Looking to get your children into sewing? Whether you're on a mission to raise creative kids or you're just on the hunt for screen-free activities to keep little hands busy, we've rounded up our favourite sewing kits for kids for you to try.


I've personally tested most of the kits in this article with my own children; there's rarely a weekend or school holiday that I can't be found having a mini splurge on kids craft supplies. Like grown ups, all children are different and my 6- and 8-year-old have different responses to the prospect of a table filled with glitter and paint – one is always begging to start junk modelling while the other requires coaxing and a bit more effort to find the right activity to capture his attention – but it never fails to surprise me how long they will sit, transfixed, when presented with just the right creative project at the table that fuels their interest.

We'll be focusing on sewing kits for kids in this round-up, but for the record I cannot recommend sand art, Hamma beads or scratch art enough – especially if you have children who may not initially seem like they want to reach for the colouring pencils constantly. The above all have a bit of drama factor that can be quite hypnotic! But sewing is one of the most timeless and soothing crafts that you can gift to children – not only does it hone their fine motor skills (which in turn will give them a handy boost in school as they learn to write), sewing is (at it's core) relaxing and a great de-stressor.

Of course you don't need a kids sewing kit to introduce pre-teens or teenagers in the family to sewing... my son loves using my sewing machine so much I ended up giving him some spare fabric from my stash and helping him make a quilt with it – partly to spare my own precious solo sewing time but without depriving him the chance of putting his foot to the sewing machine pedal for his own project.

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But there's something about a sewing kit for kids that really will entertain children for sustained periods of time, and get them away from screen time too. In my experience, children also enjoy many of the mental health benefits of making that we adults do (see why crafting is good for your mental health). My children find creative tasks relaxing and calming and they get a real sense of pride that builds their self esteem from showing off their finished makes.

To help you find the right sewing kit for your child, I've divided this round-up into two sections – the best sewing machine kits for kids (if you want to introduce children to machine sewing) and the best stitching kits for kids – to get them comfortable having fun with a needle and thread.

For more ideas, make sure you head to our 50 craft kits for kids to pick yourself up a passion project (it also includes some really fun cross stitch kits) or you might also like our round-up of the best sewing machines for kids.

If you're looking for more fun ideas for kids, check out our arts and crafts to do at home.

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Best sewing machine kits for kids – learn to use a machine

Disclaimer from us in this section – we've included some of our favourite starter sewing machine kits for children below but they often have affordable price points, which will inevitably mean they're not going to offer the same robust sewing machine experience as you'd get from a full price machines for adults. However if you're just looking for a starter machine that's appealing and easy to use for first time, younger sewists will enjoy using these starter kits and they'll allow them (and you) to establish if their interest is sufficiently peaked to consider investing in a next-step model.

When that time comes, head over to our round-up of the best sewing machines for beginners.

Lena Sew Nice Junior Sewing machine kit

This battery operated starter machine offers a simple on/off switch, threading aid, protective needle cover, foot pedal, hand wheel, bobbin compartment and a handle for taking it out and about. It also comes with thread, a tape measure and instructions to get started. It's recommended for ages 8 and upwards and is a nifty introductory machine for curious children who are ready to take the next step on their sewing journey.

Lena Sewing Machine Kit for kids

Dillitop portable sewing machine

If you're looking for a more substantial first sewing machine kit for kids, this lightweight model from Dillitop has a lot to offer. It has all the favourite features that you'll want to introduce young sewists to – presser foot, extension table if they'd like to try making clothes or larger items, a thread cutter and self winding bobbin. Choose between two different sewing speeds

Dillitop sewing machine kits for kids

MagicFly portable sewing machine for beginners

This is the machine we'd choose if we were looking for a sewing machine kit for kids to suit teenagers who are serious about learning to sew. It offers 12 build in stitches so has a bit of room for them to experiment and learn, plus 3 sewing feet, buttons, zips, bobbin accessories and a tape measure to get them set up with a sewing kit from scratch.

Sewing machine kit for kids

Best sewing kits for kids – first stitching kits

Personalised wooden rainbow kits

Etsy, £13.74

This is a really lovely introduction for stitching for children – personally speaking we can confirm it as we've tried them with our own children. A lot of kids sewing kits can actually be quite tricky for smaller children to cope with – it takes time to develop hand-eye coordination for some needlework (but what a fun way to practise). These wooden rainbows are nice and sturdy for younger children to hold and simple to stitch, while older children will enjoy the fact they're personalised with their names.

Rainbow sewing kit for kids

Galt Toys first sewing craft kit for kids

Amazon, £10

Another tried and tested kit from us on team Gathered – this review partly comes courtesy of our Senior Editor Zoe's 5-year-old daughter, Eve. This craft kit makes a great birthday or Christmas present as it includes lots of super simple stitching of pre-cut felt shapes to help mini makers create their own DIY fashion accessories. Let's face it, most pre-teens these days desperately do want their own phone case! It's suitable for ages 5+ but we'd say younger makers will need a hand as it can be easy for the plastic needle to get tangled. Our child testers loved sewing their own bags, photo frame and notebook holder (pencils and notepad included too!). Galt Toys sell a whole range of craft kits for kids so check out their full range.

