Free pineapple embroidery pattern

Transport yourself to the tropics with this fruity pineapple embroidery design by Jessie Doe.

pineapple embroidery

The warm ocean breeze drifts by, the sand is warm between your toes, you hear the sound of the waves gently lapping – you’ve escaped somewhere totally tropical. Bliss! Bring those good vibes straight into your home, with the exotic pineapple embroidery by Jessie Doe.

The pineapple embroidery features, of course, a pineapple at the center, but it also includes two brightly coloured hibiscus plants that give it an island feel. The pineapple embroidery is designed by Jessie Doe and was originally published in Love Embroidery magazine issue 3.

With three types of stitches, the pineapple embroidery is great for beginners who are looking to step up to the next level, a great project to get to grips with the different stitches, and using a variety of colours. If you are new to embroidery or need a little refresh on the basics, take a look at our embroidery for beginners guide.

Once you have completed the pineapple embroidery, it can be simply finished on the hoop, which would look lovely hanging on the wall at home, or gift it to a friend to bring some sunshine into their day.

Materials for the pineapple embroidery

  • Cotton fabric: 30x30cm, white
  • Stranded cotton: brown, light green, medium green, dark green, light pink, medium pink, dark pink, yellow<
  • Embroidery hoop: 12cm diameter
  • Basic embroidery kit

Pineapple embroidery stitches key

See our full library of embroidery stitches.

Free pineapple embroidery template

And you’ll need to download the free pineapple embroidery template.

Your pineapple embroidery pattern


You Will Need

  • Cotton fabric
  • Stranded cotton
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Basic embroidery kit

Total time:

Step 1

Transfer the design from the pineapple embroidery template onto the centre of the fabric using your preferred method. Mount the fabric into a hoop.

Step 2

Use six strands of stranded cotton throughout, except for the French Knots, which use three strands. Follow the steps in order to create the layers.

Step 3

Work the pineapple’s diamond shapes in yellow Satin Stitch, then the outline in brown Stem Stitch.

Step 4

Work the pineapple leaves in light green Satin Stitch, then work the pineapple leaf outlines in medium green Stem Stitch.

Step 5

Work the ferns in dark green: Satin Stitch for the leaves and Stem Stitch for the stems.

Step 6

Work the hibiscus flowers in medium pink Satin Stitch. Work the highlights in dark pink Stem Stitch and then the stamens in light pink Stem Stitch and French Knots.

Step 7

For a neat finish, back your hoop using a piece of coordinating felt or your preferred method.


That’s it! Now you’ve completed your pineapple embroidery, all that’s left is to decide where you want to hang it up, or who you are going to gift it to (if you can part with it that is). If you loved this pineapple embroidery we have lots more free embroidery projects we think you’d like.

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Meet the maker

Jessie Doe

Bristol-based Jessie lives a fabric-filled double life. By day she surrounds herself with quilts in her job as Production Editor for Today’s Quilter magazine, and by night she’s a talented embroidery artist and illustrator who runs Jessie Doe Designs. Her speciality is lovingly stitched embroidery hoops inspired by nature, colour, and everyday magic.

Jessie Doughty