Sometimes you just want to look cute and Halloween is no exception! October may be the spookiest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little sweeter.


We’ve collected over 20 cute Halloween costumes to inspire you. From lovely TV characters to tasty treats, all these costume ideas will make you say ‘awww’.

Find your favourite from our selection below and be the light in the darkness this Halloween.

23 cute Halloween costumes

1. Cute candy floss Halloween costume

Cute candyfloss halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

There’s nothing sweeter than candy floss! Dress up as this sugary treat this Halloween by sticking pink polyester fiberfill onto old pink clothing.

Make a cardboard cone, attach it to your head with a big pink bow and ta dah! You’re a giant, adorable candyfloss.

2. Cute Ratatouille Halloween costume

Cute Ratatouille halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

This year’s family Halloween costume is sorted! Transform you and your little one (or another loved one) into chef-extraordinaires Alfredo Linguini and Remy.

This cute Halloween costume is super easy to recreate. You can buy chef whites from most online retailers and you can fashion a mouse outfit from fabric and some face paint.

Why not get your partner to dress up as the fabulous Colette? This will turn your duo into a fab trio Halloween costume.

3. Cute Boo and Sully Halloween costume

Cute Boo and Sulley halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Boo and Sully’s father-daughter relationship in Monsters Inc is one of our film favourites. They’re the perfect combination of lovable and scary!

This cute Halloween costume for couples will be a hit at all your seasonal events. Boo’s outfit is easy to recreate: just pick up a pink top, purple leggings and a little teddy bear. Add bunches and a backpack for the full look.

4. Cute Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume

Cute Winnie the Pooh halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Dress up as the Hundred Acre Wood’s most lovable bear – Winnie the Pooh. This honey-loving cutie makes a brilliant Halloween costume and you’ll be the most huggable person at the party.

Plus it’s a simple costume to make yourself. A cord skirt, red jumper and pom pom ears (you can learn how to make a pom pom here, then attach them to a headband), and you’re finished!

5. Cute pumpkin Halloween costume

Cute pumkin halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with this cute Halloween costume. Turn yourself into a pumpkin for all your pumpkin carving activities and spooky events.

A face made from card (you can find pumpkin stencils to copy online) can be attached to an orange dress for a last-minute outfit.

6. Cute Dora the Explorer Halloween costume

Cute Dora the Explorer halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Transform yourself into everyone’s favourite Spanish heroine Dora the Explorer. She’s sweet, smart and here to save the world from Swiper.

A brown bob, pink top and orange shorts are the garments you need for this look. Don’t forget her iconic purple backpack too!

Turn this cute Halloween costume for girls into a couples costume by encouraging your partner to dress up as the mischievous Swiper. All they need is a mask, cape and some stolen goods.

7. Cute Russell from Up Halloween costume

Cute brownie halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

If you’re a Pixar fan then this is the costume for you. Put on a yellow top, brown shorts and a brown sash and you’ll be instantly transformed into little Russell.

Add some balloons to a fully stocked backpack and bring your pup (or a toy dog) to be your trusty sidekick Dug. You’ll definitely collect a best-dressed badge with this outfit!

8. Cute Belle Halloween costume

Cute Belle halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Book lovers and Disney lovers unite! Dress up as Disney’s beautiful bookworm princess Belle. Her village outfit is both pretty and easy to make.

Pop a blue dress over a white shirt and add a white apron. Put your hair in Belle’s signature ponytail and carry a book and basket for extra effect.

9. Cute ball of yarn Halloween costume

Cute ball of yarn halloween costume copy

Credit: Aww Sam

Obviously, team Gathered loves this yarn Halloween costume! Crocheters and knitters can transform themselves into their favourite hobby this October with Aww Sam’s tutorial.

She takes you through the process step by step so you can make this cute Halloween costume for yourself.

For those of you wanting a good laugh this Halloween, make sure you browse our funny Halloween costume ideas.

10. Cute pasta Halloween costume

Cute pasta halloween costume copy

Credit: Studio DIY

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a giant piece of pasta for Halloween? Studio DIY shows you how to make this cute Halloween costume, which is perfect for parents and kids.

If you’re still waiting for your little one to arrive, check out our collection of the best pregnant Halloween costumes. It includes everything from basketball bumps to Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

11. Cute snail Halloween costume

Cute snail halloween costume copy

Credit: Parents

Make your own creepy crawly fancy dress outfit with Parents’ fun DIY tutorial. Their blog is full of adorable animal outfit ideas for you to make. Although these cute Halloween costumes are designed for kids, you can easily create adult versions.

If you’re looking specifically for fancy dress ideas for kids then head over to our Halloween costumes for kids!

