Craft kits are the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to get into craft. There's craft kits designed specifically for kids, teens and even adults so that you can pick up a new skill.


From Etsy to Amazon, craft kits for adults are becoming more and more popular and there's one for every discipline! Whether you want to try your hand at sewing, woodwork, knitting or embroidery there is a kit out there with your name on it.

We've collected the top craft kits for adults in ten different crafts so you can really see the range available on the market. We've selected craft kits for adults from both top sellers and independent designer-makers.

If you know what type of craft kit you're looking for click the craft below to be taken straight to that section!

If you love these craft kits for adults then why not take out a subscription? We collected the best craft subscription boxes in the UK to save you money and keep you inspired.

Best craft kits for adults in 2023

Sewing craft kits for adults in 2023

If you're new to sewing and need a little help with the basics make sure you read our beginners guide to sewing and browse our best sewing machines for beginners guide to pick up your first machine! We also have a ton of sewing patterns for beginners too.

1. Foxy Felt sewing kit

Foxy felt sewing kit

Get your Great British Sewing Bee on with Clara's Foxy Felt sewing kit. Stitch your own cute little felt fox with this easy sewing kit.

This would be a fabulous gift for anyone who is new to sewing.

2. Leather glasses craft kit

sewing craft kits for adults 2

This craft kit for adults is for those of you experienced sewists who want to try something a little different. Move away from fabrics and try leather with Artisans' leather glasses case kit.

Choose from three colours of Italian vegetable leather and start making your own leather creation today.

3. Sock llama sewing kit

Sock llama

This cheerful sock llama sewing kit is guaranteed to raise a smile! Turn socks into a charming little llama character by following the simple sewing guide.

4. Scrunchie sewing craft kit

sewing craft kits for adults 4

This super-affordable craft kit for adults is by Frock Chick Clothing. The kit includes everything you need to make your very own scrunchie. We love how eco-friendly this kit is - each box includes fabric that would have ended up in landfill!

5. Whale cushion craft kit for adults

sewing craft kits for adults 5

Sew your own cuddly whale pal with Windswept Girlie's super cute sewing craft kit for adults. It's a really simple make and all the materials are sourced from Cornwall.

6. Sew on Sew Forth's jelly roll craft kit for adults

Sew on Sew Forth's jelly roll craft kit for adults

Sew on Sew Forth have a range of craft kits for adults with everything from embroidery kits to cross stitch kits to these fab jelly roll bag kits.

Everything you need to sew your own colourful bag is included making it perfect for keen sewists and quilters. Choose which colorway you like best and sew up your new summer staple.

Mosaic craft kits for adults

7. Bee Happy mosaic heart kit

Bee Happy slate mosaic heart

Mosaic craft kits for adults don't come more beautiful than this adorable Bee Happy heart from Not On The High Street! This gorgeous mosaic design would look incredible in your garden or hanging inside your home, wherever you think it looks best.

More like this

8. Slate house number mosaic

Mosaic house number kit

Make your front door stand out with this creative mosaic house number kit from Not On The High Street. This would make a wonderful present for someone who has just moved house.

9. Lemon tile craft kit for adults

Mosaic craft kits for adults 4

We all need some fruity mosaic craft kits for adults in our lives. Montet Mosaics has created a beautiful lemon tile kit which comes in a 20 x 20cm piece.

It comes with the tile you will stick your pieces of sea glass too but you'll need to trim it down to size with wheeled tile nippers. Montet Mosaics sell these in their Etsy shop.

10. Mosaic serving tray craft kit

Mosaic craft kits for adults 2

Create a big 16 x 11-inch wood serving tray with this craft kit for adults. You can lay the pieces in the kit in any design you fancy so start saving some layouts to your Pinterest board!

11. Olive branch mosaic craft kit for adults

Mosaic craft kits for adults 5

Swallow Mosaics are the kings of mosaic craft kits for adults. How lovely would this olive branch tile look mounted in your kitchen or garden? This elegant mosaic kit also requires tile cutting so make sure you have the appropriate tools before you buy.

Woodcraft kits

12. Quay Owl Woodcraft kit

woodcraft kits for adults 4

Learn all the basics of constructing wooden sculptures with Quay's friendly owl kit. This woodcraft kit for adults would make a fab gift as it's completely beginner-friendly.

It has a very simple, easy to follow numbering system to make sure the pieces going exactly where they're meant to be, and if it gets at all tricky there's also a handy step by step guide available online.

Once complete the construction stands at 18 centimetres tall and would make a fun and quirky ornament for a bookshelf or desk.

13. 3D car kit

woodcraft kits for adults

Piece together your very own army jeep with this wonderful woodcraft kit! Made from 369 plywood pieces, you wont need to fiddle with any shaping as they come pre-cut, you'll simply have to navigate the puzzle by slotting them together.

