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We’ve Made It episode 5: Crafting for your mental health

Crafting and creativity has long been recognised for its mental health benefits. In this episode, we chat about the mindful benefits of crafting, why elite athletes enjoy knitting and how to get into a creative flow state.

Why crafting is good for your mental health

When we’re crafting, we often find that we settle into a state of calm and relaxation that can feel meditative at times. In this episode, Sarah and Zoe look at why crafting can be a mindful activity, how it can ease loneliness and how you can find your creative flow.


We’ll be chatting about some of the research and studies into the benefits of crafting for our wellbeing and discovering why elite athletes turn to knitting to lower their stress levels at competitions.

Do you find crafting beneficial for your mental health? We’d love to hear about your experiences.

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Please note that we are not medical professionals and if you’re struggling with your mental health then you should seek support from your doctor or a mental health professional.

Projects of the week

Zoe’s giving her sewing machine some TLC by making her own sewing machine cover! This funky sewing machine cover pattern was designed by Mandy Pellegrin for MollieMakes.

Sarah has fallen in love with an adorable polar bear hot water bottle cover knitting pattern created by Jessica Biscoe for MollieMakes. With pompom ears and it’s own little Fairisle sweater, this cute bear is both sweet and practical.

One good thing

This week, Sarah’s embracing the winter with a book recommendation: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. Set in medieval Russia, this magical story is part-history and part-fairytale, with strong Baba Yaga vibes. Much of the story is set during the harsh Russian winter, so it’s a perfect read for those days when you want to stay indoors and feel cosy.

Zoe’s homeschooling her children, so she’s been discovering the joys of homemade lava lamps! Take a jar, add some food colouring, vegetable oil and water, then drop in a Berocca tablet and watch the magic happen. Learn how to make DIY lava lamps on YouTube.


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