The leaves have turned brown and started to fall, the evenings are getting darker and colder, that can only mean one thing - Autumn is here! If you love to cosy up in the evening with an Autumn craft as much as we do then you'll love our list of the best autumn craft ideas. You'll find all sorts of crafts to inspire, from glowing mason jars to dried orange garland to yarn pumpkins - there's something for everyone to get stuck into this autumn season.


Use these amazing autumn craft ideas to decorate your home, give as gifts, or just for a bit of fun this season. These autumn craft ideas for adults are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day at work, or just if it's raining outside and you don't fancy venturing out. Most of the ideas on this list don't require much prep and often you'll be able to upcycle things just lying around the house, hooray!

If you love to upcycle and craft then check out some of our other crafty ideas, like recycled craft ideas for adults and Christmas card recycling (if you're already feeling festive).

31 autumn craft ideas

1. Autumn leaves glowing mason jar

These gorgeous mason jars are so easy to make and look so beautiful as part of a table display, or just as decor in your living room. You won't need many supplies to make these either, you can use real or fake leaves too! To get the glow you can pop a tealight inside, make sure you use an LED one if you have little ones or pets around. This lovely autumn craft idea comes from The Wardrobe Stylist, where you can find lots more craft inspiration.

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autumn craft ideas

2. Candle making kit

Nothing screams cosy like candles, and if you, like us can't get enough of them why not make your own with this stylish and simple candle making kit? Creating candles is a very easy and therapeutic process, plus the outcome is wonderful, you can keep all the candles yourself, or give them as special gifts to friends and family. This candle making kit is vegan and cruelty-free, as well as using soy wax which is biodegradable. so perfect for anyone conscious of their footprint. It also contains four gorgeous fragrances, like sandalwood and rose, so not only will you be feeling cosy, your home will smell gorgeous.

Buy the candle making kit on Amazon.

autumn craft ideas candles

3. Paint by numbers kit

If you are looking for a craft that is truly relaxing and therapeutic, then paint by numbers is for you, and no we don't mean the kids ones but real pieces of artwork which you create yourself. These gorgeous paint by number kits from Winnie's Picks are exactly that, they have a range of intricate designs, but we absolutely adore this 'Effulgent October' which comprises of autumnal trees and leaves, it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling just looking at it! Winnie's Picks paint by numbers kit contains everything you need, from paints and a high-quality canvas to a set of brushes, so it can be literally taken out of the tube and painted!

autumn craft ideas paint by numbers

4. DIY orange garland

Creating home decor out of natural products is one of our favourite ways to craft, and not to mention kind to the planet! You can almost smell the gorgeous orange and cinnamon scents just looking at these sweet garlands. This fab autumn craft idea is so easy to do, and you probably have most of the equipment needed at home. You'll need some big oranges which can be sliced and dried in the oven, and then the garland creation is really up to you, these can also last until Christmas and look great as part of your festive decor too. If you want the full tutorial and guidance, head over to The Ginger Home.

autumn craft ideas - orange garland

5. How to make a fall wreath

Make this beautiful fall-inspired wreath with our free tutorial right here on Gathered. The beauty of this Autumnal craft project is it will only take you an hour or two to create and will last for weeks until you’re ready to take it down and reach for your Christmas decorations! Find the full tutorial on how to make a fall wreath by Becki Clarke.

How to make a Fall wreath

6. Pumpkin cross stitch

Some might say we're pumpkin mad, and we would say to that: yes, yes we are. And if you adore pumpkins as much as we do, try your hand at this adorable pumpkin cross stitch, designed by Jenny Van De Wiele, which can be downloaded for free from Gathered. This sweet pumpkin cross stitch is rich in autumnal colours will appeal just as much to more experienced stitchers, as it will to beginners.

pumpkin cross stitch

7. Paint by numbers kit - autumn

This gorgeous painting can be created by anyone! That's right you don't need to go back to art school for this one, this lovely and easy to do paint by numbers kit contains everything you need to create a piece of art! You'll receive 1 pre-printed linen canvas(without frame), a set of acrylic paints,3 nylon brushes of different sizes,1 reference picture of final works as well as 2 wall hooks and 2 screws to hang your finished painting. This kit would make the perfect gift for someone you love, or a new relaxing hobby for yourself. Either way, we just adore the autumnal glow this painting has, and think it would look incredible in any home.

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autumn craft ideas

8. Yarn pumpkins

Oh, we absolutely adore these gorgeous yarn pumpkins! And better yet they are really simple to create, you can follow along with the helpful video tutorial by Ava Shields, see if you can spot the kitten in the video too. You can use a variety of yarn colours and create all kinds of pumpkins to display in your home. If you love creating these cute pumpkins, you could give some to friends and family, it is just a lovely gift.

autumn craft ideas - yarn

9. Gnome diamond painting kit

If you've never done diamond painting before, it is one of the most addictive, and satisfying crafts around! It consists of sticking small coloured diamonds onto a pre-printed canvas to create a large picture, similar to a paint by numbers. It is really easy to learn and a great craft for those not keen on painting. We love this fab design of two gnomes with cute hats surrounded by autumnal pumpkins, flowers, and trees; it really sums up autumn in one picture and would make a lovely addition to your autumnal decor. This one is a large design, so you don't have to do it alone, get your partner involved, your friends or family to help, it can be a therapeutic group activity too!

