recommends embroidering your own jacket, with a step-by-step guide and list of materials.

Adding double value: Why now is the perfect time to embroider clothes

Popular with festival-goers, embroidered clothes add a point of difference to traditional threads with designs that stand out in a crowd.

Always keep a stitching guide on hand, especially when trying something new
Nikki Morgan, Editor of Love Embroidery

But learning how to embroider yourself also represents a significant saving opportunity at a time when households are cutting back on perceived luxuries.

how to embroider

It’s also one of the easier crafts you can learn, making it an accessible way for people of all ages to upgrade their collections.

If you’re new to the craft, there are a few hacks that crafting experts recommend you bear in mind.

The surprising simplicity of embroidering clothes

We spoke to Nikki Morgan, Editor of Love Embroidery magazine, about what she sees as the most important things to watch out for when embroidering your clothing.

Where to start with embroidery for clothing

“Practice on something you’re not too attached to first,” Nikki says. “You’re looking for old T-shirts or dresses that were destined for the recycling bin or a charity shop.”

“When you’re a bit more confident, you can add flourishes to your favourites.”

Invest in a good embroidery set

Nikki also recommended investing in decent equipment, not just for embroidery but for other crafts more generally.

“There are crafting supplies for every price point, but a decent toolbox will take you a lot further than cheaper alternatives,” Nikki says. “Do your research and buy the best you can afford.”

Nail the basics

Nikki also recommended that embroiders of all kinds familiarise themselves with the basics.

“The range of stitches you’ll need for embroidering clothes depends on the design, but even if it looks simple enough it always helps to keep a stitching guide on hand, especially when trying something new.”

embroidery stitches

Speaking of trying something new, she had some final words of wisdom for keen crafters looking to broaden their horizons with embroidery.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest tips

“Never underestimate the value of picking up new tips and tricks,” Nikki says. “There are always new techniques to learn, and you can find a world of inspiration online.”

There are all sorts of ways budding crafters can stay in the know these days, she added.

Try signing up for a weekly newsletter, or bookmarking reputable sites that regularly upload new patterns.

Crafting value one stitch at a time

Crafters pride themselves on finding a bargain. With embroidered clothes returning to popularity, there’s never been a better time to perfect the art of adding a patch of uniqueness to your threads.

Buying a set of embroidery tools has never been easier, and hundreds of designs are available online for you to browse right now.

Join other crafters by brightening up your wardrobe and increasing the value of your wardrobe without paying the hefty price tag.

Upgrade your wardrobe with embroidery patterns for clothes on Gathered

Keen to get started? We’ve drawn together the ultimate step-by-step on embroidering clothes, featuring tips from craft journalists at Love Embroidery magazine.


Add character to your threads with our detailed guide now.

embroidered jeans - finished


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