Keeping a scrapbook is a wonderful way to remember all the special events in your life. It will be pure joy looking back through it and you'll be glad you started recording your journey.


There are endless ways you can scrapbook. Are you taking a special trip you want to remember? Are wedding bells in your future? Or do you simply want to get a little more creative with your journalling? Well. if the answer to any of these is 'yes' then you're in the right place!

The thing we love about scrapbooking is: There. Are. No. Rules! You can let your imagination and creativity run wild. Keep it meticulously neat and tidy down to the smallest detail, or dip your whole book in paint! Either way, the special thing about scrapbooking is that it reflects who you are. We firmly believe you can't put a price on celebrating yourself!

In this article, you'll find our favourite scrapbook ideas to give you plenty of inspiration for your own scrapbook. If you would like more direction, check out these inspiring scrapbooking kits.

Main image: World of Wanderlust.

15 inspiring scrapbook ideas

Travel scrapbook ideas

First up we're going to show you are favourite travel scrapbook ideas! You'll find plenty to inspire your next scrapbook session, and it might even inspire your next destination. See our recommended travel scrapbook below!

Gathered recommends:

"This amazing scrapbook is ideal for travel scrapping. It is bound with beautiful brown leather with map and compass detailing. Inside are black pages on a ring binder. This means the pages can be easily removed, decorated and then placed back into the protective binder. It is also small enough to carry on holiday with you. Did somebody say beach time scrapbooking?"

Leather bound travel scrapbook

1. DIY travel scrapbook by World of Wanderlust

This is what we call the OG of travel scrapbooking, we're talking photos, ticket stubs, coins, receipts, and museum tickets. The first thing to do is find yourself a suitable book to start scrapping in. Make sure when you're travelling you collect up even the tiny bits and pieces that you'd normally bin. Each item brings with it its own cherished memory. They can be big or small, from a special photograph to a receipt for a tasty ice cream! This tutorial shows you a fun way to put together your scrapbook which will leave you longing for your next adventure.

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travel scrapbook idea 1

2. Doodle scrapbook by Memory Keeping Ideas

Are you visiting some eye-catching places? Then why not sketch or doodle them into your scrapbook? It's a fun way of keeping track of what you have seen without using a camera. Plus we adore hand-drawn, it's a great way to get your own perspective on a sight and remember the way it made you feel. Browse through this list of doodle inspiration and you might just end up doodling your whole trip!

travel scrapbook idea with doodles

3. Travel scrapbook by Paperchase

Now we all know Paperchase is the stationary-lovers paradise! That's why we fully trust them to scrapbook like pros. They have lots of top tips and tricks to make the most of your scraps, plus a handy video tutorial which will help to inspire!

travel scrapbook idea

4. Travel scrapbook ideas, by Becki Clarke

Designer and brush-lettering artist Becki Clark shares her top travel journal ideas to inspire you! Becki Clark says: “As much as I love Instagram, when it comes to making memories, I want more than just an image with a quick caption and a few emojis. I’ve started to scrapbook my holidays and special days, taking the time to print out photographs, being mindful to collect any tickets and bring back memories to jot down in my scrapbook, when I return home from my trips.”

Travel journal ideas

5. Roadtrip scrapbook ideas, by Hobbycraft

Oh, we do love a good road trip! Sun shining, music blasting and nothing but the open road ahead of us. Bliss! A road trip scrapbook will help you to relive that feeling over and over, and will definitely inspire future trips. This beautiful tutorial from Hobbycraft shows you the most creative and efficient way of scrapbooking your best moments!

travel scrapbook ideas 5

Wedding scrapbook ideas

Scrapbooking for a wedding is so wonderful! There will be so much going on leading up to and on your wedding day so any small items, photos and memories you collect will make a fabulous keepsake for you and your other half to look through over the years.

