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Sew this cute snowman pattern for Christmas

No need to wait for a white Christmas – you can sew your own frosty friend with Jo Carter’s smiley snowman pattern. Read on for our free snowman pattern and step-by-step guide to how to make a snowman toy.

Snowman pattern

This adorable snowman sewing pattern is bound to bring some festive joy into your home this Christmas. You can use him to brighten a room or he makes the perfect quick gifts to sew for a young child this Christmas.

Our cheerful snowman pattern is made using snuggly fleece fabric – making him perfect for cuddling on cold December days. He’s wrapped up in a beautiful pastel blue scarf and matching hat, but you could choose any colour you like.

When you’re making this snowman sewing pattern, ensure the pom pom, joins and back seam are sewn securely for durability. Sew a few lines of quilting to create a realistic carrot nose detail for your snowman.

You can find Jo Carter’s full step-by-step tutorial for this snowman pattern below…

Free snowman sewing pattern

Things to know before you start making your snowman

Download your snowman sewing pattern templates here


  • Approx 30cm (12in) tall with the hat or 26cm (10in) tall without the hat.
  • Use a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance unless otherwise stated.
  • The templates include seam allowances where necessary.
  • Arrows on the pattern pieces indicate pattern/pile direction for marking and cutting out.
  • When the pattern specifies to cut two or more of a pattern piece, after marking out half of the pieces required the template needs to be turned over to mark out the remaining half so that the pieces are cut as mirror images.
  • This snowman has been made mainly using stretchy fleece fabric so clipping into internal curves and making notches around external curves is not always instructed for fleece. When clipping always take care to avoid any stitching.
  • Due to the curved shape of the snowman using cotton fabric is not recommended, with the exception of the arms, nose and hat lining.
  • As the arms are sewn directly into seams, sew over the joins so they are well secured and to reduce the likelihood of them being pulled out.

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Looking for materials to make this snowman sewing pattern with? We’ve found some suppliers below to make it easier for you to get started…

Your snowman sewing pattern  – step by step instructions


You Will Need

  • Fabric A (50x50cm (20x20in)), white fleece fabric for the main body
  • Fabric B (22x22cm (9x9in)), cotton fabric for the arms
  • Fabric C (10x10cm (4x4in)), cotton fabric for the nose
  • Fabric D (25x56cm (10x22in)), fleece fabric for the hat and scarf
  • Fabric E (16x36cm (7x14in)), cotton fabric for the hat lining
  • 12mm black plastic safety eyes (a pair)
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Polyester toy filling
  • Wadding/felt scrap (21x12cm (5x5in))
  • Pair of buttons (18mm (¾in) diameter)
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Step 1

Download, print out and then cut out the templates. 

Step 2

We recommend that you draw out the pattern pieces onto the reverse of the fabric before cutting.

Step 3

Cutting out your snowman pattern pieces

From Fabric A, cut out the following pieces:

  • Face: Cut one.
  • Side head: Cut two.
  • Tummy: Cut one.
  • Side body: Cut two.
  • Base: Cut one.
  • Hat pom pom: Cut one.

Step 4

From Fabric B cut out:

  • Arm: Cut four.

Step 5

From Fabric C cut out:

  • Nose: Cut one.


Step 6

From Fabric D cut out:

  • Hat outer: Cut one.
  • Scarf: Cut one measuring 7x56cm (2¾ x 2218in)

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Step 7

Step seven From Fabric E cut out:

  • Hat lining: Cut one.

Step 8

Making your snowman toy’s head

With the right sides (RS) together, sew a side head piece to its corresponding side of the face.

Repeat to attach the other side head to the remaining side of the face. 

Snowman pattern step 1

Step 9

Close the dart in each of the side head pieces with RS facing, tapering the end.

Snowman pattern step 2

Step 10


Sewing your snowman toy’s body

Sew a side body piece to its corresponding side of the tummy with RS together.

Repeat to attach the other side body to the remaining side of the tummy. 

Snowman pattern step 3

Step 11

Place two mirror-image arm pieces RS facing and sew around the sides, leaving the bottom end open.