Galt Toys first sewing craft kit for kids

Animal hand puppet sewing kit for kids

Baker Ross, £5.95 for 4

Baker Ross are very much our go-to website for kids craft supplies. This fun sewing kit has a double benefit if you're looking for maximum entertainment factor – when they've finished sewing, its puppet show time! This sewing kit for kids will allow your little ones to put on a show once they've finished sewing. It comes with everything you need including the plastic needle which makes this entire activity super safe no matter your child's age.

We dare you to resist adding a few other bits to your basket while you're over at Baker Ross snaffling up these – don't even get us started on their sand art supplies.

woodland animal hand puppet sewing craft kit for kids

Animal keychain craft kit for kids

Amazon, £8.99

Your little ones will love this craft kit for kids because it allows them to sew their very own mini animal friends. And yes, you don't have to be under 16 to want to make these – grown ups can have a go too. This is a great kit because it comes with the materials to sew 13 different animal keychains - great if you have a birthday party, playdate or multiple kids to entertain.

sewing craft kit for kids

Owl bag craft kit for kids

Baker Ross, £3.95 for 4

Another of our personal favourites from Baker Ross, help your kids sew their very own adorable bag with this sewing craft kit for kids. It comes with all the felt, yarn and templates you need to get them sewing. Plus they can colour in their owl then take it to school to show all their friends.

owl colour in bag sewing craft kits for kids

Galt Toys Sewing Case

This sweet introduction to sewing projects will teach children how to make a cottage cushion, puppy handbag, bunting, cupcake box, hedgehog pincushion and lavender heart, all packed in a suitcase for them to store their new sewing stash in.

Galt Children's Sewing Case

Unicorn sewing kit

Get ready to sew some magic with this DIY sewing kit with this unicorn kit - part of the Magic World Sewing Personalised Series (there's also a Teddy, Owl, Bunny, Puppy, Raccoon, and Koala if you prefer). This kit comes with clear, step-by-step instructions and all the materials needed for children tomake a unicorn softie by themselves without a fuss.

Unicorn sewing kit

Kids Sewing Kit – pick your favourite design!

With 12 different designs and 5 different thread shades to choose from, these really lovely little introductory sewing kits for kids from Mama P's Place on Etsy make great gifts and you're sure to find the right one to suit your mini maker's personality. Each kit comes with an embroidery ring and fabric, a colourful needle and 3 shades of yarn. It's suitable for ages 4 and over though we'd probably recommend children from 7 upwards will get the most out of it (depending on your child of course).

Flower sewing kit for kids

Sew Mini Treats

Sew a little kawaii and make your own felted play food with sweet faces – this is a cool sewing kit for kids that older children will enjoy too. It comes with patterns and materials for them to make 18 itty-bitty foods – no sewing experience needed!

Sew Mini Treats Sewing kits for kids

Kids needlepoint kit

Needlecraft is an incredible hobby to get young makers into and with 20 different designs to choose from, including animals, rockets and mermaids, these cute kits include a great range of motifs to get kids into stitching. Each design is printed on a short stitch heavy fabric net, so there's no need for embroidery hoop, which makes them easier for younger children (ages 6 and up) to get to grips with.

Sewing kit for kids

Solar system sewing kit

We're so excited about this solar system sewing kit – we've ordered it and can't wait to get stuck in at home. Better suited for older children, but younger kids could you help you to with sewing and decorating the planet too.The kit comes with felt, thread and embellishments but you'll need to get some stuffing separately.

Sewing kits for kids

Maggie Gee Classic sewing kit for kids

The special thing about this kit (apart from the fact it reminds us of our own first sewing experiences at school as a child) is that it's been designed especially for junior sewers with input from educational professionals. These kits come with everything kids need to make their first sampler, apart from the scissors, and young stitchers will learn the basic stitches and develop into threaded, looped or crossed stitches, as well as how to follow simple charts and instructions.

Childrens cross stitch sewing kit for kids

Cotton & Clara pegboard

We've really saved the best for last here, as if you haven't yet come across them, we cannot recommend enough Cotton & Clara's kits for teaching kids to sew. Honestly we've tried a lot of sewing kits in our house and these are next level. These pegboard wall art cross stitch kits aren't marketed to children but they make a perfect kids sewing kit as the peg board is easy to grip and the holes are nice and large. They do come with a real (but blunt) needle – you'll know your own child as to whether you're ready to make that leap or whether you'd prefer to switch it out with a plastic one, but assuming your child isn't still at the stage of trying to each everyday objects, they may well enjoy feeling trusted with real needle.

Cross stitch pegboard kit

Looking for more kids craft ideas?

We're really passionate about getting children crafting here at Gathered, so if that's not enough inspiration for you, you might also enjoy our guides to the best craft ideas for kids, or our age-based round ups of the best crafts for toddlers and crafts for teenagers.


Zoe WilliamsLaunch Editor, Gathered.how

Zoe is the launch Editor of Gathered.how. She has over a decade of craft publishing experience under her belt. She's a quilter and sewist who works with the UK’s best-selling craft magazines including Today’s Quilter, Love Patchwork & Quilting, Simply Sewing and The World of Cross Stitching. Zoe loves being immersed in Gathered’s quilting content, tweaking our tutorials and publishing new patterns. Zoe has previously written for radiotimes.com, Simply Knitting and The World of Cross Stitching and was previously Deputy Editor of Papercraft inspirations magazine. She has guest-lectured at Bath Spa University. She’s a keen quilter with 5 projects in progress at any one time and another 12 or so planned.

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