61 wood pallet ideas

All the best wood pallet ideas in one place, with step-by-step instructions and inspiring projects to get you started.

Wood pallet ideas - cat bed by Hoosier Handmade

Wood pallets are a fantastic source of wood for DIY woodworking projects, but they can also form the foundation of some brilliant upcycling projects. You can often pick up old wood pallets for free from shops, warehouses, garden centres, industrial or construction sites and supermarkets – just make sure you get permission before taking anything, and you are able to transport them home.

In this article, you’ll discover heaps of inspiration for wood pallet projects, from garden storage to home furniture. Upcycling wood pallets is a fantastic way to add some rustic charm to an area – it’s a great all-year-round activity and you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment when you can say, “I made that“.

These projects are the ideal way to get the cottage core aesthetic – as well as a practical way to upcycle and help save the planet. We have lots of other brilliant upcycling projects here on Gathered – we add new articles all the time, so bookmark our upcycling projects page. Check out these gorgeous sea glass crafts, or how about indulging in a spot of birding and making a DIY birdhouse? And if you love to decoupage – check out this beautiful way to upcycle a table.

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The best wood pallet projects

We have collected all the best wood pallet ideas from around the web – which wood pallet project is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Wood pallet idea: Strawberry planter

We love this wood pallet idea – a strawberry planter made from just a single wood pallet, saw, screws and an electric drill. There’s a full step-by-step tutorial for this project – and it’s a great one to get started on – find the full, easy-to-follow instructions over at Lovely Greens.

Wood pallet idea: DIY compost bin

Go green with this easy wood pallet idea and make your own DIY compost bin! Wood pallets are an ideal size for making a compost bin fit for the average UK garden or allotment, but can easily be cut down for a smaller area or joined together for a larger yard. Check out the full DIY compost bin tutorial – step-by-step pictures included.

Wood pallet idea: Wall art

A fantastic way to add rustic charm to a room is by making some DIY wall art. Remove the sides of a wood pallet, give it a sand down – perhaps stain it – and add some lettering. Make your own wooden letters, use pre-bought letters or use your Cricut to cut some vinyl letters. This is a great project – and one that can easily be accomplished in an afternoon. Lovely.

Wood pallet idea: Easiest cucumber trellis

No tools are required for this wood pallet project – an easy cucumber trellis! As well as a step-by-step tutorial, they also give you lots of useful information on what types of wood pallet are okay to use with food.

Wood pallet idea: Small garden planter

This has to be one of the best, and easiest wood pallet ideas we’ve seen – make this beautiful garden planter following the easy tutorial by Lovely Greens – it can also be used as a tea tray! A simple, easy and practical project – ideal for getting that cottage core aesthetic, we love it.

Wood pallet ideas: Wine/whiskey rack

This lovely DIY wine rack will keep your drinks organised, and won’t take up much space either. It’s been sanded and stained, then assembled using hot glue – so it’s a nice project if you’re looking to get started in woodworking.

Wood pallet idea: Outdoor coffee table

Whether you like to craft outdoors, enjoy afternoon tea in the garden or want a table for the conservatory – this outdoor coffee table from Southern Revivals would make a lovely addition to any space.

Wood pallet idea: Rustic table

Add some stencilling to your wood pallet projects, like this lovely wood pallet coffee table. The addition of colour complements the antique aesthetic of this project – get the full tutorial over at The 36th Avenue.

Wood pallet idea: Rustic chair

Add some burlap sacks to your wood pallet upcycling to make this stunning rustic chair. It’s about an afternoon’s worth of work and requires two wood pallets and four short posts – we love it!

Wood pallet idea: Toilet roll holder

Add a garden branch to your wood pallet projects with this beautiful toilet roll holder and shelf! We love the in-built shelf, it’s perfect for brightening up guest bathrooms and adding the home-grown touch.

Wood pallet idea: Patriotic pallet

This wooden Stars and Stripes is super easy to use – and just uses one pallet. Creator Jennifer Allwood favours wonky pallets for this project, the wonkier, the better! Get the full tutorial over at Home Talk.

Wood pallet idea: Flag box

Honour the memory of a loved one with this beautiful flag box. It’s made using thicker 1″ wood from a wood pallet – thanks to Jackman Works for the brilliant wood pallet tutorial.

