How to make a Valentine’s wreath

Give the gift of love this Valentine’s Day with this heart-shaped wreath, which you can fill with treats they’ll love.

DIY Valentine's wreath

Make this gorgeous Valentine’s wreath for a loved one using your favourite designer papers! There are 14 boxes arranged round the hoop, so they can open one a day on the run up to the 14th February, reminding them just how much they are loved.

For a vintage look to your Valentine’s wreah, distress the edges of the hearts and boxes with an ink pad. You can adjust the size of the gift boxes to fit larger or smaller presents, or even create a little envelope for smaller notes, tickets or a treasured photograph.

Use a dinner plate and a side plate as templates to cut out the wreath ring from recycled cardboard packaging, like corrugated card or greyboard (often found at the back of paper pads!). This will create a nice, strong base to your wreath.

Why not adapt this idea for other occasions such as a milestone birthday using stars or circles instead of hearts?

Use different patterned papers to suit the recipient, and if you want to boost your stash – we’ve got you covered with our extensive library of free patterned papers, we love these Sweet Valentine papers!

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DIY Valentine's wreath - detail

You Will Need

  • Patterned paper
  • Baker's twine
  • Embellishments

Step 1

Cut a 270mm circle from thick cardboard with a 200mm aperture in the middle. This will be your main base to your Valentine’s wreath!

Tie a length of baker’s twine around the top of the ring to create a hanger, and secure in place with tape.

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 1

Step 2

Using the two largest hearts from a nesting hearts die set, die-cut 15 hearts of each size from different patterned papers (use enough to cover the entire Valentine’s wreath).

If you don’t have a die-cutting machine, create your own templates by sketching two heart sizes onto card and cutting out. Draw around these templates onto patterned paper then stash the templates for future use!

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 2

Step 3

Distress the edges of each heart with gold ink. Starting at the top, attach the hearts around the cardboard ring, overlapping each of the hearts so that no cardboard is showing.

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 3

Step 4

Trim some patterned paper to 75 x 85mm and score all four sides at 20mm. Cut a tab at each corner, fold up and stick the tabs inside to create a gift box. Repeat to make 14 box bases.

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 4

Step 5

Trim some patterned paper to 45 x 120mm and score the long side at 35mm, 55mm, 9mm and 11mm. Add glue to the end flap to form a sleeve. Repeat to make 14 sleeves for the gift boxes.

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 5

Step 6

Fussy cut various motifs from the patterned papers, or use pre-cut ephemera. Attach an element to the top of each of the box sleeves with foam pads to differentiate the boxes.

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 6

Step 7

Slide the boxes into their corresponding sleeves and arrange them around the heart wreath. Secure the reverse of the sleeve onto the wreath, so the box can still be pushed in and out.

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 7

Step 8

Attach number stickers ranging from 1 to 14 onto small paper tags, cut from patterned papers. Tuck the tags under the box embellishments and secure in place, to finish. If you don’t have any number stickers, write your own using a fine liner pen!

DIY Valentine's wreath - step 8

DIY Valentine's wreath