23 beading patterns for beginners

Love seed beads? Here is a round-up of the best free beading patterns from around the web - which one will you make?

Twisted herringbone stitch by Art Beads

Seed beads are great. You can pick them up from all good craft stores – and they’re frequently seen in dollar stores and pound shops. They come in a rainbow of colours and finishes, from matte to shiny, from iridescent to metallic – we can’t get enough of them here at Gathered. They are a great starting point if you are looking at getting into jewellery making as they don’t require much equipment to get started, or even if you are just wanting to dabble – who knows, you may end up making gifts for friends and family! If you’re interested in jewellery making, check out our pick of the best jewellery making kits or read up on all the jewellery making supplies needed for different types of jewellery. Do you have any tips for using seed beads? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking to try your hand at more jewellery? Check out these beautiful peacock feather earrings, or why not upcycle some old lace, treat it with fabric stiffener and make this gorgeous lace necklace? We show you how with our free step-by-step tutorials.

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23 of the best free beading patterns

Let’s dive right in! Here is our pick of the best free beading patterns:

Free beading patterns:

1. Easiest beading pattern

Start simple with these stunning morse code bracelets – it’s the easiest way to start beading and you can personalise your bracelet with secret messages, too. It’s easy to quickly make multiple bracelets that you can layer up for the ultimate easy summer accessory.

2. Brick stitch beading pattern

Brick stitch is a staple beading pattern and one that you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again. Learn how to do brick stitch with this brick stitch bracelet from Beadaholique. We love the colour combination – it’s perfect for summer days and beach getaways!

3. Needle case beading pattern

Learn the Peyote stitch and keep your needles sewing tidy at the same time with this brilliant needle case beading pattern. If you find yourself doing a lot of needle work, you might like to check out our pick of the best needle minders. Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments!

4. Russian spiral stitch beading pattern

Get the free PDF pattern to make this Russian spiral stitch bracelet over at Art Beads – graduating the colours of seed beads creates this beautiful ombre effect – we love it! This free beading pattern features ends that are stitched together to create a continuous bracelet that just slips over your hand – we love it!

5. Peyote stitch bracelet

This seed bead tutorial for beginners looks impressive, but with the free step-by-step tutorial as well as video – it’s easier than it looks to make this peyote stitch bracelet! This free beading pattern uses peyote stitch for the main body of the bracelet, and picot stitch for the edges (the edging detail in rose gold), finished with a Czech glass button as a closure.

6. Right-angle weave bracelet

Once you’re feeling more confident, perhaps you’ve had some success with the peyote stitch – you might like to try this right-angle weave bracelet from Art Beads. This particular beading pattern uses bicone-shaped Swarovski crystals, which really shows off the right-angle weave as the shapes fit neatly together.

7. Circular brick stitch beading pattern (I)

Learn the circular brick stitch with these skyward sparrow earrings! Ideal for summer festivals or garden parties, the circular brick stitch makes a feature of the silver charms by radiating from a central point.

8. Checkered doughnut necklace beading pattern

Once you’ve mastered the herringbone and peyote beading patterns – why not try weaving them together in this checkered doughnut necklace. Switch up the stone to suit your outfit, occasion, season or recipient – and you’ve got a luxurious, high quality piece of jewellery.

9. Herringbone beading pattern

Learn the herringbone beading pattern with this herringbone bracelet, then finish off your design with a tapered brick stitch and simple lobster clasp – the instructions and video tutorial shows you how.

10. Twisted herringbone stitch

Add some flair to the herringbone beading pattern with this twisted herringbone bracelet. The versatile beading pattern is ideal for adding a splash of personality to office wear as well as for more casual, or beachwear. The clear photographic step-by-step tutorial for this beading project is superb. Take a look at this beading pattern – you won’t be disappointed.

11. Seed bead fringe beading pattern

This seed bead project combines brick stitch with fringes for year-round style. The easy beading tutorial comes with PDF downloads of the patterns as well as a tutorial on how to increase and decrease the bead count in your brick stitch (i.e – make the triangle shape at the top of the earrings). Get the seed bead fringe earring tutorial at Art Beads!

12. Peyote beading pattern

This posh peyote bracelet features a chunky beading pattern and shows you how to finish your peyote stitch by folding it over D-ring components for a very satisfying way to finish your jewellery projects. A classy project with a smart finish.

13. Circular brick stitch beading pattern (II)

This is another beading pattern that makes brilliant use of brick stitch around a circle in these circular brick stitch earrings. These white earrings are ideal for winter – or weddings – and are a lot of fun.

14. Daisy chain beading pattern

The daisy chain beading pattern is very popular and a brilliant beading project for beginners, as this is a beading technique that’s quick and easy to learn. The free beading tutorial is well laid out and easy to follow, and is packed full of hints and tips so you can make these daisy chain bracelets in no time.

15. Circle beading pattern

This circle beaded bracelet by Hello Glow is a nice little project. There are a lot of steps to this beading pattern – but it’s another great project for beginners as it doesn’t use too many beads, so you don’t need to have a huge stash to get started.

16. Picot edge beading pattern

Finish off your seed bead designs with this picot edge beading pattern. It’s a useful technique for beginners to learn and can be applied to keyrings and other crafts as well as jewellery.

17. Easy seed bead earrings

Make these easy seed bead earrings following our free tutorial here at Gathered. You’ll need to add some headpins, but this is a super easy project and a great way to get started and learn the feel of seed beads.

18. Easy seed bead necklace

Do you like the Egyptian-style seed bead earrings (above)? How about making the matching necklace! The easy seed bead necklace also makes use of headpins, rather than weaving the beads together, so if you’re not confident (yet!) with bead weaving – this one is for you.

19. Easy seed bead bracelets

These easy seed bead bracelets are ideal for showing off your favourite charms. Layer up multiple bracelets in the same style – we’ve gone for four – or mix and match with some of the other beading patterns in this article!

20. Beaded creole earrings

Use wire to hold the structure together with the free beading pattern for these easy beaded creole earrings. This is a great project to mix and match bead sizes and show your favourite beads off to their full potential.

21. Bead weaving necklace

This bead weaving necklace doesn’t require any special stitch – it’s made by just counting out beads! But we’ve done the hard work for you, all you need to do is decide which colours to use.

22. Beaded watermelon brooch

Fancy making a summer brooch? This free beading pattern – how to sew a beaded watermelon brooch – shows you just that! Once you’ve downloaded the free template, it’s just a case of filling in the lines with beads, check it out.

23. Beaded ice cream brooch

Like the watermelon brooch? How about this beaded ice cream brooch? In this tutorial,  we show you how to backstitch bugle beads onto fabric – a useful technique to learn if you want to make more beaded brooches!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of the best free beading patterns. We have plenty of other jewellery projects here on Gathered, too. Why not learn how to make resin rings, or keep your jewellery organised in this jewellery roll, or perhaps you’re in the market for a jewellery making kit – we’ve got all the best DIY jewellery kits here on Gathered.