Wood pallet ideas: Rustic bookshelf

Make reclaimed wood pallets the statement piece in your living room with this brilliant rustic bookshelf tutorial. We love how much texture and detail the wood pallets bring to the piece.

Wood pallet idea: Wine rack

Oh, we like this one. A super simple wood pallet wine rack, complete with notches to store your wine glasses. And as a bonus – it’s made from one end of a single wood pallet, leaving the other end for you to make another (side hustle, anyone?)

Wood pallet idea: Utensils box

Keep kitchen utensils, paintbrushes or other bits and pieces organised with this upcycled utensils box. Heidi over at The Frugal Girls has finished her utensils box off with a burlap wrap and flower – the ideal pairing for wood pallets.

Wood pallet idea: Coat rack made from spoons

This is a really fun upcycling project – make a DIY coat rack using a single plank from a wood pallet and spoons! Shayna over at The Woodgrain Cottage shows us how.

Wood pallet idea: Mini planter

If you’ve only got one wood pallet or even a broken pallet – then this could be the project for you! Cut it up into small, manageable sixes and attach a glass jar to display flowers in this mini wood pallet planter. This is also a great project if you are looking to turn a profit as you can make lots from one pallet!

Wood pallet ideas: Butterfly planter

How about making a wood pallet planter specifically designed to attract butterflies? Kendra shows us how – and her article is packed full of great tips and advice as to what plants to choose to attract wildlife.

Wood pallet idea: Potting bench

This is a really practical project – and it’s ideal if you have your own allotment or garden. This potting bench is easy to make (and therefore easy to fix!) and looks brilliant, too. Get the full tutorial over from the clever folk at Lovely Greens.

Wood pallet idea: Simple tool storage idea

Wood pallets come in all shapes and sizes, and this simple tool storage idea makes easy work of keeping your workshop organised.

Wood pallet idea: Swing bed

This wood pallet swing bed holds a single mattress and is a lovely project for enjoying the long summer days.

Wood pallet idea: Vertical herb planter

This beautiful vertical herb planter is made from two upcycled wood pallets, which has been personalised by adding some brush script lettering with the names of the herbs. We love it!

Wood pallet idea: Rustic coat rack

Get the French country design look with this reclaimed wood pallet coat rack. It’s sturdy and is sure to impress visitors as soon as they walk through the door.

Wood pallet idea: Bedside table

This rustic bedside table is made from a weathered double pallet that has been cleaned, sanded and stained multiple times.

Wood pallet idea: Deck chair

The tutorial for this beautiful wood pallet deck chair is packed full of helpful tips and tricks, including what to look for when you’re selecting your wood pallets in the first place. The tutorial is clear, complete with photographs and detailed information on what tools to use. Plus – what a stunning chair!

Wood pallet idea: Herringbone table

How’s this for the wow factor? You’ll need to add some additional softwood for this wood pallet project – but this would make a stunning addition to any home or garden. Get the full tutorial for this herringbone table over at Lovely Greens.

Wood pallet ideas: Peekaboo pallet ceiling

If you have a porch that you’re looking to do up – you might like to consider this peekaboo pallet ceiling by Hazelwood homes. It quickly (and easily) adds some rustic charm to an area – we love the texture of the pallet wood against the yellow door!

Wood pallet idea: Wall cladding

Want to add a feature wall to your house? How about this bathroom upgrade by Grand Design Co – we love the sea-themed colour scheme!

Wood pallet ideas: Window blinds

These wood pallet blinds are more about design over function – but it’s easy to make and will instantly add some rustic charm to your room.

Wood pallet ideas: DIY pallet garden

This pallet garden is ideal for herbs or other small plants – it’s easy to make and can be done in an afternoon. Thanks to Busy Creating Memories for the pallet garden tutorial!

Wood pallet idea: Garden walkway

Make this cute garden walkway using any reclaimed wood or the planks from old wood pallets. Ideal for adding a walkway through larger flower beds, or from one patch of grass to another. Lovely!

Wood pallet idea: DIY decking

Give your garden a whole makeover with this wood pallet decking! The DIY decking uses wood pallets arranged in alternate orientations and uses pallets designed to withstand 1000-12000 pounds of weight. Get the full tutorial over at Hoosier Homemade.

Wood pallet idea: Rustic cabinet

This rustic cabinet would make the ideal addition to any workspace – be it a home office, garage, workshop or craft room. Personalise your cabinet using stencils and spray paint – get the full tutorial at Funky Junk Interiors.

