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DIY heat packs

Mini fabric pocket heat packs are super-cute and easy to make. They'll keep your hands so toasty you'll never want to leave home without them! Leanne Garrity's DIY heat packs are reusable too so they're great for the planet.

pocket heat packs

DIY heat packs are super-cute and easy to make. They’re great for keeping your hands toasty, warming up your bed, or applying to achy joints and stomachs. What’s more, these ones by Leanne Garrity are mini so they’ll fit snuggly in your pocket all Winter long! Our DIY heat pack tutorial only uses a few materials and is the perfect stash buster project. Collect up the scraps of your favourite fabrics and save them for this handy five-minute project. You can also completely customise yours. Why not embroidery a cute motif onto your like this sashiko embroidery pattern or make yours into a different shape? Hexagonal DIY heat packs anyone? Whatever design you make your DIY heat packs in we think they’ll become your new BFF this Winter (or a literally present for your BFF!)

If you’re new to sewing don’t worry. We have a guide to sewing for beginners as well as several of the best sewing kits for beginners. You can hand sew your DIY heat packs but we have used a sewing machine. If you need a little help using your machine read our how to use a sewing machine tutorial. We also have a best sewing machines for beginners round up if you’re looking to purchase your first machine. 

You will need:

• 4 x 12cm (4.72″) squares of fabric

• 200g rice

• A handful of lavender (or other dried, scented flowers)

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DIY heat packs


You Will Need

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Needle

Total time:

Step 1

pocket heat packs step 1

Place two fabric squares together (right sides facing) and stitch around the perimeter, 1cm (0.39″) from the edge. Leave a 3cm (1.18″) gap to turn. Run a zigzag stitch around the seam allowance to secure raw edges.

Step 2

pocket heat packs step 2

Clip the corners and turn right side out. Fashion a funnel out of paper and insert the nozzle into the opening. Fill the pack with rice and some dried lavender until it’s almost full.


Step 3

pocket heat packs step 3

Sew the opening shut with small, neat stitches. Make a second heat pack.


Now all that’s left to do is use. Warm your DIY heat packs in the microwave. Gradually build the temperature in 30-second blocks so you don’t overheat them. Viola! You’re nice and toasty. Sew up a whole bunch of DIY heat packs and give them to friends, family, or even charity.

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