Gathered recommends:

"We know you are going to need something really special, long-lasting and lovely to compliment your big day. We adore this beautiful hardcover scrapbook which is secured with a small metal loop! It is something we think looks unique and will perfectly protect your cherished memories and photographs. It is available in two colours to suit your style and will also arrive with a lovely gift box."

wedding scrapbook

6. Wedding scrapbook ideas, by Hobbycraft

Another brilliant scrapbook from Hobbycraft! This tutorial shows you how to make the perfect front cover page for your wedding scrapbook. We adore the navy blue contrasted with the gold lettering, it looks so classy!

wedding scrapbooking ideas navy blue

7. Wedding scrapbook ideas for newbies, by Thinking Closet

This is a fabulous tutorial for those of you who may never have scrapbooked before. The Thinking Closet takes you through how to start building up your wedding scrapbook. They use a simplistic way, and a hooped book to make scrapping super easy.

Get the full tutorial, from Thinking Closet

wedding scrapbooking ideas simple design

8. Die-cutting wedding scrapbook ideas, by American Crafts

We adore die cutting and think it is a beautiful way to create a professional and clean looking scrapbook (if that is your style). If you have never tried die cutting check out what is a die cutting machine, for plenty of info and advice on getting started. We also have lots of printable wedding papers to start your scrapbooking journey.

wedding scrapbooking ideas with diecutting

9. Vintage wedding scrapbook ideas by Helen Griffin

Are you a lover of all things vintage and retro? Then why not reflect that on your wedding day! Vintage wedding dress, suits, cars and dancing - what's not to love? Helen Griffin will show you how to arrange your scrapbook to give it a real vintage feel, polorid cameras at the ready!

wedding scrapbooking ideas with vintage style

10. Wedding scrapbook for the bride by Bellenza

This scrapbook is a little different, it is a scrapbook made by the bridesmaids for the bride! It's a wonderful way to show the bride how much they mean to you with special words, photos and memories. Once all of the bridesmaids have added their section the scrapbook can be brought together and given as a gift to the bride. How lovely!

wedding scrapbooking ideas for the bride

Couple scrapbook ideas

The first date, a cinema ticket stub, a cute photo booth pic. There are so many adorable moments just waiting to be captured in your couple's scrapbook! Whether you make it together or to give to your partner, we have lots of fabulous inspiration and ideas to get you started on your couples scrapbook.

Gathered recommends:

"Is there a more adorable couple than Carl and Ellie from Pixar's tear-jerking movie Up? Now you can record your journey with this adorable inspired scrapbook. With thousands of positive buyer reviews, we need not say too much but the book is beautifully made, is ring-binded for ease of use and comes in a variety of sizes!"

our adventure scrapbook

11. New home scrapbook ideas

A momentous moment in anybody's life is moving into your first home! Whether that's solo, with a friend or with your other half. This adorable idea can be easily tweaked to suit your own style and new home.

first home scrapbook idea

12. First date couple scrapbook ideas

What's more special than looking back on your very first date and keeping a scrapbook of it? Use a small paper calendar to circle the day of the date plus any souvenirs, like ticket stubs, receipts maybe even a photo?

first date scrapbook idea

13. 100 ways I love you, by Instructables

Ok, 100 IS a lot, if you can't think of 100 then 20 is all good too. It is the thought that counts of course! You can get some ideas and inspiration for the scrapbook layout and contents below.

100 ways to say i love you scrapbook idea

14. Mini scrapbook by Felicity Jane

Who doesn't love something miniature?! These are super adorable mini scrapbooks! You can put any mini photos, notes or trinkets in them. They make a cute gift and are quick to make up.

mini scrapbook idea

15. Gridded scrapbook idea by Paige Taylor Evans

A gridded page is a great way to save space and get an organised look for your scrapbook. This tutorial will show you how to create this lovely grid and give you plenty of inspiration.

gridded scrapbook idea

We hope you've enjoyed scrapbook ideas and inspiration! To go with your new scrapbook why not learn how to make a rubber stamps? You can use your new stamps in your scrapbook along with these stickers. We also have lots of printable papers available to download for free which can help keep your scrapbooking at a low cost! If you want to get a little artier with it, check out our guide to watercolour painting. Then you'll be able to add a splash of colour to your pages.


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