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How to use quilt binding clips

Welcome to the most useful little tool you can add to your quilting kit! If you haven't discovered quilt binding clips yet, here are 10 of our favourite ways to use them... and where to get your hands on a set!

How to use binding clips for quilting

New to using binding clips? Not only do they help you bind your quilts with ease but there are all sorts of ways to use them as an alternative to pins in your quilts. Stock up your stash with our shopping links or read on for 10 ways for how to use quilt binding clips in your quilting.

Clover Wonder Clips

Where to buy binding clips

Quilt binding clips, also called sewing clips or (as pictured above) Wonder clips are available from online stockists and local haberdasheries.


Bind your quilts with them

OK OK, let’s start with the obvious one: they’re really rather nifty for binding! In fact once you’ve tried them, it’s hard to go back. After you’ve prepared your binding strips, use your clips to pin it in place around the edge of your quilt sandwich before you start to sew. You’ll find this method easier than using pins as the clips easily hold the thickness of your quilt without puckering or holding the fabric layers together too tightly.

Check out our Technical Editor Laura’s tips for using them for curved binding – including some nifty ways to use them for neater results!

How to sew curved binding: use clips to mark the stitch line


Organise your quilt tops as you sew

Keeping track of your quilt top units and blocks is easy peasy with the help of binding clips. Group them into colour-themed stacks and label with a letter or number that corresponds with the different sections of your quilt design . This way you can quickly find the right piece when you need it!

How to use binding clips for quilts 2


Colour match like a pro

Here on the TQ team, we have a LOT of fabric in our stash. No, we’re not showing off, we’re just confessing that we suffer from a healthy dose of fabric indecision when we’re embarking on a new project. Binding clips are really handy for holding different fabric swatches in place so we can step back and see which colour combos work together.

How to use binding clips for quilts 3


Clip and go!

If, like us, your sewing box is bulging with various tools and spools, then you’ll like this one: binding clips can be easy stored on whatever you’re wearing – so you always have them to hand as you work without rummaging around in your notions stash.

How to use binding clips for quilts 4


Use them to pin paper templates in place

From appliqué to foundation paper piecing, when you’re working on a project requiring shape templates, use your binding clips to secure the fabric to your paper template. Unlike with pins, you’ll avoid puckering the fabric as you secure the paper in place which makes accurate cutting easier.

How to use binding clips for quilts 5


Easy peasy English Paper Piecing

Getting ready to baste your EPP shapes? Try holding them in place with binding clips before you start sewing…  you’ll get neater results as your pieces will be securely held in place as you stitch without accidentally shifting around as you sew.

How to use binding clips for quilts 6


Prepare your fabric choices

Once we’ve selected a batch of fabrics for our quilt tops, we often sort ours into different piles for sewing the different parts of the blocks we’re about to embark upon.  Binding clips come in really handy for grouping your fabrics at this stage of a project, especially if you’re going to come away and then come back to your work later and you don’t want to risk getting the piles muddled up!

How to use binding clips for quilts 7


Bookmark your project books for quick reference

Working on a quilt project from our latest issue of Today’s Quilter? Or a favourite book? Save time flicking through to find where you left off and use your binding clips as a bookmark!

How to use binding clips for quilts 8


Not just for quilts

Use them to keep the hair out of your eyes when you’re in the middle of an particularly intense sewing machine session! (expertly modelled here by our Editor Fiona!).

How to use binding clips for quilts 9


VIQB (Very important quilting business)

And lastly… our perfect quilting session comes with coffee and chocolate – our binding clips come in pretty handy for keeping our packets sealed 🙂

How to use binding clips for quilts 10