Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in the Halloween celebrations! We’ve collected 21 of the best pregnant Halloween costumes for you to dress up in this October.


All these pregnancy costumes make your bump the star of the show. Whether it’s turning your bump into a kitten’s ball of yarn or a fun fishbowl, we just know you’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime with these pregnant Halloween costumes.

You may not be able to have a drink, but you can certainly still win best costume!

21 pregnant Halloween costumes for you to explore

1. Fortune teller and their magic ball costume

Fortune teller pregnant Halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

You’ll be looking into the future with this mystical pregnancy costume. Turn yourself into a fortune teller and make your bump your magic ball. After all, growing a baby inside of you is pretty magical…

2. Scarecrow and their pumpkin costume

Scarecrow pregnant Halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

Scarecrows protect crops from birds and you protect your little one from the outside world! This pregnant Halloween costume couldn’t be more apt.

Turn your bump into a pumpkin with face paint or fabric or simply buy a t-shirt that features a pumpkin. This is a super easy and cost-effective pregnancy costume.

3. Mummy by nature, mummy by costume!

Mummy pregnant Halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

This one is self-explanatory. Embrace your title as the world’s greatest mummy by dressing as one for Halloween.

Made from simple white fabric strips and paper eyes, this pregnant Halloween costume is both silly and fun.

You’re going to be the best mummy and we’re sure your bump agrees!

4. Mother Earth pregnancy costume

Mother Earth pregnancy costume

Credit: Pinterest

Becoming a mum is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world and this Halloween costume truly embraces that! Transform yourself into Mother Earth with your bump being the centre of the world.

5. Cat and yarn costume

Cat and yarn pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

We love this play on the classic cat Halloween costume! Turn your bump into a ball of yarn for an easy costume idea. Raid your local charity shop for some cheap yarn and attach it to a plain black top for an affordable outfit.

6. There’s gold at the end of the bump

Pot of gold pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

This fun pot of gold pregnant Halloween costume is both colourful and cute. Created with a simple rainbow top and a black band stitched around the waist, this costume shows how priceless your little one really is!

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7. Swimming with the fishes

Fish bowl pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

Brit.Co have a range of fun pregnant Halloween costumes on their blog and this is one of our favourites. Your bump makes the perfect fish bowl! Use a black bodycon dress as the base then have fun crafting paper fishes.

8. Your very own chain chomp

chain chomp pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

If you love Mario Kart then this is the pregnant Halloween costume for you. Your bump can become chain chomp, ready to bite any unsuspecting plumbers who come near… All you need is a black top, white card and some googly eyes.

9. As sweet as candy

sweet pregnant Halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

We just know your little one will be as sweet as candy so why not turn yourself into just that? This incredibly simple yet effective pregnancy costume is great for expectant mums.

Striped plastic hats look a lot like sweets, especially when covered with cellophane.

10. Mumma and her Joey costume

Kangeroo pregnant halloween costumes

Credit: Pinterest

Just like a mumma kangaroo, you’re keeping your joey nice and safe in your pouch. A white top, some brown fabric, a little toy Joey and ta-dah! You’ve created your pregnant Halloween costume in a matter of minutes.

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11. Magic 8 mum!

Magic 8 mum pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

Predict everyone’s future by becoming a magic 8 ball! This nostalgic ball was a hit with us in the 80s and is a really easy pregnancy costume. Wearing all black, your bump makes the perfect ball.

12. Pregnancy costumes for Potter fanatics

Golden Snitch pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

Become the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter with this clever pregnant Halloween costume. We love the gold tassels which look like the Snitch’s wings.

This idea could easily be turned into a trio Halloween costume too. Simply get your friends or family to dress up as Quidditch players – 10 points to Gryffindor if they bring brooms!

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13. Take inspiration from Juno

Juno pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

Fans of the film Juno will love dressing up in this memorable costume. The iconic striped t-shirt paired with a trench and, of course, the infamous drink is an outfit everyone remembers.

14. Winnie the Pooh pregnancy costume

Winnie the Pooh pregancy costume

Credit: Pinterest

Dress up as everyone’s favourite honey-loving bear! Winnie the Pooh’s round tummy is part of what makes him adorable. Embrace your round bump by dressing up as Pooh.

A yellow top and a cropped red top can easily be turned into a fancy dress costume. You can even turn your trick or treat bucket into Pooh’s honey pot.

15. Follow the call of the disco ball!

disco ball pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Upbeat Soles

Get on your dancing shoes this Halloween and turn your bump into a disco ball! Find a statement glitterball dress and dazzle everyone at the party.

Create your own glittery dress from stretch fabric or purchase one online.

16. Ice cream pregnancy costume

ice cream pregnant Halloween costume

Credit: Brit + Co

It’s all about sugar, spice and everything nice this Halloween. Dress up as everyone’s favourite sweet treat – ice cream!

Decorate your bump with sprinkles and pop a cherry on your head and you’ve instantly become a knickerbocker glory.

17. Basketball bump

basketball bump pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

Shoot and score the best pregnant Halloween costume award with this number. Bump can become a basketball with just some orange and black paint.

Easy and perfect for those with sporty partners.

18. Become the pregnant emoji

pregnant halloween costume emoji

Credit: Jacqueline Lopez

We’re sure you’ve been using this emoji a lot recently so why not become it? This incredibly simple pregnant Halloween costume is going to be a winner among millennials and Apple fans. All you need is a long-sleeved purple top.

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19. A witch and her cauldron

basketball bump pregnant halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

You’ve been brewing up a baby while your witch alter ego has been mixing up a potion! Wear a traditional witch outfit then strategically place a cauldron over your bump.

It’s a five minute outfit that’s perfect for those who leave costume planning to the last minute.

20. Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka Pregnant Halloween Costume

Credit: Alexandra.etheridge

Chewing, chewing all day long! Transform into chewing gum queen Violet Beauregarde as she starts to turn into a giant blueberry. A purple tracksuit and a blonde wig and you’re party ready.

21. Baby bump bowling

Bowling pregnant halloween costume

Credit: Sammie Adams

Turn your bump into a bowling ball and make this cool pregnant Halloween costume. Add a charity shop bowling shirt for your partner and you’ve got the perfect couples costume.

Pregnancy costumes that go bump in the night

Pregnant Halloween costumes are so much fun to make, create and wear. It’s a wonderful way of bonding with your baby and will give you a host of funny memories to look back on.

Choose a pregnancy costume that suits you and your bump. Comfort is key! All the costumes included in our round-up are simple but are sure to make a statement at your Halloween bash.


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