Clip the seam allowance at the internal corners and clip V-shaped notches around the external curves.

Turn it RS out, stuff and then tack the end closed.

Snowman pattern step 4

Step 12

With RS together, fold the dart over in a side body piece and sandwich the arm in place – checking that it is facing the correct way up – at the bottom of the dart, pinning in place if necessary. Sew the dart closed.

Step 13

Repeat for the remaining arm and side body pieces.

Snowman pattern step 5

Step 14

Assembling the snowman sewing pattern

Sew the bottom of the head to the top of the body with RS together.

Snowman pattern step 6

Step 15

Starting at the back of the body, sew the base to the bottom of the body with the RS of the fabric together and ensuring that the markers line up.

Snowman pattern step 7

Step 16

Make the smallest holes possible through which to allow the shank of the eye in the face piece where marked.

Fit the eyes into place according to manufacturer’s instructions. Sew the back of the head and body, leaving a 6-8cm (2-3in) opening in the back. 

Snowman pattern step 8

Step 17

Turn RS out and stuff.

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Step 18

Making your snowman toy’s face

With the RS facing up, place the carrot nose on top of the scrap of wadding/felt and quilt horizontal lines.

Start quilting 6mm (¼in) or so from the point as it may help to clip away a little extra bit of the wadding at the tip of the nose when turning RS out. 

Snowman pattern step 9

Step 19

Trim away the excess wadding overhanging the sides of the nose. RS together, fold the nose in half and sew along the side.

Clip the seam allowance at the tip of the nose.

Snowman pattern step 10

Step 20

Turn the nose RS out and stuff. Hand-sew a running stitch around the top within the 6mm (¼in) seam allowance and pull on the thread to gather the end of the nose, folding the raw edges inside.

Secure the thread to hold the gathering in place and then hand-sew the nose to the face, sewing twice around to make sure it is well-secured.

Snowman pattern step 11

Step 21

Using three strands of black stranded cotton, embroider a smile onto the face.

Sew two buttons onto the front of the snowman, ensuring they are fully secured in place.

Snowman pattern step 12

Step 22

Making your snowman toy’s hat and scarf

Close the centre dart only on the hat outer and lining pieces, RS together. Sew the outer hat to the lining along the bottom edge.

Clip the seam allowance around the internal corners and clip V-shaped notches around the external curves. 

Snowman pattern step 13

Step 23

With RS together, sew the back of the outer hat together, continuing down to sew the back of the lining together.

Snowman pattern step 14


Step 24

Line up the front centre dart in the hat outer with the seam along the back and sew this opening closed (similar to a boxed corner) with RS together, tapering the ends of the seam.

Turn the hat RS out through the same opening in the lining. Topstitch around the bottom edge of the hat. 

Snowman pattern step 15

Step 25

As for the nose, hand-sew a running stitch around the edge within the 6mm (¼in) seam allowance of the hat pom pom and gather to form a cup shape.

Add filling and then draw up fully, folding the raw edges inside, and secure the thread to hold it into a ball shape.

Snowman pattern step 16

Step 26

Hand-sew the pom pom to the hat, sewing around twice to make sure that it is secured in place. Close the opening in the top of the lining.

Snowman pattern step 17

Step 27

Fold the scarf lengthways RS together and sew the open sides together, but leaving a 6-8cm (2-3in) opening in the long side. Clip the seam allowance at the two unfolded corners and turn RS out. Sew the opening closed.

Snowman pattern step 18

Step 28

Finishing your snowman sewing pattern

Adjust the stuffing in the head. Securely close the opening in the back and add the hat and scarf to finish.


You’ve finished! You now know how to make this sweet little snowman pattern.

Snowman pattern

Use our snowman sewing pattern to create a special Christmas gift

Handmade gifts are extra special and we know this adorable snowman toy will be treasured for years to come.

Use our free snowman sewing pattern as a base but feel free to customise your toy however you like!

Then pop him in your little ones stocking and watch as their faces light up.

Make your new snowman a festive friend

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