The spooky season is approaching us fast, so get yourself prepared with our fun paper Halloween decorations and crafts, filled with plenty of DIY projects you can take on at home.


In this list, you'll find lots of inspiration for your Halloween decor, costumes, or even just a fun project to keep the kids busy.

Everything included in this list can be easily created in just a few steps, with most of them being 5-minute crafts. That means many of these fantastic Halloween paper crafts can be done together with your little ones.

Choose from a huge variety of Halloween paper craft ideas, suitable for a wide range of ages. From hanging bats to Halloween games and ghostly paper craft favours packed full of sweets. One thing is for sure - you won't be short on last-minute ideas!

Main image: origami cat tutorial, Red Ted Art

53 paper Halloween decorations

1. Halloween paper crafts paper chains

These cute Halloween paper crafts are the ideal decoration for your Halloween party and are super easy to make. You'll only need a few materials, and you probably have most of them lying around your home (particularly if you're a crafty household!).

All you'll need is some Halloween theme paper (we'd go for oranges, blacks and greens) and some pens, don't forget the googly eyes!

Find the Halloween paper chains, by Easy Peasy and Fun.

halloween paper crafts paper chain

2. Halloween paper craft bunting

How fabulous is this paper straw bunting? It makes for a really effective Halloween decoration, and all you need is straws, string, and a bit of glue!

This one is really fun to make and also makes use of any old straws you might have around the house. Check out our list of the best glue guns available, it's a must-have for any keen crafter!

Find the paper craft bunting, by Tell Love and Party

halloween paper crafts bunting

3. Happy Halloween Wreath

Ideal for hanging on the front door this Halloween to let the trick-or-treaters know that they are welcome. This pumpkin wreath is certainly a lot less messy than carving a real pumpkin.

If you don't fancy getting the carving tools out this year - this might be just the perfect substitute!

Find the happy Halloween wreath tutorial, by Fun a Day

halloween paper crafts wreath

4. Halloween paper craft toilet rolls

Create these cute Halloween toilet roll crafts with a few simple materials.

They can be made into many designs and are perfect for decorating the house on a budget this Halloween.

Not only that, creating them is a fun activity for the kids to take on during the spooky season. If you love this craft we also have a whole host of toilet roll crafts for all seasons!

Find the Halloween toilet roll craft, on Pinterest

halloween paper crafts toilet roll

5. Witches hat Halloween paper craft

These cute witches' hats are really easy to make and will turn any treat into a spooky surprise. You'll need some black sparkly card and some cute craft paper for the bows.

You can find the full tutorial on the link below. The kids will love helping to create these cute hats!

Find the witches hat, by Rachel Legge

halloween paper crafts hats

6. Skeleton hands Halloween paper craft

These are such a fun Halloween quick make, and all you'll need is some plain A4 paper, printer paper will do the job!

Simply sketch around the shape of your hands and cut out, then pinch the fingers along the middle to resemble bones.

You could even make a bunting of skeleton hands - bone-chilling!

Find the skeleton hands, by Pinterest

halloween paper crafts hands

7. Halloween paper craft bats

Decorate any room in your house with these creepy hanging bats. It's the classic decoration we simply couldn't leave out off our list!

They are quick and easy to make, and even quicker with the free template, you can find on the link below.

Find the paper craft bats, by Happy Happy Nester

halloween paper crafts bats

8. Pumpkin Halloween paper craft

Bold, bright and eye-catching. These cute Halloween paper craft pumpkins will make a fab addition to your decoration this year and they won't rot after a few days - hooray!

Find a free template below for these lovely pumpkins and a full guide on how to create them. Tip: Use green or black paper if you want a creepier pumpkin.

Find the Pumpkin papercraft, by Hey Let's Make Stuff

halloween paper crafts pumpkins

9. Cauldron bag Halloween paper craft

Make this cute cauldron ready to be filled with sweets this Halloween. You'll need to be a bit nifty with this one, so might not be suitable for younger children, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy it afterwards - did somebody say treats?

More like this

You'll find the full instructions below plus a handy free template.

Find the cauldron bag, by Curious Moose Crafts

halloween paper crafts cauldren

10. Cute spider Halloween paper craft

This spooky spider is the perfect project for your little ones, it's quick and easy to make too!

It would look really scary hanging in doorways and on the walls - that's one way to give Grandma a fright. Find the full guide on how to make them below.

Find the cute spider, by Red Ted Art

halloween paper crafts spider

11. Ghost Halloween paper craft

Make super spooky Halloween paper craft ghosts to hang up around your home, and scare the bejeebies out of your party guests!

The ghosts are very quick and easy to assemble and can be made by your little ones as a fun crafty Halloween day. The ones shown below are made with tissue paper and can be small to medium in size.