Each element has been laser cut to provide accurate and smooth slotting which ultimately creates the incredibly detailed design when it's complete.

You may need some assistance with a soft tool to push some of the smaller and more intricate pieces together, but there's a guide attached to make sure you're on the right track.

14. Steer skull pendant woodcraft kit

woodcraft kits for adults 1

Carve your own jewellery with Giles Newman's woodcraft kits for adults. There's a range of different pendants available on the store all you have to do is pick your favourite and start carving.

15. Pyrography woodcraft kit

Pyrography craft kits for adults

Master the art of pyrography with Crafts Kits pyrography set. This craft kit for adults comes with a pyrography tool, four branding tips, four drawing tips, two stencils and 12 wooden blanks.

You can then turn your designs into keyrings, gift tags, plant labels or decorations!

16. DIY birdhouse craft kit for adults

woodcraft kits for adults 5

DJA Woodworks has created the lovelist woodcraft kit for adults which the whole family could get involved with. Buy one of their kits and you'll get all the pieces delivered so you can create your own DIY birdhouse. Then you can get painting! The birds will thank you later...

Crochet craft kits for adults

For all your basic crochet techniques head to our crochet guide for beginners and our how to crochet tutorials. We also have even more kits in our crochet kits for beginners round up.

17. Crochet cactus kit

Crochet cactus kits

Could this crochet kit be any cuter? Make your own adorable little cacti to display in your home. The kits contain everything you need to get crafting, including the yarn, tools and toy stuffing.

The best bit? They won't die if you forget to water them.

18. Crochet pot craft kit for adults

crochet craft kits for adults 1

Stitching Me Softly has loads of craft kits for adults and we especially love this mini crochet pot kit. It's designed for beginners and will look so lovely hanging on your wall filled with plants.

19. Amigurumi giraffe craft kit

crochet craft kits for adults giraffe

Craft kits for adults don't come cuter than Bava Craft's giraffe kit. Make this adorable little fella complete with striped sweater using the simple step-by-step photo tutorials.

20. DIY crochet puppy kit

DIY crochet puppy kit

This sweet little crochet puppy is made for cuddling! You could give the finished dog as a gift or keep her all to yourself.

The kit is includes eco-friendly recycled cotton in the colours you need, but bear in mind that you will need to buy the toy stuffing separately.

21. Mini crochet basket craft making kit

Small Crochet Basket craft Kit for adults

This mini crochet basket kit is by The Left Hookery and is great if you're fairly new to crochet. It comes beautifully packaged with everything you need including a crochet hook and stitch marker. You could either give the craft kit as the gift or give the completed basket as a gift!

Knitting craft kits for adults

New to knitting? We've got complete knitting for beginners guide and a whole bunch of knitting kits for beginners so you can start your knitting journey.

23. Beginners knitting craft kit for adults

Knitting craft kits for adults

Knitit Gifts have created the ultimate beginner knitting craft kit for adults. The kit includes four pastel balls of acrylic yarn (blue, pink, white & grey), knitting instructions which include photo steps of how to cast on and bamboo knitting needles.

24. Easy Learn to Knit Stripe Scarf knitting kit

Striped scarf knitting kit

Get into knitting with this fun striped scarf knitting kit from Not On The High Street. The kit comes with lambswool yarn, which feels soft against your skin and will help you feel cosy all winter.

25. Rainbow blanket knitting kit

Rainbow blanket knitting kit

Looking for the perfect blanket to snuggle up under this winter? We love this beautiful rainbow blanket knitting kit from Not On The High Street.

You can personalise the yarn colours so your blanket matches your decor perfectly. You'll be able to stay warm underneath it while you're making it too!

26. Roll up knit down jumper kit

craft kits for adults knitting

Take your knitting to the next level with Lauren Aston Designs' gorgeous knitted jumper craft kit. You can either select a kit which will create a striped jumper in whatever colours you fancy or a simple one colour jumper.

The kit includes all the super chunky yarn you'll need, the pattern and instructions. You can pay extra for circular knitting needles and a tapestry needle.

Buy the roll up knit down jumper kit from Etsy

27. Giant blanket knitting kit

Giant blanket knitting kit

When it comes to cosy blankets, bigger is always better! Supersize your throws with this giant blanket knitting kit from No On The High Street, which is available in 30+ colours.

Macrame craft kits for adults

To master all the macrame knots in these kits check out our basic macrame knots and free macrame patterns. We take you through each step one by one with easy to follow photo instructions.

