How to make a tea light lantern

Make a tea light lantern with our brilliant tea lighter holder DIY project, perfect for cosy winter evenings at home

tea light lantern main

Brighten up your winter with a tea light lantern! These brilliant tea light holders are simple to make and so atmospheric once the lights get low, when the twinkling electric tea lights inside them really make an impressive winter warmer! They are simple to craft – upcycling clear glass jars, embellished with some simple paper shapes to cast atmospheric silhouettes when the tea tight holder is being used. We are embellishing our jars with fake snow and pompoms, but the paper decoration is on the outside of the jar, so you could use a real tea light if you left off the fake snow and additions inside the jar if you wanted to.

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How to make a tea light lantern

Download your free templates to make this brilliant tea light holder – it’ a perfect Winter Solstice lantern! We’d love to see what you’ve made, so be sure to comment below if you’ve had a go at this project!

Use our tea light lantern templates to cut the shapes you need. For the village skyline silhouette, there is a main design and an extension section you can add in if you are using a larger jar. There is a snow layer section that is designed to work with both the snowman and trees silhouette and the village skyline silhouette. There are also some snowflake shapes in the set that you can use to make a snow scape jar if you prefer. All the templates are designed to be cut using an A4 piece of card.

Tea light lantern PDF templates

Click to download the PDF tea light lantern templates

Tea light lantern SVG cutting files

Click to download the tea light lantern skyline SVG cutting file

Click to download the tea light lantern snow SVG cutting file

Click to download the tea light lantern snowflake SVG cutting file

Watch our video tutorial!


You Will Need

  • Card, Black and white
  • Battery tea light
  • Snow spray
  • Snow confetti
  • small white pom poms
  • Clear during glue
  • Scissors, craft knife or cutting machine
  • Clear glass jar

Step 1

tea light lantern 8

Prepare your jar by spraying a little fake snow around the top part and leave to dry. This is optional, you might prefer to leave it clear. You could use the bonus snowflakes templates to decorate the outside if you prefer.

Step 2

tea light lantern 5

Use the templates or cutting files to cut your desired silhouette in black card and any accompanying snow layers in white card. Make sure the snow layer is the right way around so that the hills and profile match up with the black silhouette shape.

Step 3

tea light holder diy 3

Turn over the snow layer and apply clear dying glue to the back.


Step 4

tea light holder DIY 4

Line up snow layer with left hand side and line up with the bottom of village skyline silhouette scene, press down to adhere firmly. Repeat steps 2-4 with the extension silhouette and extension snow later if needed – they extend the scene to work with larger diameters of jar.

Step 5

diy tea light holder 9

When the spray-on snow on the jar has dried fully, gently curve the layered scene in your fingers and around the bottom of the jar. Trim off any extra length you don’t need, but leave a tab attached for attaching in step 6.

Step 6

tea light lantern 10

Use the tab to attach one end of the silhouette to the other so that it sits around the jar. Secure it with a few dots of glue behind some of the house and trees, or alternatively leave it loose so you can easily remove to swap out the scenes or colours.

Step 7

tea light lantern 14

Sprinkle a layer of fake snow confetti inside your jar. Take a little battery operated tea light and switch it on. Pop the tea light into your jar, nestled in the fake snow and top up with mini white pom poms or more snow if preferred.



Step 8

tea light lantern 17

Check how it looks and add more snow if desired. Get ready to enjoy some cosy winter nights at home with your tea light lantern.


Why not try making both style of tea light lanterns and swapping the paper sleeves between the options, depending on your mood and the time of year? Bring a touch of stained glass to your tea light lanterns by adding in coloured sweet wrappers behind the window sections of the winter village skyline silhouette.

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