If you want bigger ghosts, Rhythms of Play also shows you how to create giant ghosts using bin bags! So whatever your ghostly style is, you'll find it there.

Find the Halloween ghost, by Rhythms of Play

halloween paper crafts ghosts

12. Easy pumpkin favours Halloween paper craft

These little pumpkin favours are so adorable! They are the perfect treat for your party guests and a great way to keep your spooky theme strong.

The kids will love creating these too as they take less than five minutes to assemble. If you're not having any Halloween parties this year, they would also be a lovely Halloween treat for your little ones to take to school for their friends.

Find the pumpkin favours tutorial, by One Little Project

halloween paper crafts pumpkins

13. Fangs and moustache door decor - paper Halloween decorations

Bring your house to life with this spooky door decor, It's the perfect way to frighten all those who dare approach your door... Or it might just give them a giggle, but we love that too!

This one is super simple, print the free template, cut it out, and stick it on your door. You don't have to put it on the front door either, try your living room or kitchen door.

Find the Fangs and moustache door decor, by The Paper Mama

halloween paper crafts door

14. Black roses paper Halloween decorations

Oh, how fab are these darkly beautiful paper roses? Add a touch of gothic romance to your home and bring all of your usual colourful vases over to the dark side!

With these black paper roses, your home wouldn't look out of place in a Tim Burton movie. They are really easy to make and very low cost, you just need some black streamers.

Find the black roses tutorial, by Country Living

halloween paper crafts roses

15. Pumpkin fairy lights paper Halloween decorations

This one might need a little more assistance from Ma and Pa, but they really aren't too hard once you get the hang of paper folding. Plus if you saw these in your local store, you'd probably be forking out a fair bit of money for them.

Whereas with these, grab yourself an old string of Christmas lights and some orange paper and you are well on your way. Find the full tutorial via the link below.

Find the pumpkin fairy lights tutorial, Handmade by Charlotte

halloween paper crafts pumpkins

16. Spiral ghosts paper Halloween decorations

You'll need some big paper to make these! Or you can make a mini version if you only have A4 paper.

All you'll need to do is draw out your preferred ghost shape and tail and cut it out. Once you've done that, make happy or spooky faces for them out of black paper and cut a hole in the top of their heads to thread through some string, ready to hang.

They'll be floating around just like real ghosts!

Find the spiral ghost tutorial, by Alexandra Grablewski - Parents

halloween paper crafts ghosts

17. Light-up mummy Halloween paper craft

This fun Halloween decoration would be a great project to do with the kids. All you need is some paper cups, googly eyes, a pen and a battery-powered tea light.

These cute cups can be placed anywhere in your home and create a fun glow.

Find the Mummy papercraft tutorial, by Non Toy Gifts

halloween paper crafts mummy

18. Spooky silhouettes paper Halloween decorations

These cool Halloween decorations will add a subtle touch of spookiness to your home this Halloween. You can create any silhouettes you like, we particularly like the witch one!

Find the spooky silhouettes tutorial, by Sadie Season Goods

halloween paper crafts silohettes

19. Halloween paper craft graveyard

Create an entire graveyard of spooky fun with this cool graveyard tutorial. You'll find full instructions on how to create the graveyard below.

The creator hand-drew their own shapes (ghosts, ghouls, bats, etc.) - so if you are feeling extra creative this may be the project for you.

Find the full tutorial of the Halloween paper craft graveyard, by The Craft Blog

halloween paper crafts graveyard

20. Bloody placemats paper Halloween decorations

These stomach-churning placemats will turn any boring old dining table into something to fear! These will be great if you're throwing a Halloween dinner party (or maybe a murder mystery meal?).

Find the bloody placemats tutorial, Jollity & Co.

halloween paper crafts placemat

21. Ghost pinatas Halloween paper craft

You'll need a little more than just paper for these ghoulish pinatas. You'll need some paper lanterns, and of course, sweeties to fill them with!

The kids will have great fun hunting ghosts and tearing them apart.

Find the ghost pinatas tutorial, by Make and Tell

halloween paper crafts pinata

22. Printable Halloween masks

These fab Halloween masks are available for free for you to print at home, and then you can get the little ones involved to colour their masks.

There are four designs to choose from so we're sure there will be something for everyone.

Get the Halloween mask template, by It's Always Autumn

halloween paper crafts masks

23. Orange and black Halloween mask

Great as an addition to any low-key Halloween costume! Could work for an adult or kids costume, depending on what you are dressing up as.

This one is such a quick and easy Halloween paper craft - you can make it out of paper or felt, and decorate however you like!

Find the orange and black Halloween mask tutorial, by The Flair Exchange

halloween paper crafts mask

24. Pumpkin fan Halloween paper craft

Make these super easy Halloween paper fan decorations to decorate your home this Halloween.