28. Plant hanger craft kit for adults

Macrame DIY Plant Hanger craft kit for adults

If you're a plant lover then this is the macrame craft kit for you. Handmade by Hens UK's is selling a craft kit that comes with everything you need to make a DIY plant hanger.

They can even include a birthday card if you're giving it as a gift for a loved one.

29. Macrame for beginners kit

Beginners macrame kit

If you're new to macrame, it's best to begin with a kit that's designed for people new to the craft.

This brilliant macrame for beginners kit is a good starting point for anyone who wants to pick up this creative hobby. It comes with all the materials you'll need, as well as step-by-step project guides for you to make.

30. Macrame coaster craft kit for adults

Macrame coaster kit

Use your macrame skills to create these gorgeous coasters by Bergin & Bath's craft kit for adults. Choose your colour of coasters – each set comes with three different colours. Follow the step-by-step guides to make your own beautiful set of coasters.

31. Macrame cactus kit

Macrame cactus kit

Brighten your home with one of these little macrame cacti! This is a fabulously simple craft kit for macrame beginners and the set comes with all of the materials and instructions you'll need.

32. UHAPEER Christmas macrame set

Uhapeer Christmas macrame kit

In the mood for a spot of Christmas crafting? This cool little macrame kit can be used to make a selection of jolly Christmas ornaments.

Each kit contains cords, beads, wooden rings and more. There's a QR code you can scan to get detailed instructions too.

Weaving craft kits for adults

Our weaving techniques blog post will help you these craft kits! Make sure you also check out our weaving patterns for some techniques you can use in your woven creations.

33. Beginner's loom kit

Beginners loom kit

This wooden weaving kit for beginners is a brilliant way to get into this satisfying craft. You'll learn to experiment with different patterns to create your own handmade textiles.

The set includes instructions, a loom, a recycled bag of yarn and a cotton bag for storage.

34. Medium circular weaving loom kit

Circular loom kit

If you want to take your first steps into weaving without buying a full-sized loom, this mini weaving kit is a great alternative. You can get a little taste of weaving and see if you like it!

There are several different options to choose from with a range of yarn shades.

35. Weaving craft kit for adults

Weaving craft kit for adults

If you're a seasoned weaver and already have a loom then these little craft kits by Wild Woven are for you. They'll contain tutti-frutti yarns, a rustic loom, hand carved weaving needle a piece of driftwood for the centerpiece.

36. Frame weaver starter kit

Frame weaving starter kit

Take your weaving to the next level with this fantastic frame weaver starter kit. In addition to the complete weaving set, you'll also gain access to an online course for beginners so you can master weaving at your own pace.

There's two different loom size options as well as a choice of yarn colours.

37. Woolly Mammoth weaving loom kit

Woolly Mammoth weaving loom kit

Create your own stunning woven textiles with this large loom kit from Woolly Mammoth. They have a selection of kit options from basic to quintessential, which come with instructions for use.

If you've tried weaving before, you can opt to buy just the loom.

Papercraft kits for adults

If you're in need of some tools to help you while making these craft kits head to our best printer for card making round up and our review of the best die cutting machines on the market.

38. Miniature 3d Greenhouse craft kit

craft kits for adults papercraft garden shed

Craft kits for adults just got miniature! Create your own mini greenhouse complete with plants, tools and even a baby birdhouse with ROBOTIME's papercraft kit. The kit comes with all the pieces and instructions but you will need to buy the glue and papercraft tools if you don't already have them.

39. Solar paper printing craft kit for adults

craft kits for adults papercraft solar printing

Harness the power of the sun into your crafts with Elemental Leaf's nature shadow print kit. The craft kit includes five sheets of light sensitive paper, then you simply add your plants, develop in the sunshine and fix in water. It comes with a video tutorial to show you how to start solar printing.

40. Paper quilling craft kit for adults

Paper quilling kit

This quilling kit craft kits for adults includes 9 tools, 900 strips of quilling paper and 40 pearl pins. This kit really has everything you need in it to become a paper quilling pro.

For more paper quilling fun check out our quilling ideas for beginners.

41. Papercutting designs

Paper cutting designs

Get into paper cutting with this set of 36 beautiful designs! You'll need to buy a cutting mat and knife separately to make the most of this pack. If you want to step up your papercraft game read our round up of the best paper cutting tools.

42. Origami flowers craft kit for adults

craft kits for adults papercraft origami

Maria Noble has created an origami book which includes over 200 pages of double-sided origami paper. With these easy to follow photo instructions and that many beautiful papers you'll have a home full of paper flowers in no time.

Embroidery craft kits for adults

Master all the embroidery techniques in these craft kits with our embroidery for beginners guide. There's also plenty of embroidery starter kits for you to choose from to help you on your stitching journey.

