There's nothing more frustrating when you're right in the flow of a project and all of a sudden your needle goes walkabout! Whether you're working on that embroidery piece you've been wanting to do for a while or you are trying your hand at cross stitch, there's one thing you need to keep hold of and that's your needle.


Look no further, these fairly inexpensive little tools are just what anybody who loves stitching needs to ensure they never end up losing a needle again. The great thing about needle minders is that they exist in a huge array of designs, they often look like badges or pins which makes them even more alluring and you'll want to collect them all.

If you've never heard of a needle minder or want to add to your collection, we've put together this list of our favourites. We're sure you'll find the perfect needle minder for you or something to give to that thread-lover in your life (they'll never believe they didn't have one). We will warn you though once you start collecting them you may never stop!

If you're just getting started in embroidery, make sure you check out our guide: embroidery for beginners and our helpful library of embroidery stitches.

What is a needle minder?

A needle minder is a great little tool that you can attach to the fabric you are stitching on to keep your needle safe. They are magnetic, and in two parts, so they will clasp together onto your material without any damage. Then you can simply place your needle on it when you're not using it or changing threads and it will stick to the magnetic minder. Hooray for these handy little things!

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Do I need a needle minder?

Yes, you'll never believe you didn't have one after you get one. Whilst they're not a necessary tool of cross stitching or embroidery, they're just so helpful. Gone are the days where you're scrambling around on the floor searching for your needle, only for it to turn up days later hiding in your rug waiting for that unsuspecting foot, ouch!

35 of the best needle minders

1. Cute mushroom needle minder

mushroom needle minder

These adorable mushroom guys will do a wonderful job of looking after your needles! You can choose from five pretty colours! We just want to collect them all.

2. Cat needle minder

cat needle minder

Now we've all heard of a puppuccino (the famous puppy drink from Starbucks) but the catpuccino is a new one!

This cat needle minder is just so adorable and would make the perfect needle minder for any cat lovers out there.

3. Cactus needle minder

cactus needle minder

There's no need to feel prickly about losing your needles from now on, with these adorable cactus needle minders.

They are available in a range of different types of cactus, each with its own colourful pot. Oh, it's hard to decide which one we like the most!

4. Gnome needle minder

needle minder gnome

Of course, we all need a little gnome to mind our needles! These cute gnomes will keep you company on the side of your cross stitch or embroidery project to ensure you never lose a needle again.

These needle minders come in 8 different designs, so you can choose your favourite or simply get all 8, we wouldn't blame you!

5. Sleeping cat needle minder

cat needle minder

We wouldn't mind having this little guy snoozing away on the side of our pattern whilst we stitch.

This lovely needle minder has a strong Neodymium 35 magnet perfect for attaching to the fabric of your cross stitch or embroidery piece.

6. Succulent needle minder

needle minder succulent

We all know that one person who maybe has a small (ahem) plant obsession, so this succulent needle minder would make a thoughtful gift if they also love cross stitching or embroidery.

It is made in Britain from 3mm thick birch plywood, backed with a strong magnet.

7. Birthstone crystal needle minder

needle minder gems

These birthstone crystal needle minders would make a great birthday gift for anyone who loves embroidery or cross stitch, or just anyone who loves crystals!

They come in a variety of colours, each representing the birthstone of that month.

They contain a magnet so can be easily attached to your material, but they also would look great worn as pins or even on your fridge.

8. Letter tile needle minder

needle minder letter

Personalise your needle minder with these little letter tiles inspired by the beloved game.

These would be super as a gift for a keen stitcher and Scrabble fan. They make great stocking fillers too or smaller Birthday gifts.

9. Book needle minder

book needle minder

Book lovers unite! This needle minder can be used on your cross-stitch, embroidery, or any other sewing project to keep your needles safe.

Great for anyone who can't put down a book, or their sewing kit for that matter.

10. Vintage sewing machine needle minder

needle minder sewing machine

For fans of a classic sewing project, you'll adore this vintage needle minder.

This needle minder is an enamel design with a loose magnet for attaching to fabric, it will also stick to the metal bolt on an embroidery hoop. Handy!

11. Fox needle minder

needle minder fox

Foxes jump from above to surprise unsuspecting prey, this technique is called 'mousing', as foxes have a very acute hearing they can sense their prey below deep vegetation or snow!

Celebrate the fascinating world of wildlife with this paisley fox needle minder.

12. Thread head needle minder

needle minder thread head

We are thread heads and proud! And if you are too, you'll love this thread head needle minder for cross stitch or embroidery.

It features a delicate wreath of flowers on an enamel base, with a strong magnet attached, ready to hold your needles in place. We kind of want to wear it as a badge too!

13. Plague doctor needle minder

Plauge Doctor needle minder

If you want to step into the darker side of needle minders (who knew there was one, right?) take a look at this creepy plague doctor enamel needle minder.

It might be especially fun as a little Halloween gift for your favourite stitcher. Check out Etsy for lots more weird and wonderful needle minders.

14. Cat paw needle minder

cat needle minder

These are exactly the kind of paws we want on our stitching projects, not those of Mittens the kitty who keeps trying to steal away all our threads!

These adorable little enamel paws are backed with a magnet and will hold your needles in place, no more standing on them by accident (ouch!).

15. Bee needle minder

bee needle minder

How lovely is this bee needle minder? It is so detailed that it almost looks real, just don't actually try and swat it off your project!

This handmade bee needle minder is great for your summer projects or anyone who loves bees.

16. Motivational needle minders

needle minder motivational

We all need a bit of motivation now and then, and your stitching project is no different!

Whether you're working on a large project or just getting started, don't give up! And remind yourself of that with these lovely motivational needle minders.