You could even change up the colours and make an array of ghoulish fans to hang around the home.

Find the pumpkin paper fan video tutorial, by Make Kids Crafts

halloween paper crafts fan

25. Lantern moon Halloween paper craft

These simple paper lanterns will have you and your little monsters howling at the moon! They add an extra special touch of spooky to any room.

Find the lantern moon tutorial, by Good Housekeeping

halloween paper crafts moon

26. DIY banner paper Halloween decoration

Create a reusable banner that you can bring out every year, plus it is low-cost to make - bonus! This banner looks quite professional, so we were excited about this one.

Find the DIY Halloween banner tutorial, by Woman's Day

halloween paper crafts banner

27. Skeleton garland Halloween paper craft

Another cool garland from Woman's Day that can be used time and time again for your spooky celebrations.

This one would look great hanging on a mantlepiece or even just up on the wall! Top tip: surround it with some faux cobwebs to give the extra touch of creepy.

Find the skeleton garland tutorial, by Woman's Day

halloween paper crafts garland

28. Ghostly Halloween paper craft

These adorable Halloween paper craft ghosts are made from toilet roll tubes. All you need is some scissors, paint, and your creativity.

Why not have a competition on who can create the cutest (or scariest) ghost? Treats for the winner of course.

Get the ghost paper craft tutorial, by Super Make It

halloween paper crafts ghosts

29. Scary signs Halloween paper crafts

These are easy yet effective Halloween paper crafts, you'll just need some paper, pens, and a lighter! Yes, that's right, this isn't one for the kids to do.

You'll need to burn the edges of the paper to get that torn effect. If you're feeling extra creative you could tea stain your signs too to make them look old.

Find the scary signs tutorial, by Woman's Day

halloween paper crafts signs

30. Pumpkin lantern Halloween paper crafts

These little pumpkin lanterns are a fun Halloween project to take on with the little ones. You can find the full guide on how to make these Halloween paper crafts below.

Find the pumpkin lantern tutorial, by Krokotak

halloween paper crafts pumpkin

31. Bat favours Halloween paper crafts

You'll need some black crepe paper to make these cute treat-filled bats. They're super quick to make so you could use them as party favours or give them out to trick-or-treaters.

Fill them with sweets, chocolates, biscuits, or any other mini items you might have.

Find the bat favours, by Oh Happy Day

halloween paper crafts bats

32. Origami ghost Halloween paper crafts

For those of you who love the traditional art of paper folding, this might be just the Halloween paper craft for you. The video tutorial is simple and easy to follow, plus packed full of other fun Halloween origami for you to try.

Find the origami ghost video tutorial, by Craftastic

halloween paper crafts ghosts

33. Spider web Halloween paper decoration

Create these awesome spider webs really easily with this video tutorial from Fantasvale Art Lab, which will show you step-by-step everything you need to do.

Once you've made a few, hang them in the window or create a creepy garland.

Find the spider web video tutorial, by Fantasvale Art Lab

halloween paper crafts web

34. Witches hat paper Halloween decorations

Double, double toil and trouble... The witches have arrived! Or their hats have at least. These awesome witches' hats would look amazing hanging from the ceiling. Did someone say Harry Potter party?

Find the paper hat Halloween decoration video tutorial, by P_Things

halloween paper crafts hats

35. Bat toilet roll Halloween paper crafts

Make use of those old loo roll tubes with this fun bat Halloween paper craft. You won't need lots of materials but the outcome is very fun.

Hang them from the ceiling and your home will be somewhere Dracula would feel welcome.

Find the bat toilet roll video tutorial, by Party Delights

halloween paper crafts bat

36. Cute standing ghosts Halloween paper craft

If you're looking for an easy Halloween make, this one is for you! These cute free-standing ghosts only take five minutes - they'd make cute table decor too.

Find the video tutorial below, which also contains four other fun paper craft projects for you to try.

Find the standing ghosts video tutorial, by Crafty Daily

halloween paper crafts ghosts

37. Spider garland Halloween paper decoration

Ooh, time to bring in the creepy crawlies! These spiders are enough to give you a fright in a darkened room. Create this cool creepy garland out of paper with this fantastic video tutorial below.

You'll have your party guests' hair standing on end in no time.

Find the spider garland video tutorial, by Craftastic

halloween paper crafts spider

38. Black cat origami Halloween paper craft

We couldn't leave the iconic black cat off this list this Halloween. These cute origami cats would make a really fun project to do with the kids.

If they are dressing up as a witch, these little Halloween paper crafts will make the purr-fect sidekick!

Find the origami cat tutorial, Red Ted Art

halloween paper crafts cat

39. Frog game Halloween paper craft

Make Halloween extra fun with this cool frog and cauldron game. It can be easily made at home and will provide lots of entertainment for the little ones. Red Ted Art provides a super simple video tutorial to create the game.

