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21 of the best needle felting kits for beginners

Want to start needle felting but not sure where to start? Needle felting kits are great for felting newbies so browse these kits and pick your favourite!

Diplodocus mini needle felting kit

Needle felting has become more and more popular and we’re here for it! There’s plenty of supplies, tutorials and books out there (head over to our top needle felting books for more inspiration) but sometimes the best place to start is with a kit. Needle felting kits are an easy way to start learning the techniques and get all the equipment you need. Whether you’re a complete newbie or just want to try making some different needle felt creations, needle felting kits are the ones for you.


We’ve collected 21 of the cutest and beginner-friendly needle felting kits on the market. They’re all easy to order, easy to make, and will leave you with adorable results. There’s everything from needle felting dog kits to anime needle felting kits so get scrolling and find your new needle felting kit.

Oh and once you’ve picked up a kit and mastered needle felting check out our tutorials for these cute needle felted birds and needle felt animals.

21 needle felting kits for beginners


Shiba needle felting dog kit

needle felting kit shiba dog

Etsy, £18.07

Ok, dog needle felting kits are just the cutest and a great way to start learning the felting basics. Artec 360’s adorable Shiba needle felting kit includes eco-friendly wool, a detailed instruction booklet for beginners, three needles, foam block and tough leather gloves to protect your hands. There’s enough material for you to make five different Shiba cuties too!


Diplodocus mini needle felting kit

Diplodocus mini needle felting kit

Etsy, £15

Etsy is just full of adorable needle felting kits for beginners. This dinosaur kit comes with everything you need (apart from foam working block) to create your own little Diplodocus. Jurassic Park just got a whole lot cuter!


Cat needle felting kit

cat needle felting kit

Amazon, £13.99

LotCow has created the sweetest cat needle felting kit on the market. It comes with all the essentials as well as detailed instruction cards for all nine types. The kit says you can make one cat in about 3 hours making it a perfect evening project. Oh and for you dog lovers there’s a needle felting dog kit too! 


Basic needle felting kit for beginners

Heidifeathers Boxed Needle Felting Starter Kit

Etsy, £21.99

If you don’t have a specific creature you want to make then this needle felting kit is great for you. Sold through this kit comes with a range of wool roving, a felting brush, felting needles, and a felting tool. There’s also instructions that will teach you how to needle felt with a few suggestions of what you can make with all your new tools. For even more adorable needle felting projects make sure you head to our needle felt cherries and needle felt teacup pincushion tutorial.


Budgie needle felting kit

need felting kit budgies

Etsy, £11.70

Bird lovers and needle felters unite! This needle felting kit by Bergin & Bath will teach you how to make this really cute budgie. There’s three different budgie kits to choose from and they’re completely beginner-friendly. Bergin & Bath sells loads of different animal needle felting kits in their Etsy store so when you’ve finished your budgie there’s plenty more to choose from.


Mermaid needle felting kit

mermaid needle felting kit

Hobbycraft, £4.50

This mini needle felting kit is perfect for on the go crafters. It comes with everything you need to make these two mermaids which you can then hang proudly in your home. They’d also look great on your Christmas tree.


Gnome needle felting kit

Gnome needle felting kit

Amazon, £14.99

These little festive gnomes are a great needle felting project for beginners. The Crafty Kit Company has made this needle felting kit proudly from Scotland and is ready for you to buy and show off to the world! 


Folk art needle felting kit

folk art Needle felting kit

Etsy, £12

This needle felting kit is a little different to your classic kit. will give you all the tools and materials you need to create this intricate folky design which you can then proudly hang in your home. This little kit would also make a lovely gift for a crafty pal.


Badger needle felting kit

badger needle felting kit

Amazon, £22

The Makerss are the needle felting gods and have produced needle felting kits, books, video tutorials and workshops. This badge needle felting kit is one of our favourite products they’ve created because it teaches you all the basic techniques.


Rainbow of Hope Needle Felting Kit

Rainbow of Hope Needle Felting Kit

Etsy, £17.95

We’re all about needle felting kits that spread joy and this one certainly does that. are selling this gorgeous rainbow hoop kit which is great for beginners and showing your support for our NHS.


Safari needle felting kit

safari needle felting kit

Hobbycraft, £4

We’re heading over to the Savana for this needle felting kit. Learn how to make this adorable duo with this kit by Hobbycraft. It’s a small little kit that contains everything you need to start felting your own lion and giraffe. It would make a cute stocking filler!


Succulent needle felting kit

succulent needle felting kit

Etsy, £33.27

This is the needle felting kit for all you plant lovers out there. Needle felt your own eight mini succulents with ‘s kit. There’s everything you need inside including the glass little pots for you to put your new mini-plants in.


Christmas needle felting kit

christmas needle felting kit for beginners

Amazon, £13.49

This festive needle felting kit will have you excited for Christmas! There’s everything you need to be able to make one Santa Claus, one reindeer and some other adorable festive decorations. You can easily attach some thread to turn them into tree decorations too.


Fluffy unicorn needle felting kit

Fluffy Unicorn Needle Felt Kit

Sandy Leaf Farm, £7.99

Sandy Leaf Farm sells loads of needle felting kits but this unicorn is just the best. This kit comes with everything inside along with complete instructions and little glass beads for the eyes. Everyone needs a heart holding unicorn in their life.


Keyring needle felting kit

Keyring needle felting kit

Amazon, £12.99

This needle felting kit is great because you can turn your little creations into keyrings after. It comes with everything you need all neatly wrapped up in a pretty box. The only question left is who will you make first! Squirrel, bunny, dinosaur or fox?


Beginner needle felting kit

Beginner needle felting kit

Etsy, £40.95


Toadstool needle felting kit

Toadstool needle felting kit for beginners

Etsy, £25

This is the needle felting kit for all you cottagecore lovers! The kit comes with everything you need including a beginner’s guide to needle felting which is great if you’ve never tried needle felting before. There’s enough wool to make several different toadstools so you can create your own fairy circle.


Sheep needle felting kit

Sheep needle felting kit for beginners

Etsy, £30.60

Needle felt your own curly sheep friend with beginner needle felting kit. We love that the sheep’s wool in this kit is from their own farm in North Dakota! With this kit, you’ll be able to pay homage to the sheep by creating your own mini version.


Sleepy needle felt cat kit

Sleepy needle felt cat kit for beginners

Amazon, £12.95

This adorable snoozy cat is an affordable needle felting kit that’s sold over on Amazon. It’s a simple beginner’s project and comes with more than enough wool, needles, felting pad, and tools to get you started. Plus there’s a full colour instructions manual inside too.


Totoro needle felting kit

totoro needle felting kit

Amazon, £12.94

Anime fans will love this needle felting kit for beginners. Felt your own Totoro with this kit which includes everything you need. Pop him on your desk when you’re finished so you can look at him for some encouragement!


Mini dog needle felting kit

Mini dog needle felting kit for beginners

Amazon, £7.99

And finally, to round up our needle felting kits for beginners we have this cutie! This sweet little kit comes with everything you need to make this adorable dog dressed up as a reindeer. It also has an attachment so you can turn it into a phone charm and comes in pretty packaging in case you want to give it as a gift.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our needle felting kits round-up! If you’re on the hunt for more crafty kits then check out our punch needle kits and rug making kits round-ups. We’ve even rounded up the best craft subscription boxes so you’ll never be bored again.