Want to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic from the comfort of your home (or cottage if you're super lucky)? Then never fear, we're here to teach you what cottagecore is and how you can get some vintage decor and clothing into your life. If you're interested in the other crafts trending in 2021 alongside cottagecore check out our 21 craft trends blog post.


What is cottagecore?

Birthed from social media platforms Instagram and Tik Tok, cottagecore is about slow living, rural settings and cosy country homes. The British countryside often crops up in cottagecore (think Cameron Diaz in The Holiday cottage) with villages which keep their traditional methods providing the aesthetic dream. Cottagecore can influence every aspect of your life, from what you wear, to your home decor and even what you eat! You don't even have to live in a cottage to achieve the ultimate cottagecore fantasy, all you need is vintage dresses, a peaceful lifestyle and a trip to some blackberry bushes.

The thing we love most about cottagecore is crafting and sustainability is at the heart of it. It's about using natural materials and making everything you need with your hands. Whether that's knitting some socks beside a cosy fire or sewing your own flowing dress, cottagecore fits right in with our mission here at Gathered.

24 DIY cottagecore decor and fashion ideas

1. Embroidery strawberry jam covers


Cottagecore really embraces natural fruits and nothing screams the British countryside lifestyle more than making strawberry jam. Put on your prettiest dress, pick some strawberries and make yourself some sugary jam. To make your fresh jam extra cute Mollie Johanson has created adorable seed stitch strawberries which you can turn into your very own pot toppers.

2. Press your own flowers

DIY cottagecore ideas flower press

Etsy, £24.99

Preserve your favourite florals forever with a flower press. There's plenty over on Etsy and we love this kit by The Curious Bear which comes with everything you need. Head out into the garden or the countryside and pick your favourite wildflowers ready to press when you get home.

3. Quilt your own blankets and bedding

Sawtooth star quilt pattern

Quilting is a craft steeped in British history and was the original way to create heirlooms which would be passed down from generation to generation. Quilting was and continues to be, really popular and has the perfect cottagecore aesthetic. This gorgeous earthy-toned sawtooth star quilt is the ideal project to stitch in front of the fire.

4. Knit your own bandana

cottagecore bandana

Etsy, £3.19

What's more cottagecore than a handmade knitted bandana? It's cute and practical as it'll keep your hair from your face while you're working in the garden. This knitting pattern is by Tays Knits and Crannies and is really affordable so get your needles out!

5. Keep your needles neat


Make all your cottagecore, Bridgerton dreams come true by sewing your own Cathedral Window pin cushion. Laura Pritchard created this beautiful cushion from scrap fabric so we suggest raiding your nearest charity shop for some vintage fabrics!

6. Cottagecore journalling extras

cottagecore aesthetic

Etsy, £13.01

Every cottagecore fan needs a journal to jot their thoughts and stationery to write to their loved ones with. This gorgeous cottagecore stationery set includes 44 vintage-inspired items including wax seals, vintage/antique yellowed Novel and poetry pages and cute washi tape.

7. Cross stitch your dream mini cottage

free lesley teare cross stitch pattern

Cross stitch is another craft that fits perfectly with cottagecore. It's a slow, mindful craft that creates gorgeous results which can be framed or attached to cards and pillows. Cross stitch your own cottagecore dream with Lesley Teare's free country cottage cross stitch pattern.

8. Toadstools everywhere!

cottagecore needlefelting toadstools

Etsy, £22.54

Whether you've come across cottagecore on Tik Tok, Instagram or just Google you're bound to have seen it's heavily associated with toadstools. Their magical forest fairy vibe goes perfectly with the cottagecore aesthetic and this needle felt kit by Zuzu And Me will allow you to make your own.

9. Sew your own corset

If you want to go full-on Victorian cottagecore then why not stitch your own corset? You can order most of the materials you'll need online and with a little patience, you'll be able to whip one up that will last you a lifetime. We teach you how to sew a corset right here on Gathered so you can live out your ball fantasies.

10. Keep your fresh eggs cosy

Two egg cosies featuring a chicken cross stitch design

What's a more cottagecore breakfast than fresh eggs and warm buttery toast? To keep those eggs toasty why not make them a super cute cross stitch cosy? These little chicken cross stitch patterns are by Jenny Barton and she'll show you how to stitch them and then turn them into egg cosies. They will look perfect in your country kitchen.

