Our favourite holiday is just around the corner which means it’s time to plan your costume. According to us, 2023’s Halloween costumes need to be three things: silly, memorable and iconic!


This is why we’ve collected 21 funny Halloween costumes for you to explore. From the weird and wacky to internet sensations, these fancy dress ideas will be a hit at all your October celebrations.

21 funny Halloween costumes to buy and make!

1. Wacky waving inflatable tube costume

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube funny halloween costume copy

These wacky tubes pop up all over the internet and feature in our favourite memes, Tik Toks and even Vines (we miss Vine). If you’ve laughed at such videos then it’s time for you to pay homage to this icon.

Thanks to Amazon you can now turn yourself into a wacky waving inflatable tube. Dream come true, right? It’s a weird and funny Halloween costume that’s bound to turn a few heads…

2. Bob Ross funny Halloween costume

bob ross funny Halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Dressing up as Bob Ross is a wholesome throwback that will make everyone giggle. Get yourself Bob’s signature curly hair, painting tools and a blue shirt.

To turn this into a funny couple Halloween costume, transform your partner into one of Bob’s paintings! This additional canvas costume makes the outfit even better.

3. KFC funny Halloween costume

The Cornel and bird funny Halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Pay tribute to your favourite junk food by turning yourself into Colonel Sanders. A white coat and beard with some thick-rimmed black glasses complete the king of fried chicken’s look.

For a funny couple Halloween costume, transform your partner into one of the Colonel's unfortunate victims…

4. Screaming possum costume

screaming possum funny halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Based on another classic meme, this screaming possum costume is both terrifying and hilarious. We can promise you no one is going to forget you wearing this on All Hallows Eve.

5. The Swedish Chef from the Muppets

muppets chef funny halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

This character only has to make random noises to make us laugh! This funny Halloween costume is perfect for those who love the Muppets and will be a hit among kids and adults alike.

6. Cup of noodles costume

Noodle funny Halloween costume copy

This funny Halloween costume is brilliant for those needing a last-minute outfit. Available to buy on Amazon, crash the Halloween bash by turning up as a giant pot of noodles… random, tasty and definitely entertaining.

7. Damian funny Halloween costume

mean girls funny halloween costume damian copy

Credit: Pinterest

There’s bound to be lots of people dressed as Regina George, The Plastics or Cady Heron but will there be any Damians? Arguably the funniest character in Mean Girls, this scene from the film is one of our personal favourites.

Plus this funny Halloween costume is so easy to make! A blue hoodie, black glasses and Damian’s infamous line ‘She doesn’t even go here’. Your look is complete.

8. Funny feminist Halloween costume

Funny feminist Halloween costume copy

Credit: BuzzFeed

Witty, feminist and punny – this is our kind of funny Halloween costume. Taunt the patriarchy (and look lovely while doing it) by turning yourself into Miss Andry, the winner of our Miss Universe. The cup of male tears really finishes the outfit off nicely.

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9. Overwhelmed dog meme funny Halloween costume

Burning dog meme funny halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

We have to admit we’ve shared this meme more times than we can count. It’s just so relatable.

This clever costume has every aspect of the meme covered, from the dog ears and flames to the drink and ‘This is Fine’ speech bubble. May as well start Halloween as we mean to go on right?

10. Identical Twin Costume

This Is My Identical Twin funny halloween Costume copy

Simple yet effective, this funny Halloween costume will have people rolling their eyes at you. You can now dress up as your long-lost identical twin thanks to this remarkably dry-humoured t-shirt.

Who says you need to make an effort this Halloween?

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11. Sweet tooth funny Halloween costume idea

Sweet tooth funny halloween costume ideas

Credit: Studio DIY

This cute and punny Halloween costume is perfect for couples, besties and parents. It’s easy to make too.

Create a tooth from white card and cut up a pool noodle to make candy sweets. Spray paint the pool noodle fun colours and string them together. A funny Halloween costume that’s completely DIY!

