If you want to take your art to the next level, buying an art desk can have lots of benefits. It can make the whole experience more enjoyable and you'll be able to extend your art sessions. But what are the best art desks to buy?


There's a lot to consider when choosing an art desk, but we're here to guide you through the process and help you find the right desk for you.

We've included a range of art tables to suit your budget. There are also recommended art desks for students, amateurs and professional artists.

What to look for when buying an art desk

It can be really difficult to choose an art desk. There are so many options available and they all have different features. How do you know which ones you'll need?

We've put together a checklist of things to think about when making your decision:

  • Surface – what is the surface of the desk like? Is it easy to clean?
  • Medium – does it suit your favourite medium? If you're a painter, your needs may be different to someone who likes to draw.
  • Adjustability – a lot of art desks can be raised and tilted at an angle. This means you can see what you're doing more easily and you're less likely to hunch your back. You may also find it helpful if you suffer from pain in your wrists.
  • Size – do you need a desk that can be moved easily? Or could you use something more portable in your home. You should also consider if the art desk is big enough for your needs.
  • Storage – some art desks also come with their own storage. This can be really useful, especially if you don't have a lot of space.
  • Working style – does it suit your style of working? Can you put your materials within reach? This is definitely worth thinking about when you buy.
  • Durability – how sturdy is the desk? Is it likely to last a long time or will it break easily?
  • Assembly needed – is it easy to put together? This is useful to know if you're not good at DIY!
  • Budget – decide what you're prepared to spend. As with most art supplies, you tend to get what you pay for.

Top art desk picks

In a hurry? Here are our top art desk recommendations:

Read on to find out more about each of our best art desks…

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7 best art tables to buy

1. Homcom adjustable drafting table (best for style)

This Homcom adjustable drafting table is a great choice if you’re looking for a multi-purpose art desk. You can use the whole tabletop or lift up part of the desk to work at an angle. The raised part of desk can fit an A3 piece of paper, so it’s a good size. The desk also comes with some handy shelves to store your art supplies. We love how smart this desk is and it would make a great addition to any art space. You will have to assemble it yourself, but the assembly is straightforward. The finished desk is sturdy and very suitable for arts and crafts.

Homcom art desk

2. GYMAX adjustable height table (best for kids)

Is your child a budding artist? If you know a child who is always drawing or painting, an art desk can give them the encouragement they need to explore their creativity. This GYMAX adjustable height drawing desk is ideal for young artists. You can adjust the height of the table so that the child can work comfortably and raise it as they grow. The desk height can be raised from 62cm to 88cm, so they may be able to continue to use the desk into their early teens. You can also raise the surface of the desk to a 45 degree angle – perfect for drawing! The art desk includes a drawer so that they can keep their art supplies neat and tidy too.

GYMAX adjustable drawing table

3. Meeden solid wood drafting table (best for students)

The Meeden solid wood drafting desk is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing to look at. The height and angle of the desk are adjustable, so you can easily set it up to suit your preferences. The smooth wood provides an excellent surface for drawing and painting. The desktop is large, so you’ll have plenty of room to work and spread out. Some customers have reported that they found that some of the drilled holes in the wood were too shallow, so you may want to have a drill to hand when you assemble it. This art table would be ideal for an art student or an amateur artist.

Meeden solid wood drafting desk

4. Yaheetech adjustable height drawing table (best for practical design)

The Yaheetech adjustable drawing table has lots of handy features for artists. The drawing surface can be tilted so you can get stuck into your current work in progress. There is a row of pencil pots along the side, so your art supplies are within easy reach while you work. There is also a side table where you could place a water pot or an easel. If that’s not enough, there’s also some convenient drawers and a shelf underneath for storage. This art table is well-built and will last for a long time.

Yaheetech adjustable drawing desk

5. Stationery Island drawing table (best for flexibility)

The Stationery Island drawing table would be perfect for artists or illustrators to use. It’s very easy to adjust. The surface of the table can be tilted into five different positions and the table legs are extendable too. This is a really handy feature for taller artists! This flexibility can help to prevent issues such as backache or shoulder pain, which is very important if you intend to use your desk for hours at a time. There’s lots of storage for your art materials and a useful slide-out table to for those times when you need extra space. It also comes with a stool. The table has a smooth glass surface, but it does include clips to secure your paper in position.

Stationery Island drawing table

6. Simone desk (best multi-purpose desk)

If you're looking for an art desk that can be used for other purposes as well, then the Simone desk from Wayfair would be a great choice. It's smart enough that it could double as work desk in your home and could easily be used for other crafts. There's plenty of storage underneath for all of your materials too. It comes in a selection of beautiful colours, so you can choose one to suit your home decor.

Simone desk

7. Aster table (best for hidden storage)

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to have their own art room or room for their hobbies within their home – and that's why we like the Aster table from Dunelm. It's essentially a dining table with secret storage under the lid for your art materials. You could easily fit your art materials inside and perhaps even a folding easel for when inspiration strikes!

Aster dining table

We hope you enjoyed our best art desk recommendations! Ready to start painting? Learn how to paint a watercolor landscape, how to paint a watercolor portrait or how to paint a watercolor galaxy.


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