DIY screen printing frames

Ever fancied trying screen printing at home? We've got just the blog post series for you! Here are four DIY screen printing frames you can make today.

diy screen printing frames

Screen printing is a craft that we know and love well. We’ve seen professionals use it to beautiful effect and we think it’s time you had a go yourself! Which is why we’re presenting you with our own a mini ‘screen printing at home’ series just for you.


First up in our screen printing guide is frames. If you’re a newbie to screen printing you might want to try making your own frame before you splash the cash. Alternatively, if you’re a long-time screen-printer making your own frames can be both cost-effective and more freeing. This way you can make them in any size or shape you’d like for half the price.

Here’s four ways you can make your own DIY frames and start screen printing at home.


Embroidery hoop method

diy screen printing frames 1
Photo credit: Andrew Greto via

As opposed to the traditional wooden frames, some creative people have been using embroidery hoops instead. This method is really straightforward as the interlocking of the two hoops is what keeps your material’s (silk, mesh, netting) tension. Rain Blanken of The Spruce Crafts has an amazing step-by-step tutorial which shows you how you can screen print your own T shirts using this method!


DIY wooden frames

diy screen printing frames 2
Photo credit: Toni from Stitch and Pink

Toni from Stitch and Pink has a fab tutorial up on her blog on how you can make your own screen printing frames from scratch. All you’ll need is some wood, a saw, a drill, and a staple gun! By making your own frame you won’t be restricted by size, so you can make them any dimension you see fit. Toni also has a useful blog post which shows you how to stretch your silk across the screen, which’ll come in handy no matter what method you choose.


Photo frames

diy screen printing frames 3
Photo credit: Ashley Hackshaw

A super sustainable way of making your own screen printing frame is by recycling an old photo frame. 

Check out YUK FUN’s top screen printing tips here.


Professional screen printing frames

diy screen printing frames 4
Photo credit: Hunt the Moon

If you’re wanting no-fuss screen printing frames then there’s plenty you can buy on the market. Brands like Hunt the Moon, Hobbycraft and Homecrafts sell a range of different kits and frames for every price point. This double hinged frame from Hunt the Moon allows you to safely remove your frame and wash it, which means no potential damage or smudging to your print and frame.


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