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autumn craft ideas - diamond

10. Beeswax candles

Find out how to make beeswax candles and warm up your home just in time for winter. Follow along with our amazing tutorial and find out how to make these gorgeous beeswax candles using raw beeswax which has a lovely colour and delicious natural smell. Find the full tutorial right here on Gathered.

how to make beeswax candles

11. Toilet paper pumpkins

How cute are these pumpkins? And what a creative way to decorate those boring old toilet rolls! This is a particularly great craft for those sewers out there who have lots of leftover fabric lying around their homes. All you'll need to do for this one is wrap your toilet rolls in any autumnal themed fabric, pop a bit of cinnamon in the top and voila! You have a lovely piece of autumnal decor to brighten up your bathroom. If you want to see the full tutorial and find out some top tips on making these pumpkins, check out the creators, Made to be Momma.

autumn craft ideas - toilet paper

12. Give thanks embroidery design

The leaves are falling, the nights have drawn in... it's time to get cosy with some slow stitching and stitch our gratitude-themed embroidery hoop to celebrate Thanksgiving. Enjoy this lovely pumpkin design created by the talented Jessie Doe, you can download the pattern for free. Find the Give thanks embroidery design.

Thanksgiving embroidery design

13. Owl origami

Make this cute origami owl as part of your autumn crafts this season, he would look fantastic sitting on your mantlepiece. We have an easy step-by-step guide you can follow right here on Gathered, plus lots more inspiration for autumn and Halloween origami.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl - patterned paper

14. Popsicle sticks autumn bucket list

If you are a big fan of autumn then you'll want to make the most of it, and how better to do that than creating an autumnal bucket list?! Then throughout fall you can pull out random activities and keep yourself and your family entertained and in the fall spirit. All you need for this is some lollipop sticks, autumnal coloured paints and a black marker pen. You can write whatever you like on the lollipop sticks, but there's some fab inspiration for you from the creators over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

autumn craft ideas - popsicle

15. Cinnamon candles

Create an eyecatching table centrepiece with these candles decorated with cinnamon and tied with yarn. We do have to say it might be better to use LED candles on these, you don't want the cinnamon to catch alight! these are really simple to make and can be made with any old candle jars you have lying around the house. What's even better is you'll be able to smell the cinnamon, to create a wonderful autumnal atmosphere. You can find the full tutorial from the creators, Home Stories at Oz.

autumn craft ideas - candles

16. Paper mache pumpkin

Autumn is fast approaching, and we're ready! There’s nothing better than filling your home with gorgeous autumnal decor just in time for the Halloween season. Our video tutorial and step-by-step guide will teach you how to make a paper mache pumpkin. All types of creators can enjoy paper mache pumpkins: the messy, the meticulous, and the bold. The beauty of them is their quirkiness, not their perfection. You can find out how to make a paper mache pumpkin right here on Gathered.

how to make paper mache pumpkins

17. Pumpkin pom garland

We love a good pom pom here at Gathered, and what better way to welcome in Autumn and Halloween than this adorable pumpkin garland, designed by Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs. Pom poms are so fun (and addictive) to make and if you have never made one before they are super easy to learn too. In this tutorial, they are using a pom pom maker, which is great but if you don't have one of those you can also simply use cardboard, check out this handy tutorial on How to make a pom pom, where you can learn to make a quick and easy pom pom.

autumn craft ideas - pom pom

18. Yarn pumpkin using a balloon

Make this easy yarn pumpkin with only a few tools; balloons, pipe cleaners, glue and of course yarn! You don't need any special type of yarn just your favourite pumpkin colours. the idea is to wrap the glue-covered yarn around the balloon to create these pumpkins, once they are dry they will support themselves without the need for a balloon, so you are left with these cute ornaments for your autumn display. You can find the full tutorial from One Little Project, who also have a whole host of other fun autumn craft ideas.

autumn craft ideas - yarn

19. Dragonfly craft

This is a fabulous craft to get your little ones involved in this autumn time, they can help collect the maple seeds and twigs on the walk home from school! You'll need a glue gun and some paint to decorate your dragonflies, once an adult has done the glueing part, the kids can join in with the painting fun, and get creative! These gorgeous dragonflies are so delicate and would look lovely indoors in your plant pots, or even just on the mantlepiece, they are certainly a talking point. Find the full guide over at

autumn craft ideas - dragonfly

20. Autumnal embroidery kit

This gorgeous autumnal embroidery will be a great piece of decor to add to your home. This pattern is great for both experienced and beginner stitchers. If you are new to embroidery this kit is a great place to start because it contains everything you need from embroidery floss to printed linen cloth, plus a comprehensive guidebook on the stitches used in the pattern and everything in between. There's nothing better than curling up on the sofa on a rainy evening and stitching a beautiful embroidery, maybe with a hot chocolate in hand!

