Delightfully easy DIY fabric Christmas crackers

Delight dinner guests with these sustainable party favours stitched in your favourite festive fabrics and trims.

fabric crackers

Fabric crackers are a wonderful way to finish your Christmas table in an eco-friendly and unique way! We promise you won’t want to go back to shop-bought ones after these.

The fabulous thing about making your own Christmas crackers is you get to choose exactly how they look (hello, matching decor) and you can put personalised gifts and treats inside. Hooray for the end of plastic toys!

These crackers are simple and quick to make, plus you’ll be able to use them every year once they are made! Or you can give them to your dinner guests to keep as a festive memento. You might even inspire them to make their own next year.

You’ll find a mixture of designs to stitch onto your favourite fabric, and we’ll show you step-by-step how to assemble your crackers below.

These fun fabric Christmas crackers designed by Rebecca Reid were originally published in Love Embroidery issue 20.

Stitching your eco-friendly Christmas crackers

What stitches will I need to make fabric Christmas crackers?

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Fabric Christmas crackers template

Download the free Christmas cracker template.

How to make eco-friendly Christmas crackers


You Will Need

  • Cotton fabric (30x40cm, 13x26cm)
  • Stranded cotton (1 skein each of your choice of coordinating colours)
  • Embroidery hoop (13cm diameter)
  • Ribbon or wool (30cm x2 (for tying))
  • Cardboard kitchen roll tube
  • Sewing machine with standard foot Machine cotton
  • Sticky tape
  • Basic embroidery kit

Total time:

Step 1

Transfer your design to the Christmas cracker fabric

An excess has been added to the outer fabric (the 30x40cm piece) so that it can be mounted in a hoop. Draw an outline measuring 13x26cm centrally and on the right side of the outer piece.

For the crackers with lettering, transfer your chosen text onto the middle using your preferred method. Work the lettering in two strands of a contrasting shade of thread, using Chain Stitch for the thicker parts of the letters and Split Stitch for the thinner parts.

Then, cut out your outer piece along the outline you made previously.

fabric christmas crackers 1

Step 2

Stitch the motifs onto the printed fabric

For the crackers with patterned fabric, stitch over the printed motifs that you want to embellish using two strands of your choice of colours and a mix of stitches.

We used Backstitch, Fern Stitch, French Knots, Lazy Daisy Stitch and Straight Stitch.

Make sure your stitching lies 1cm within the outline to allow for seams. Cut out along this outline.

fabric christmas crackers 2

Step 3

Stitch the lining to the outer fabric of your crackers

Pin the outer and lining fabrics together with right sides facing and stitch in place along one short end. Open out and press.

fabric christmas crackers 3

Step 4

Stitch the ends lengthways

Turn the short ends over by 1cm to the wrong side and press. Fold in half lengthways, matching the raw edges and stitch together down the length, making sure you stitch over the turned ends.

fabric christmas crackers 4

Step 5

Sew the ends and decorative stitches

Starting at the outer fabric end, turn the tube right-side out, stopping when you reach the centre seam. The lining should now be inside. Press in place, then sew the turned ends together using invisible stitch. Work Running Stitch in two strands of a contrasting shade around each end to decorate.

fabric christmas crackers 5

Step 6

Insert a kitchen roll, treats and tie the ends!

Cut the kitchen roll tube lengthways down the centre to make it flat, then trim it to 9.5cm wide and 10cm long. Use tape to stick the roll back together so the long edges meet but don’t overlap.

Push the roll inside the fabric tube so that it’s central. Slip a gift inside, then tie bows at both ends.

fabric christmas crackers 6

Go eco-friendly with fabric Christmas crackers

Forget shop-bought crackers! You’ll never need to buy them again once you’ve got this nifty know-how it takes to make these. They’re quick and easy to do, and your guests will be impressed!

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