Free pumpkin quilt pattern

Sew yourself some modern Autumn decor with Amanda McCabe's free pumpkin quilt pattern!

Free pumpkin quilt pattern

Modern, cute and perfect for Halloween, Amanda McCabe has created the loveliest pumpkin quilt pattern just for you. This modern mini quilt puts a fun twist on the traditional Log Cabin quilt in rich ombré shades of orange and blue. It’s fun Autumn decor without the spook!

These pumpkins can be made from fabric scraps which makes this a perfect stash buster project. Audition your fabric scraps to create the perfect ombre palette. For more fun autumn projects check out our autumn applique designs and our autumn craft ideas.

If you’re new to the world of quilting don’t worry. We have a beginner’s guide to quilting as well as a how to use a sewing machine tutorial.

You will need

  • Light pink (Petal): one (1) fat quarter
  • Medium pink (Candy Pink): one (1) fat quarter
  • Coral (Nectarine): one (1) fat quarter
  • Orange (Flame): one (1) fat eighth
  • Mint (Aruba): one (1) fat eighth
  • Aqua (Pool): one (1) fat eighth
  • Light teal (Jade Green): one (1) fat eighth
  • Dark teal (Glacier): one (1) fat eighth
  • Brown (Earth): one (1) fat eighth
  • Background (Bone): ⅜yd
  • Binding fabric: ¼yd
  • Batting: 27in square
  • Backing fabric: ¾yd

Finished Size

19in square


  • Seam allowances are ¼in throughout.
  • Press seams to one side.
  • RST= right sides together.
  • WOF = width of fabric.
  • Fabric supplied by Robert Kaufman (
  • Find the full shades of Kona Cotton Solids at

Fabrics Used

Solids are Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Kaufman in Bone, Petal, Candy Pink, Nectarine, Flame, Aruba, Pool, Jade Green, Glacier and Earth.

Backing fabric is Orangeade from Collection CF by Carolyn Friedlander.

Free pumpkin quilt pattern


You Will Need

  • Fabric
  • Binding
  • Backing
  • Sewing machine

Cutting Out

Step 1

From the background fabric cut:

  • Sixteen (16) 1¼in squares (A).
  • Eight (8) 1½in squares (B).
  • Eight (8) 2½in x 1⅜in (C).
  • Four (4) 1¾in x 5¼in (D).
  • Four (4) 3in x 1⅝in (E).
  • Two (2) 3¼in x 7⅜in (F).
  • Two (2) 1¾in x 7⅜in (G).
  • Two (2) 2⅜inx 20in (H).
  • One (1) 1½in x 20in (I).
  • Six (6) 1¼in squares (J).

Step 2

From the light pink fabric cut:

  • Two (2) 5½in squares (K).
  • Two (2) 6½in squares (L).

Step 3

From the medium pink fabric cut:

  • Eight (8) 3⅞in squares (M).
  • Eight (8) 4½in squares (N).

Step 4

From the coral fabric cut:

  • Eight (8) 3in squares (O).
  • Eight (8) 3½in squares (P).

Step 5

From the orange fabric cut:

  • Eight (8) 2⅛in squares (Q).
  • Eight (8) 2½in squares (R).

Step 6

From the mint fabric cut:

  • Two (2) 5½in squares (S).

Step 7

From the aqua fabric cut:

  • Eight (8) 3⅞in squares (T).

Step 8

From the light teal fabric cut:

  • Eight (8) 3in squares (U).

Step 9

From the dark teal fabric cut:

  • Eight (8) 2⅛in squares (V).

Step 10

From the brown fabric cut:

  • Four (4) 1⅜in x 1¼in (W).
  • Two (2) 1⅝in x 1¼in (X).

Step 11

From the binding fabric cut:

  • Three (3) 2½in x WOF.

Piecing the pumpkin centres

Step 1

Begin by piecing a large pumpkin centre. Gather one N, P, R and B square. Mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of each square.

Step 2

Free pumpkin quilt pattern figure 1

Place the N square in one corner of an L square, RST. Sew along the marked line, trim ¼in from the line and press the corner open. Repeat one at a time with the P, R and B square in the same corner (Fig 1).

Step 3

Free pumpkin quilt pattern figure 2

Repeat steps 12–13, working on one corner at a time to add the stripes to all four corners of the L piece (Fig 2). Trim to the pumpkin centre to 6¼in square, carefully centring the unit.

Step 4

Free pumpkin quilt pattern figure 3

Repeat steps 12–14 to make a second large pumpkin centre. Then use the same process to make two small pumpkin centres using the pink/orange squares and the two small pumpkin centres using the blue/green pieces. Refer to Fig 3 for the position of the pieces for each unit. Trim each small unit to 5¼in square.

Piecing the stems

Step 1

Free pumpkin quilt pattern figure 4

Take one J square and draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the fabric. Place in the top right corner of X, sew along the marked line, trim and press the corner open. Sew an E piece to either side to make one large stem unit (Fig 4). Repeat to make a second large stem unit.

Top Tip!

Once you’ve made one pumpkin unit, try chain piecing the rest of them to speed up the process.

Step 2

Free pumpkin quilt pattern figure 5

Repeat the process in step 16, sewing a J corner to the top of W. Then sew a C piece to either side to make a small stem unit (Fig 5). Repeat to make four small stem units.

Assembling the quilt top

Step 1

Free pumpkin quilt pattern layout diagram

Arrange the pumpkin centres and stems, referring to the Layout Diagram. Sew the stems to the tops of each pumpkin centre. Then sew a D piece to the top of each small pumpkin.

Step 2

Sew the pumpkins together in two rows. Join a G and F piece to the sides, referring to the Layout Diagram for which side to sew each piece. Join the two rows with an I piece in between. Then sew H to the top and bottom. Square up the top to 19in square, carefully centring, to complete the quilt top.

Quilting and finishing

Step 1

Press the quilt top and backing well. Make a quilt sandwich by placing the backing fabric right side down, the batting on top, then place the quilt top centrally and right side up. Baste the layers together using your preferred method.

Step 2

Quilt as desired. Amanda quilted a grid of straight vertical and horizontal lines. Trim off the excess batting and backing fabric and square up the quilt.

Step 3

Sew binding strips together end-toend using diagonal seams. Press the seams open. Fold in half lengthways, wrong sides together, and press. Sew the binding to the right side of the quilt, creating a neat mitre at each corner. Fold the binding over to the back of the quilt and hand stitch in place to finish.

Close up pumpkin quilt

We hope you’ve enjoyed this free pumpkin quilt pattern. For more pumpkin crafts check out our easy pumpkin painting ideas and our free pumpkin cross stitch, Of course, we have a how to carve a pumpkin tutorial too.