11. Knit your own Fair Ilse vest patterns

Free Fair Isle tank top knitting pattern

Floaty dresses and big skirts are cottagecore's summer vibe but if it gets a little chiller then the handmade knits are calling! We've got everything from knitted jumpers, tops and vests here on Gathered but it's this baby pink and spring green knitted top that is truly cottagecore fashion. Follow Rosee Woodland’s free Fair Isle tank top knitting pattern to make yours.

12. Embroider your own cottagecore home decor

Thanksgiving embroidery design

Embroidery is a beautiful, mindful craft and embraces the slow living cottagecore lifestyle. Stitch your own autumnal beauty with Jessie Doughty's Give Thanks hoop. Stitch this ready for when the leaves fall outside your cottage then hang on your walls for some handmade decor.

13. Craft your own tulle skirt

Cottagecore fashion is all about floaty clothes and this tulle skirt is the floatiest of them all. Portia Lawrie shows you how you can turn old curtains into a pleated midi skirt that has the ultimate twirl factor. Follow her easy tulle skirt refashion for the free tutorial.

14. How to make your own cosy socks

How to design your own socks tutorial

Is there anything cosier than the image of you knitting a pair of socks in front of a fire while it's snowing outside? No, we don't think there is. Grab your yarn and follow Rhian Drinkwater's tutorial which will teach you how to design your own socks.

15. Handmade bunting

diy party decorations - bunting

Whether it's for a garden tea party or Christmas decor, bunting is a simple, affordable way to make any room look vintage and adorable. Raid those charity shops for your perfect cottagecore fabric then use our how to make bunting tutorial right here on Gathered to sew your own. You can easily hand sew these too so no sewing machine needed!

16. Delicate crochet coasters

free crochet coaster patterns

These lovely little flower coasters are exactly what your cottagecore room needs. You could string them up into bunting, turn them into a hairpiece or just place them under your vintage teacups. Yvonne Eijkenduijn shows you how to crochet these lacy beauties with her free crochet coaster pattern.

17. Turn old clothes into cottagecore fashion

Make personalised embroidered socks

Florals are cottagecore aesthetic to a T! Anything can be made a little bit more cottagecore by adding some floral embroidery- socks, collars, bags... the list never ends. Master the art of Peking Knot stitch with Mollie Johanson's tutorial then you can start adding mini florals to all your clothes.

18. Sustainable beauty items

how to make reusable cotton pads

Cottagecore is all about living a wholesome, eco-friendly life by looking after yourself and the planet. One way you can combine the handmade and sustainable life is by crocheting up your own reusable cotton pads and reusable dishcloths. They're both super simple patterns but will go a long way to making your home greener.

19. DIY cottagecore inspired headbands

How to make an embroidered headband

Keep your hair out of your face while your blackberry picking with Mollie Johanson's gingham headband tutorial. Not only will it show you how to make your own country chic headband but she'll also show you how to master the lazy daisy stitch! We've also got two more headband tutorials here on Gathered - one has a Parisian headband vibe and the other is a headband knitting pattern.

20. It's all about the lace and ruffles


Dainty lace collars are a cottagecore fashion vibe that we love. Since we're not about fast fashion, we suggest adding some cottagecore to your previous clothing with this free lacy crochet necklace pattern. It will give the illusion of vintage lace rimmed clothing and delicate jewellery.

21. Knit your own cushion covers

Knitted cushion cover

Achieve that cottagecore aesthetic by knitting your own vintage-looking cushion covers. Monica Russel teaches you how to make a Fair Isle knitted cushion cover in her super simple tutorial for Simply Knitting.

22. Make your own spring wreath

How to make a spring wreath

Wreaths are a great way to embrace the cottagecore aesthetic and bring some extra prettiness to your door. Whether it's a Christmas wreath or a cute spring wreath, they'll welcome the new season into your home along with your guests.

23. Master the art of quilling

Paper quilling is a really old school craft that's making a come back. It was popular in 18th century England making it perfect for our cottagecore aesthetic. Learn how to make quilled flowers and display them on your shelves among your vintage books.

24. Watercolour painting for beginners

Watercolour painting for beginners

Watercolours give us all the cottagecore vibes. We can imagine you painting a beautiful landscape by the river with a picnic and flask of tea in hand. We've created a watercolour for beginners guide so you can make your dreamy artist aesthetic come true.


We hope you've enjoyed our DIY cottagecore ideas! If you're looking for even more fab projects then head to our free daily craft patterns which include projects for every maker. We also have some gorgeous embroidery patterns here on Gathered which will have you feeling inspired.


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