17. Cake needle minder

needle minder cake

We just have to say, we're blown away by the detail on this cake needle minder! Similarly to the others on the list, it comes in two parts with a magnet, making it perfect for attaching to your fabric.

This needle minder is just fab to look at and would make a wonderfully unique gift for any embroidery or cross stitch lover. The only downside is that you will be constantly craving cake (or maybe that's not such a bad thing).

18. People needle minder

needle minder people

Now don't get us wrong, we're just as excited as the next person to get out and about again, but sometimes it is just too 'peopley' and we want to stay inside and stitch!

That's where this lovely needle minder comes in, a little reminder that it's ok just to hang around the house in your favourite pj's and get stuck into your latest embroidery or cross stitch pattern. It's one of our favourite ways to spend an evening.

19. Get stabby needle minder

needle minder stabby

You certainly do have to be feeling stabby to finish an embroidery or cross stitch pattern, usually stabbing through the fabric thousands of times!

This needle minder would make a great gift for anyone with a quirky sense of humour, it would definitely give them a chuckle!

20. Whale needle minder

whale needle minder

The beloved gentle giants of the ocean, what a peaceful creature to mind your needles.

This enamel needle minder is 4cm long and has strong magnets to ensure it stays secure on your work, without damaging the material.

21. Cassette tape needle minder

tape needle minder

If you're a fan of all things retro you'll love this tape needle minder.

It's a blast from the past, in the days when Spotify was something we could merely dream of. Celebrate those simpler times!

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22. Cat bow tie needle minder

needle minder cat tie

We know we've already had our fair share of cat needle minders on the list but one more couldn't hurt, right?

This cute wooden cat needle minder makes a wonderful gift for an embroidery or cross stitch fan.

It is made from 3mm thick birch plywood and super strong neodymium magnets, you won't lose a needle again with this helpful guy around.

23. Eco needle minder

needle minder eco

Avoid getting stabbed in the foot by your rogue needle and save the planet? You'd basically be a superhero.

Well, you can be with these recycled needle minders made from offcuts and spare pieces of acrylic saved from landfills.

They come in four different designs: a lightning bolt, a cloud, a star or heart and five colours - black, light grey, pink, white and blue.

24. Embroidery hoop needle minder

needle minder butterfly

This beautiful butterfly needle minder will brighten up any cross stitch or embroidery project you are working on.

Made from resin it is tough and durable and contains a strong magnet making it perfect to attach to your material.

This would make a very special gift, it almost looks as if you could wear it as a brooch.

25. Snail needle minder

needle minder snail

Don't be slow on getting your hands on one of these snail needle minders. This cute little guy will take care of your needles whilst you're busy creating!

The creative design features a ball of yarn as the shell, with two little charming eyes, we think they've 'snailed it'!

26. Party ring needle minder

needle minder party ring

Can you even recall a party you went to as a child and party rings didn't make an appearance?!

And for good reason, these delightful little biscuits have become quite a symbol, that's why they make perfect needle minders for all you 90s kids. Feel the nostalgia!

27. Elephant needle minder

elephant needle minder

Aw, we love this cute elephant and would be delighted to have him hanging out on our cross stitch or embroidery projects.

This elephant needle minder is made of wood and backed with a magnet that can be attached to your fabric for a strong grip.

28. Otters needle minder

needle minder otter

We are otterly in love with these needle minders! As seen in the picture these playful little critters are holding hands and floating around.

Otters do actually hold hands (or paws) with each other whilst they are snoozing to stop themselves being separating or floating away, adorable!

This needle minder would make a cute gift for your partner who loves embroidery or cross stitch.

29. Corgi needle minder

corgi needle minder

"You're not Cheddar!" If you've ever watched Brooklyn 99 or know someone who loves it, this corgi needle minder would make the greatest gift.

If you've never heard of that but just simply love corgis (who doesn't they're so regal) this needle minder would be a cute addition to your stitching kit.

30. Avocado on toast needle minder

avo needle minder

We all know someone who loves avocado, and in recent years these knobbly-skinned fruits have exploded in popularity, meaning we see them everywhere.

We're not complaining though, they're adorable and delicious! This avocado needle minder would make a great gift for anyone who can't get enough of the humble avo.

31. Pig needle minder

needle minder pig

With three designs of these little pigs you'll be spoilt for choice, how can we decide? Ok, just get all three!

These little needle minder piggies are made from strong enamel and backed with a magnet ready for attaching to your latest cross stitch or embroidery project.

32. Girl power needle minder

needle minder girl power

Yes, yes and yes! we're absolutely loving this 'GRL PWR' needle minder, it's bold, it's bright and it's celebrating all women.

When you're tackling your next project or just need a little pick me up, this needle minder is there to remind you: you're awesome.

33. Sloth needle minder

sloth needle minder

A little reminder to relax and take it slow sometimes. The sloth is a great example that slow and steady do win the race being among the most abundant, successful creatures in South American rainforests. And they mostly just spend their time hanging out in trees!

This needle minder is a great reminder to slow down and always make time for yourself.

34. Shark needle minder

shark needle minder

Fiercely protect your embroidery hoop with this deadly shark...

Ok maybe he's more cute than deadly but he'll make a great companion and he'll protect your needles, that's for sure.

Any fans of the underwater creatures will be fond of this fun needle minder.

35. Dog needle minder

needle minder dog

This cute little pupper will stop you from being hounded by your partner for dropping your needles all over the carpet.

This Daschund needle minder is really a little piece of art and great for any dog lovers! He'll keep you company whilst you stitch and won't let your needles out of his sight.

We are certain he is the goodest boy!

Keep your needles safe with these fun needle minders

Now you've found your perfect needle minder (or maybe several) you can get on with your next embroidery or cross stitch project without losing any needles.

Pick a fun needle minder to add to your cross stitch kit and you'll be smiling as you stitch!


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