Window paint markers can be used to create intricate drawings on glass and they're lots of fun to use! You can use them to draw festive Christmas designs, spooky Halloween pictures or just add some decorative patterns to brighten a window.


Window pen drawings are often seen in the windows of shops and cafes, but you can also use them in your home to produce interesting designs. You can draw your designs freehand or make use of stencils to decorate your window. Making your own wonderful window art doesn't have to be complicated and it's also a great activity to try with children at Christmas.

Your designs can be anything you want them to be, from floral patterns to winter landscapes – the possibilities are endless. If you make a mistake, you can easily wipe away the drawing and begin again. Window drawings can look very striking when seen from both inside and outside your home, so even your neighbours can appreciate them!

If you enjoy decorating your home using window paint markers, you might also like to experiment with paint pens. Check out our guide to how to use paint pens for lots of tips and inspiration. Looking to stock up on art supplies? Check out our guides to the best watercolour paints, best acrylic paints and the best drawing tablets for beginners.

Read on to learn how to use window paint markers and where to buy them. We've also got some great festive window painting ideas for you to try!

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What kind of markers can you use on windows?

White chalk markers are often used by window artists to produce their drawings because it's easier to see the designs – and they have a fresh, modern look. However, you can get window paint markers in a wide variety of colours. You can also use acrylic paint markers such as Posca pens to draw onto glass.

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You're probably wondering: do paint markers wash off windows? Yes, they do! Window pen marks should wash off easily with water and a damp cloth when you want to remove your window art. If you have any difficulty removing the marks, simply mix a bit of washing up liquid into your water and that will help to remove any residue.

If you don't touch your finished drawing, it should stay on the glass for a long time.

How to use window paint markers

First, you need to think about your design and how it will look on your window. It may help to sketch some ideas onto a piece of paper before you begin or create a template.

As window paint markers are water soluble, you'll need to use them inside the house so that they're not washed away by the rain. Bear in mind that when you draw on the inside of the window, your design will appear in reverse on the other side. If you want to write a message on your window, make sure you write it backwards!

Before you start drawing, you may need to clean the windows – especially if you have children who tend to touch the glass. If you have small children, you may want to draw your designs higher up or on a window that they can't reach.

Shake the window pen before you begin to get the ink flowing. You may need to press it down a few times on a piece of paper to get the ink to come out.

If you're a confident artist, you can draw your designs straight onto the window, but it's also possible to use templates for trickier designs – or if you're planning to add words onto your design. You can tape your template onto the outside of the window using some low-tack tape such as washi tape. When you're happy with the placement, simply draw over the lines with your window markers.

It's a good idea to keep a damp cloth to hand in case you make any mistakes, so you can easily wipe away the lines if you go wrong.

Drawing with window paint markers can be addictive and you'll soon find yourself creating designs for every season!

Where can I buy window paint markers?

Window paint markers are widely available from craft stores and online. Here are some of our favourite sets to help you get started…

Posca pens

Window paint markers – Posca pens

Posca pens are one of the most popular brands used by window artists. They give opaque lines so your drawings will stand out, they’re easy to clean off and come in a variety of brilliant colours. There’s even a pastel range if you want to add some more subtle colours to your designs. We’d recommend starting with a multicoloured pack so you can draw whatever you like, but if you only buy one pen we’d suggest starting with a white Posca marker for best results. If you’re using them for a while, you may need to shake them occasionally or press the point down on some paper to keep the ink flowing down to the nib. The quality of the Posca pen brand is excellent and you won’t be disappointed!

Uni Ball liquid chalk markers

Window paint markers – Uni Ball chalk markers

Liquid chalk markers are also brilliant if you want to draw on glass. They produce very clear drawing and are easy to clean up – or correct if you go wrong. This set from Uni Ball can be used to draw on glass (as well as blackboards, mirrors, plastic and metal if you want!). We love the vibrant selection of colours in this set and could be used to create colourful window drawings. These window markers have 2mm tips, so any drawing should stand out on your window. Shake the pens well before use to make sure the ink flows when you start drawing.

Chalkola white chalk markers

Window paint markers – Chalkola pens

Not a fan of colour? Keep it simple by sticking to white for a fresh finish. These white chalk markers from Chalkola are ideal. They have wide 6mm tips and make satisfyingly chunky drawings. They're fast-drying and won't smudge – and they will clean off easily when you want to remove them. They work well on glass and can also be used on other surfaces including blackboards and mirrors, so you're bound to find other uses for these markers.

