How to use a binding tool to bind a quilt

Finish off your quilts like a pro, using a 2-in-1 binding tool. Get set for magically matched ends, pristine mitres and smooth-sailing stitching.

Quilt binding tool

This clever tool will help you join the ends of your binding with a diagonal seam, and create expert mitred corners. The flattened point of the tool allows you to line up the two trimmed edges with no overhanging dog ears, and the corner notches mean there’s no guesswork on where to stop and start your seams for perfect mitred corners. Just make sure to backstitch to secure the ends, and press your seam open for a flawless, flat finish.

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How to use a 2-in-1 binding tool


Joining ends

Step 1

Attach the binding to your quilt, leaving 8in tails at each end and a 1212in gap between the two ends.

How to bind a quilt step 1

Step 2

Place the short flat edge under the binding on one side (edge A aligned with the quilt edge) and mark on the line.

How to bind a quilt step 2

Step 3

Unfold the binding and line up the mark on your tool with the mark on the binding. Trim the end of the binding.

How to bind a quilt step 3

Step 4

Rotate the binding tool so that Edge B is aligned with the edge of the quilt, and mark the other binding tail.

How to bind a quilt step 4

Step 5

Unfold the end of the binding and line up the two marks. Trim the end of the binding using the tool.

How to bind a quilt step 5

Step 6

Align the two trimmed ends right sides together and sew with a ¼in seam. Finish stitching your binding to the quilt.

How to bind a quilt step 6

Mitring corners

Step 1

Mark the corner on your binding, sew up to the mark, pivot your foot and sew off the corner.

How to miter quilt corners step 1

Step 2

Fold the length of binding upwards at a 45-degree angle, creating a diagonal fold with the edge.

How to mitre quilt corners step 2

Step 3

Hold the folded corner in place and fold the binding straight down, along the raw edge of the quilt. Clip in place.

How to mitre quilt corners step 3

Step 4

Use the notch in the corner of the binding tool to mark the corner and start sewing again from the end of the mark.

How to mitre quilt corners step 4