Buy the autumnal embroidery kit on Amazon.

autumn craft ideas - embroidery

21. Autumn wreath

This one is straight from Gathered! The start of a new season is just the time to give your home a bit of a lift, and this pretty autumn wreath is a great way to add some colour to your place. Use your favourite leaf punches or dies and bright autumnal papers to make your project - or mix it up and go for purples, oranges, and blacks to make a spooky Halloween wreath instead. Check out the autumn wreath tutorial.

How to make a autumn wreath - landscape

22. Pumpkin painting

Find out how to paint your very own pumpkin with this sweet tutorial from Becki Clarke on Gathered. The modern design will compliment your autumn decor. For this tutorial, Becki has actually used dual-tip marker pens and ceramic pumpkins in this guide but you can easily swap these for acrylic paints and thin paintbrushes, plus real pumpkins! Find the full tutorial on how to paint pumpkins.

Halloween art projects – painted pumpkins by Becki Clark

23. Gnome cross stitch

With this sweet cross stitch gnome from Rhona Norrie, it's as if there's magic sweeping through the land. It can be made into a bookmark to protect your favourite novels. With their cute round noses, tall towering caps, and big bushy beards, the tomte are gnome-like creatures from Swedish folklore (also known as nisse in Norway and tonttu in Finland). You can download the blue bushy-beard gnome for free!

gnome cross stitch

24. Make your own bat plushie

If you for you autumn crafts means Halloween! Then we have the perfect craft for you to get stuck into. Learn how to make these spooktacular bat plushies with our easy to follow tutorial right here on Gathered! This fun bat design is perfect for those already somewhat experienced with sewing, as it has some quite intricate details.

Bat plush pattern

25. Spider web crochet

Whilst we're talking spooky, we absolutely love a bit of creepy crochet, and you can enjoy this free spider web pattern right here on Gathered. This easy crochet spider web motif by Lucy Croft is a must-make for Halloween!


26. Make a chunky knit blanket

Cosy up this autumn with our gorgeous chunky knit blanket design available to download for free on Gathered. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this chunky blanket knits up, from start to finish, giving it a mesh-like appearance that, combined with the heavy and chunky yarn, still has a lovely warm and cosy finish and weight to it.

a chunky knit blanket in cream chunky yarn is thrown across a white dining chair

27. Make your own chunky knit scarf

With this fabulous kit, you will be able to create your very own chunky knit scarf, the kit contains everything you need to complete the project, including knitting needles, small finishing needles, a fabric label and a guide. Follow the instructions step by step with our leaflet. This is a great gift for beginners of the craft but also a fun project for experienced knitters to have a go at. Keep yourself warm and stylish this autumn with this DIY kit.

Find the chunky scarf kit on Amazon.

autumn craft ideas

28. Leaf bowl

This is the autumn dream! A bowl made of leaves as a centrepiece for your table. You can use real leaves or faux leaves for this project, but it is really simple sort of like paper mache but instead of using strips of paper you use leaves! This is a fab craft to get the kids involved in too, they can go and collect the leaves. find the full tutorial over at Made With Happy.

autumn craft ideas

29. Wine cork pumpkin

We love a glass of wine and an autumnal craft, and what better use of wine corks than this?! These cute wine cork pumpkins not only upcycle your old corks but will make a fab piece of autumn decor to spice up your home. Find the full tutorial over at My Gourmet Connection.

autumn craft ideas

30. Pine cone bouquet

Make yourself a colourful pine cone bouquet for the ultimate autumn vibe with this fab tutorial from Intrupix. Get the little ones helping by collecting pine cones from your local area. Assembling the bouquet is more for the adults though!

autumn craft ideas

31. Tin can luminary

Illuminate your home with these simple yet gorgeous autumn crafts for adults. These need only a few items to make and can be made up fairly quickly! What's better is you can upcycle your old cans instead of throwing them in the recycling. These also make thoughtful and inexpensive gifts for Christmas this year. Find the full tutorial over at Cleverly Simple.

autumn craft ideas

We hope you loved these autumn crafts for adults. If you want to take on more projects we have tonnes of inspiration for you, try these paint by number kits, or rug making kits for ready-to-make fun. Looking for a new craft, try these resin crafts. It's coming close to that festive time of year again, so maybe you'd like to get yourself prepared with some Christmas crafting. Try these crochet Christmas decorations or follow this guide on how to make a Christmas wreath to spruce up your Christmas decor this year. Want to get the little ones involved? We have plenty for them too, try these Christmas crafts for kids, or the crafts for toddlers for lots of fun inspiration.


Katie Dolan
Katie DolanDigital Assistant, Gathered

Katie Dolan edits our needlework sections, focusing on our embroidery and cross stitch articles, as well as making videos for our arts and crafts projects. Katie runs her jewellery business, Ophelia Jewellery Art, on Etsy, where she sells beautiful resin-pressed flower earrings. She has a wide range of craft interests including embroidery – she particularly loves all things pop culture and a less traditional approach – The Simpsons and Rick & Morty are among her favourites to embroider. She has recently completed a silversmith workshop and hopes to expand her jewellery business with these new skills. When she’s not crafting, she’s usually fuelling her Harry Potter addiction with a Sunday film marathon and a couple of butter beers!

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