12. Cute Bubble Tea Halloween costume

Cute Bubble Tea halloween costume.jpeg.crdownload copy

Credit: Aww Sam

Aww Sam is the queen of cute Halloween costumes and this one is extra tasty.

They show you how to make this quirky boba tea costume from pom poms, felt and hot glue. Beware, making this outfit will make you thirsty!

Looking for plus-size friendly costumes?

Head over to our round-up of the best plus size Halloween costume ideas.

13. Cute pastel witch Halloween costume

Cute pastel witch halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Why be scary when you can be cute? Become the pretty pastel Witch of the West with this Halloween costume.

We love the purple skirt and hat combo and those pink bats finish the look off perfectly. Now you can cast love spells on all your mates!

14. Cute Pokemon Halloween costume

Cute Pokemon halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

There’s so many cute Pokemon you could dress up as this Halloween. Pickachu, Squirtle, Piplup… but we love this Eevee fancy dress.

The basis of this costume is simple – it’s a brown dress with white scarf for the ruff! Make sure to cut Eevee’s charming ears from cardboard and sew a fabric tail to complete the look.

15. Cute My Neighbour Totoro Halloween costume

Cute My Neighbour Totoro halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

We just know you’ll be the Halloween highlight with this incredible family Halloween costume. Recreate the famous Totoro bus stop scene by dressing up as Totoro, Satsuki, Mei and the famous cat bus!

There’s so many lovely characters in this film for you to choose from. Gather your family or friends and have a Studio Ghibli Halloween-themed party.

For those of you looking for ideas for you and your friends, head over to our collection of group Halloween costume ideas.

16. Cute mushroom Halloween costume

Cute mushroom halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Dress up as this fun guy (get it?) for this year’s October celebrations. The mushroom hat is the star of the show in this outfit and Red Wine Red Shoes has kindly created a step-by-step tutorial. She shows you how to turn a sombrero into this funky toadstool hat!

17. Cute Arthur Halloween costume

Cute Arthur halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card! Transform yourself into everyone’s favourite aardvark, Arthur.

A shirt, blue jeans, a yellow jumper and those iconic round glasses are all you need. Make sure you also create some little ears to give you true aardvark energy.

18. Cute Dorothy Halloween costume

Cute Dorothy halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Follow the yellow brick road and you’ll discover this cute Halloween costume! Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is a Halloween favourite and continues to stay popular despite the film coming out in 1939.

Replicate Judy Garland's blue gingham dress, add red sparkly shoes and her famous plaits to transform yourself into Dorothy. You can turn your pooch into Toto too!

Make sure you check out our list of dog Halloween costumes for more adorable pet and owner ideas.

19. Cute Mary Poppins Halloween costume

Cute Mary Poppins halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Another Halloween favourite is the magical Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is a cute Halloween costume that everyone at the party will love.

A black skirt, white shirt, red bow tie and bowler hat are all you need for this look. Don’t forget your umbrella too!

20. Cute Coraline Halloween costume

Cute Coraline halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

This creepy movie has haunted us for years, but we have to admit the main character is pretty cute.

Turn yourself into the plucky Coraline this October, complete with her blue hair and yellow rain mac. You’ll do Tim Burton proud with this outfit.

21. Cute Aang Halloween costume

Cute Winnie the Pooh halloween costume

Credit: Pinterest

The Last Air Bender features a range of cool characters for you to dress up as this Halloween. We love this interpretation of Aang and think it’s the ideal costume for last-minute events.

Paint blue arrows on your hands and forehead then wear a mustard coloured dress. Add a rectangle of fabric for a mini shawl and you’re finished!

22. Cute Roxanne Halloween costume

Cute Roxanne halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

We all know and love The Goofy Movie, especially the lovely character Roxanne. She was always the cutest character, especially compared to Goofy!

This surprisingly easy Halloween costume can be achieved with face paint, a green top and some books.

23. Cute clown Halloween costume

Cute clown halloween costume copy

Credit: Pinterest

Say goodbye to terrifying clowns this year and hello to cute, pastel ones! These charming clown outfits can be worn to any kind of Halloween event and created from items in your wardrobe.

Pair pink tights and a pink cami top with a party hat and clown makeup for a wholesome look. We also show you how to make an easy tulle skirt here on Gathered which would look great with this costume.

Look sweet not scary this Halloween!

Make this year’s October celebrations wholesome with these cute Halloween costumes. They’re perfect for those with little kids (no nightmares here) or those wanting to bring a little bit of sweetness to all the spookiness.

Pick a costume that makes you smile – we know you’ll look cute no matter what costume you pick!


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23 trio Halloween costumes


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