Don't have time for DIY?

12. Funny gnome Halloween costume

Gnome funny halloween costumes copy

Credit: Pinterest

Funny couple Halloween costumes don’t come more wholesome than this gnome duo. Create some pointy red hats from card, whack on a traditional outfit and add some pink circles to your cheeks. Halloween ready in a matter of minutes.

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13. Hungry Hippo Halloween costume

Hungry Hippos funny Halloween costumes copy

Credit: Sugar and Cloth

This funny Halloween costume is ideal for families and is absolutely adorable. Not to mention it’s easy to make, just grab a few coloured t-shirts and matching baseball caps. Create eyes and teeth from white card and some white balls to your tops.

This is technically a Halloween costume for three! If you’re specifically looking for a three-person fancy dress idea, head over to our trio Halloween costume ideas.

14. Eggo funny Halloween costume

Eggo funny Halloween costumes

Credit: Pinterest

Who needs to dress up as the Stranger Things cast when you could just be a giant waffle instead?

You only need yellow card, foam and yellow paint to make this creative costume. You’ll certainly stand out in this luminous costume!

15. Cousin Itt funny Halloween costume

Cousin Itt funny halloween costume copy

Dressing up as the Addams family for Halloween isn't unique but transforming yourself into Cousin Itt will certainly give everyone a laugh. Cousin Itt is a less popular fancy dress character which makes it all the more funny.

You can easily turn this idea into a funny couple Halloween costume. Dress your partner up as Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Uncle Fester… any member of the family.

16. Giant Furby Halloween costume

funny furby Halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

This Hallowen costume gives us all the 90s vibes while also being a bit unnerving. Who remembers when Furbys would creepily turn on in the middle of the night?

This scary behaviour makes them the perfect toy to dress up as this Halloween.

17. Funny Zoolander Halloween costume

Zoolander funny Hallowen costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Zoolander is one of the funniest films to come out of the 00s and features a host of hilarious characters for you to dress up as.

We love this Mugatu costume, they’ve got every part of the character spot on! The glasses, the dog, the beard… amazing.

18. Look at this graph meme costume

Look at the Graph meme funny Halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Do Nickleback proud by turning yourself into this ridiculous yet hilarious meme. It’s another simple yet funny Halloween costume which takes very little effort.

A draw on moustache and DIY graph are all you need. Those that get it, get it and those that don’t, don’t.

19. Dwight Schrute funny Halloween costume

Dwight Schrute funny Halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Dwight Schrute is a brilliant funny Halloween costume option. Based on the memorable The Office USA scene where Jim pranks Dwight, this Halloween costume will go down in history.

Turn it into a funny couple Halloween costume by having your partner dress up as Jim Halpert or Michael Scott.

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20. The Hamburglar Costume

The Hamburglar Costume funny halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

This absolute throwback of a Halloween costume will take everyone on a trip down memory lane.

Create your own McDonald's Hamburglar costume with a cape, hat and of course, the classic McDonalds Happy Meal box.

21. Tiger King funny Halloween costume

Tiger King funny halloween costumes copy

We heard that it was all that blasted Carol Baskin’s fault! Joe Exotic has become a cult figure after the documentary Tiger King was released on Netflix. He’s a big character with a dodgy past, making him a funny character to dress up as.

By wearing this fancy dress outfit, and speaking with a Southern drawl, you’ll be the hit costume at the party.

You can easily turn this outfit into a funny couple Halloween costume by getting your partner to dress up as Carol Baskin or one of Joe’s beloved tigers.

Don’t take yourself too seriously this Halloween

Halloween is meant to be fun, silly and a little bit scary! These funny Halloween costumes embody that spirit and will make the night memorable for you and your loved ones.

Pick a costume that makes you laugh and we promise it will make everyone around you giggle too. Whether it’s a meme, an amusing TV character or witty pun, your funny Halloween costume will make you the most loved person at the party.


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