43. Harry Potter embroidery craft kit

craft kits for adults embroidery

For all you Harry Potter fans out there this is the embroidery craft kit for you. The kit comes with 10 iron-on transfers and enough embroidery floss, fabric, backing, 6-inch bamboo hoop and needles to create two of the designs.

Then once you've caught the stitching bug you'll just need to buy some more thread to complete the other eight! Plus it comes with an 80-page instruction book so is ideal for embroidery novices. We've rounded up some of the best Harry Potter crochet kits and patterns too!

44. Starry Night embroidery kit

Starry Night embroidery kit

Recreate the magic of a Van Gogh painting with this incredible embroidery kit. The set includes embroidery floss as well as instructions to help you recreate Van Gogh's iconic art.

45. Daisy pattern embroidery craft kit

craft kits for adults embroidery daisy

ENTHUR sell lots of different craft kits for adults including an entire embroidery range made up of 21 kits. Each kit comes with one piece of embroidery cloth with the design already printed onto it, an embroidery hoop, a pair of scissors, all the embroidery threads you need, some embroidery needles and instructions.

There's flower kits, sunset kits, tropical kits, plant kits and even Christmas kits so there's something for everyone.

46. Bee embroidery craft kit

craft kits for adults bee embroidery

Oh Sew Bootiful also has plenty of craft kit for adults available to buy. This summery little kit will teach you how to create six different embroidery techniques and turn them into this lovely bumblebee scene.

47. Bugs, birds and berries cushion embroidery kit

Bugs, birds and berries cushion embroidery kit

Create an enchanting cushion design with this embroidery kit from Not On The High Street. The intricate pattern features birds, foliage, insects and berries.

The kit comes with all the supplies, plus a detailed instruction book with photographs.

Cross stitch craft kits for adults

Check out our cross stitch for beginners guide to help you with these craft kits. We've also rounded up a whole bunch more modern cross stitch kits if these five aren't enough!

48. Pusheen cross-stitch kit

craft kits for adults pusheen the cat

This Pusheen embroidery hoop is a craft kit for adults that will keep you entertained all evening long. It includes three pieces of fabric, a mini hoop, enough thread for three designs, a needle and some mini scissors. You'll get to keep the little book with is full of adorable Pusheen charts too!

49. Positive cross stitch craft kit for adults

craft kits for adults cross stitch

Everyone needs a little positivity in their lives and Ellbie Co is here to deliver it straight to your door. Everything you need is included as well as the brightly coloured pom pom fringe! These craft kits for adults are bound to put a smile on yours or your friends/families faces.

50. Cross stitch bird kit

craft kits for adults cross stitch bird

For a more traditional craft kit for adults, head to WOWDECOR's shop. Everything you need to complete this beautiful bird design is included and will provide hours of relaxing stitching.

51. Hello Sunshine cross stitch kit

Hello Sunshine cross stitch kit

Lift your spirits with this glorious Hello Sunshine cross stitch kit. This fab little cross stitch set is ideal for beginners and it's here to brighten your day!

52. Watercolour map cross stitch kit

Watercolour cross stitch map kit

Dream of new adventures and savour happy memories as you sew this pretty watercolour cross stitch map kit. Buy just the kit or add an embroidery hoop or needle minder to your order.

Basket weaving craft kits for adults

Head to our complete beginners guide to basket weaving for advice and techniques on how to basket weave.

53. Twine Basket craft kit

Basket weaving kits 2

Tabara from La Basketry sells a range of gorgeous basket weaving craft kits on her site. This sweet twine basket is perfect for storing trinkets in and the kit comes with everything you need to start wrapping.

You can choose the colours of your basket and the kit comes with step by step instructions as well as a video tutorial.

54. Mini basket kit

Mini basket kit

Try basket weaving for the first time with this endearing mini basket kit! This kit comes with helpful step-by-step instructions plus all of the materials you'll need to make a pretty, practical basket.

55. Raffia weaving craft kit for adults

basket weaving craft kits for adults

Etsy, £20

We've got another Emily Chilvers Craft weaving kit for you. This beginner's craft kit allows you to make either a small basket, a table mat, or two coasters. Perfect for craft-lovers who want to up their table game!

56. Christmas bells craft kit

Christmas bells craft kit

We love this festive craft kit for adults by Wonder Weaver Design. Weave your own Christmas bells with their kit which comes with a wooden bell mould, canes, jingle bells, twine, bows and instructions. They'd make great Christmas decorations for your home.

Get making with the best craft kits for adults

Whether you want to try out a new hobby or choose a crafty gift for a friend, the best craft kits for adults give you the chance to explore your creative side.

We've rounded up a fantastic selection of craft kits for you to browse. Pick your favourite and get crafting!


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