DIY washi tape storage

Display your favourite washi tape with pride with this cute washi dog and your favourite patterned paper.

Washi dog - hero image

This adorable washi dog is made from three layers of card sandwiched together, providing extra strength to hold and display your washi tape. The washi tape slides over the dogs back and is easy to refill should you use it all up. The model slots together – and apart from adhering the layers together, the only glue required is to add the feet.

Mix up the patterned papers to match your washi tape – or use plain colours and let the washi tape stand out. This project is ideal for displaying in your craft room or on your craft desk, or how about making one as a gift for crafty friends or family?

Collin is a good boy

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Watch our video tutorial!

You will need

  • Brother ScanNCut (or scissors if a ScanNCut is still on your wishlist)
  • Brother adhesive mat (standard tack or low tack)
  • Templates
  • Card
  • Patterned paper
  • Glue
  • Washi tape

Step 1

First, download your washi dog templates. If you’re using a ScanNCut – download the SVG files, otherwise use the PDF versions!

Washi Dog – PDF templates

Washi Dog – SVG files, page 1

Washi Dog – SVG files, page 2

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 2

If you’re using a ScanNCut, stick your choice of patterned paper onto your Brother cutting mat, and burnish the paper or card down well using a brayer if you have one.

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 3

Load your Brother cutting mat into your machine if you haven’t done so already, choose your design and instruct it to cut out the shapes that make up your washi dog!

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 4

You’ll need to cut each shape three times as we’re going to stick them together for added strength. Load up some more paper and instruct the ScanNCut to cut. I’ve chosen to use white card for the middle (as it will be hidden), then wood effect paper for the outside, and graph paper for the inside (I ran out of wood effect paper!).

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 5

Peel off all the pieces from the adhesive mat – there are a lot, so using the ScanNCut saves a lot of time. If you don’t have a ScanNCut – don’t worry – just take your time cutting them out by hand.

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 6

If you’ve been following this tutorial, you should have three pieces for each section. Go ahead and glue each of the pieces together to add strength. Pritt Stick is ideal for this – but PVA glue or any other paper glue will work well. If you’re using wet glue, leave it to dry before moving to the next step.

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 7

Once all your pieces are glued, start slotting your washi dog together!

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 8

Finally, slot the feet onto the end of the legs then bend the tabs over to secure. Put some glue on the feet, and glue the final pieces over the folded tabs. This enables your washi dog to stand level!

Best washi tape storage idea

Step 9

Once the feet are dry, your washi dog should be nice and strong. Even if you are using only one layer of card, instead of three like I am, the structure will be strong enough to hold your washi tapes. To add your washi tape, lift up the central part of the dog, slide the washi tape over the tail, then slot the middle part back down to secure. Finally, find somewhere to display your masterpiece!

Washi dog - how to load washi tape


We hope you’ve enjoyed this washi dog project. If you’re after inspiration for what to do with your washi tape – why not use it for bullet journaling spreads or check out the best washi tape crafts!

Washi dog - hero image

Photography by Holly Spanner

Dachshund image by Marcus Wallis