Arteza metallic markers

Window paint markers – Arteza metallic markers

Add some sparkle to your windows this Christmas with these fabulous metallic window pens from Arteza. These beautiful shimmering colours will really bring your window paintings to life! The colours include red, gold and silver. When you want to clean them off your window, make sure you use some soap or washing liquid and a bit of warm water to remove your drawing.

Molotow One4All metallic paint pens

Window paint makers – Molotow One4all metallic paint pens

Looking for more glittering colours to create festive drawings? We love this set of glistening metallic pens from Molotow. The markers are highly opaque and have a semi-gloss finish, so they will look stunning on your windows this Christmas. Unlike other paint markers on the market, Molotow pens are refillable!

Posca Mono paint pens

Window paint markers – Posca mono pens

Keep your designs simple with this set of four wide-tipped window markers from Posca. This set contains white, black, silver and gold pens which you can use to create brilliant artwork. These markers will produce opaque and vivid colours. These pens are very versatile, so you'll be able to use them for lots of other projects too.

10 Christmas window painting ideas

1. Festive scene

Draw a little festive scene to add some Christmas cheer to your living room window this winter. This cosy design by Sabrina of will really help your home to look festive.

Window paint markers – Christmas window painting ideas

2. Traditional snowy landscape

Want to fill your window with a more retro design? This snowy landscape drawing by @drewwonderwalls on Instagram definitely fits the bill! Enjoy filling your windows with snow-covered trees, log cabins and icy mountains.

Window paint marker drawing of a festive scene
@drewwonderwalls on Instagram

3. Snowflakes

Snowflakes are one of the easiest ways to decorate your windows this Christmas! Why not get the kids involved and let them have a go too? This frosty snowflake window design was created by the Organizing Made Fun blog, which also has lots of fun festive ideas for you to try with your new chalk marker pens.

Window paint markers – snowflake Christmas window design

4. Christmas wreath

It's surprisingly easy to create a stunning window display by decorating your window with a white festive wreath – like this one designed by windowpaintingpro. You can get the spray-painted look on your window by using some snow spray, which is designed to be used on glass. Use some red chalk markers to add a scattering of berries to complete the wreath.

Window paint markers – Christmas wreath

5. Intricate Christmas star

If you're not a confident artist, downloading a template can be a good option. You can print it off and tape it onto the window using a low-tack tape (washi tape is great for this!). You'll soon have amazing Christmas window drawings! We like this snowflake window drawing template by German artist Bine Brändle. It might inspire you to come up with your own intricate designs.

Window paint markers – Christmas snowflake
Bine Brändle

6. Festive borders

You don't need to decorate the entire window! Sometimes just adding a decorative border can be surprisingly effective and adding small details in red really helps to bring the design to life. We love this incredible festive design by @justaddchalk on Instagram.

Window paint markers – festive window border
@justaddchalk on Instagram

7. Christmas houses

Draw a festive scene on your window by adding a little street of Christmas houses along the bottom of the frame. This adorable little drawing was produced by @pfefferminzgruen on Instagram.

Window paint markers – Christmas houses
@pfefferminzgruen on Instagram

8. Christmas trees

It's not Christmas without without a tree! This fabulous festive design was created by artist and illustrator Melissa Launay. You can find more of Melissa's work over on her Instagram feed @melissalaunay.

Window paint markers – Christmas trees

9. Christmas baubles

Add your own unique look to your window this Christmas by filling it with elaborately patterned baubles. You don't need to make it as complicated as this incredible window art by @tinydotslettering on Instagram, but it's a great starting point for your own designs.

Window paint markers – Christmas baubles
@tinydotslettering on Instagram

10. Christmas heart

Show your love for the festive season with this jolly little Christmas heart designed by Ariane Brand. Fill the heart with cute patterns and surround it with a flurry of snowflakes!

Window paint markers – Christmas heart

Bring Christmas into your home with window paint markers

Window paint markers can be used to make wonderful festive art in your home. You can use them to draw simple designs or copy more intricate templates to impress your neighbours!

It's a fantastic way to show your creativity and produce a temporary window display for the festive season. When you want to take it down, the markers can be easily washed away with water and a damp cloth.

If you have children, you can get them involved too! They'll have great fun adding stars and snowflakes to your windows this Christmas.

Start feeling festive with a Christmas drawing session

The run-up to Christmas can be very hectic, so it's good to set aside time for a relaxing art session. Make a mug of steaming hot chocolate, put on a Christmas movie and settle down with your art supplies.


This snowflake drawing tutorial by Charlotte Kinson is the perfect project for a festive afternoon.


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