Find the frog game video tutorial, Red Ted Art

halloween paper crafts frog

40. Quilled monsters Halloween paper craft

If you and the kids have never tried quilling you're in for a treat! It's an easy quick craft that gives a really fun outcome, perfect not only for creating monster designs but for any creepy creature you can imagine!

Love quilling? Try our quilling ideas for beginners to get started in this fun craft.

Find the quilled monsters tutorial, Jay's Sweet n Sour Life

halloween paper crafts swirl

41. Sweet box covers Halloween papercraft

These cute Frankenstein sweetie covers would make the best Halloween party favours, or table decorations for that matter. You can cover anything from chocolate bars to sweet boxes to give them an instant spooky makeover.

Find the sweet box tutorial, by Organised 31

halloween paper crafts frog

42. Cupcake toppers Halloween paper craft

If you're thinking of doing some hocus pocus in the kitchen this Halloween, finish your cupcakes in a magical way with these cool origami bat cake toppers.

These are a very quick craft and perfect for those last-minute Halloween touches.

New to origami? Try this helpful guide: origami for beginners.

Find the cupcake toppers paper craft tutorial, Gathering Beauty

halloween paper crafts cake

43. Handprint bat Halloween paper craft decoration

The kids will love this one. Who wouldn't want to see their very own hands create the wings of this goofy bat?

Another easy craft and these bats will look super wicked hanging around your home. Love handprint fun? Try our other amazing handprint art ideas.

Find the handprint bat paper craft tutorial, Simple Everyday Mom

halloween paper crafts handprint bat

44. Ghost bookmark Halloween paper craft

Add a spine-chilling twist to your favourite books with these ghostly bookmarks. They're a fun activity for you and the little ones, plus the extra encouragement to read is always welcome!

Find the Ghost bookmark tutorial, Martiza Lisa

halloween paper crafts bookmark

45. Paper mice Halloween paper craft

These mice silhouettes make a wonderfully creepy Halloween decoration, they look quite realistic you might even fool the pet cat!

The below contains the instructions and a free template for you to print at home.

Get the paper mice tutorial and free template, by Martha Stewart

halloween paper crafts mice

46. Haunted house Halloween paper craft

Simply download the free template, print it, and let the kid's imagination run wild! They can choose whatever they want to put in the windows, making this Halloween paper craft really creative for the little ones.

Find the haunted house tutorial and free template, Sarah Jane Studios

halloween paper crafts house

47. Accordion paper Halloween decorations

These cute accordion Halloween characters and super easy to make and Hello Wonderful provides a free template to make it even easier! Once you're done hang them up from the ceiling for a spooky vibe.

Find the accordion tutorial and free template, Hello Wonderful

halloween paper crafts accordian

48. Flying witch paper plate Halloween paper craft

The frightful flying witch will keep the kids busy for a few hours whilst they create this fun paper craft. The witch even moves across the plate to give the illusion of flying on her broomstick!

Find the witch paper plate tutorial, I Heart Crafty Things

halloween paper crafts plate

49. Spider handprint art Halloween paper craft

We all know kids love getting messy, so they'll love using their painted handprints to create this cool spider paper craft. You'll also need a paper plate and some yarn, the project even involves weaving for the spider's web, so the kids can enjoy a mixture of crafts!

Find the spider handprint tutorial, by Kids Craft Room

halloween paper crafts hand

50. Paper plate yarn pumpkin Halloween paper craft

Combine paper craft with yarn to create these fun pumpkin paper Halloween decorations. All you'll need is some yarn and paper plates!

Find the yarn pumpkin tutorial, by Mum in The Mad House

halloween paper crafts plates

51. Tissue paper wreath paper Halloween decorations

We're certainly finishing our Halloween paper crafts list off on a high with this beautiful Halloween wreath! Plus your little one's get to screw up lots of tissue paper to make the wreath, it's really good fun.

Find the paper wreath tutorial, by I Hearts n Crafts

halloween paper crafts wreath

52. Origami bat

Origami is a fun way to keep kids entertained on rainy evenings. Try our easy-to-follow bat origami tutorial.


53. Origami pumpkin

Make cute pumpkins from a single sheet of paper! Follow our simple pumpkin origami tutorial and make yourself a whole pumpkin patch.

origami pumpkin

Find the joy in papercraft this Halloween

Papercraft is an easy and fun craft that almost anyone can take part in! We've got a range of projects available which are all suitable for beginners, and most are great for kids.


What's next on your Halloween crafting journey?

There's plenty more crafty ways to incorporate Halloween this season! Why not try our homemade Halloween decorations to transform your home?

DIY Halloween decorations


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