Wood pallet idea: Wendy House

If you’re after a bigger project – check out this incredible Wendy House made from wood pallets, fence panels, shingles and an old door.

Wood pallet idea: Office desk

This impressive wood pallet project uses two wooden workhorses on either end of the desk to create a beautiful, wide office desk. There are six parts to making this project, all can be found here.

Wood pallet idea: Kid’s reading nook

Make the most of every inch of space with this cute reading nook! This one is sized for children – but there’s nothing stopping you from sizing it up to suit grown-ups, too.

Wood pallet idea: Patio day bed

This lovely patio day bed is made from four wood pallets, faced with a few extra planks of wood. To save on costs, Tanya over at Lovely Greens have used the mattress from a folding guest bed – which also has the bonus that you can fold it away when the weather turns.

Wood pallet idea: DIY planters

These narrow wood pallet planters are ideal if you don’t have a lot of space, or don’t want to stoop down to floor level. They’re made from two pallets and the tutorial has useful step-by-step photos.

Wood pallet ideas: Flower display holder

This upcycled flower display holder would make a thoughtful gift for green-fingered friends, or an easy way to spruce up a small windowsill.

Wood pallet ideas: Easy frame

This is a nice, easy wood pallet project that any beginner woodworker can make – grab a saw, some hot glue (check out our round-up of the best glue guns) and something to frame. We love the idea of framing a number plate.

Wood pallet ideas: Coffee station

But first, coffee! Michelle over at Our Crafty Mom shows us how to free up counter space by making this delightful DIY coffee station out of wooden pallets.

Wood pallet idea: Clock

A useful item to have in any room (except perhaps, the bathroom…) this wood pallet clock is functional and stylish – and costs a fraction of what you would pay in the shops.

Wood pallet idea: Cube clock

Here’s another style of upcycled clock to try with your old wood pallets – ideal for minimalist apartments, farmhouse kitchens or country cottages.

Wood pallet idea: Domino clock

And another wood pallet clock! This one is made from upcycled wood pallets with dominos to mark the hour. If you’re bothered by loud ticking – you can buy silent clock mechanisms, ideal.

Wood pallet ideas: Cat condo

Make this luxury cat condo out of wood pallets following the tutorial over at Hoosier Handmade! No doubt Tiddles will ignore the scratching posts and still scratch the carpet – but hey, it looks great!

Wood pallet idea: Simple dog bed

Turn wood pallets into a simple bed for your good boy or good girl. Once you’ve made your DIY dog bed, just add a cushion and a few squeaky toys – they’ll soon feel quite at home.

Wood pallet idea: Wheeled planter

This wheeled planter is a lovely way to spruce up a boring patch of concrete, without having to break ground. It’s also a brilliant idea for renters and people with smaller patios.

Wood pallet ideas: Simple vertical planter

If you don’t have time to get into woodworking – how about this wood pallet vertical planter project? It doesn’t involve much effort but the result is beautiful. Just use some hose clamps to strap on pots to your pallet with screws.

Wood pallet idea: Rustic TV stand

This rustic tv stand features a display area topped with glass to showcase precious collectables or keepsakes – it uses one of the longer wood pallets, we love the DVD player storage area!

Wood pallet idea: Sandwich board

Turn an old wooden pallet into this DIY sandwich board by adding some chalkboard sheets, a chain and some hinges!

Wood pallet idea: Drinks cooler

Stay cool this summer by making this DIY drinks cooler from wood pallets. Use exterior tape to paint the perfect lines – get the full step-by-step tutorial with pictures over at Fox Hollow Cottage.

Wood pallet ideas: DIY towel rack

Quickly and easily add some rustic charm to the bathroom by making this easy DIY towel rack. Paint it white for easy cleaning!

Wood pallet idea: Tool storage

Keep all your woodworking (and other) tools need and organised by making this easy DIY tool storage rack! Add in some hanging drawers and you’ve got a useful pallet shelf.

Wood pallet idea: Bench

This wood pallet project makes use of sanding to achieve the raw finish – and the result is this lovely, solid wooden pallet bench. Get the full tutorial and tools needed over at Instructables.

Wood pallet idea: Tray

Glue planks of an old wood pallet together to make this useful wood pallet project – a wood pallet tray for drinks, nibbles, crafts or hobbies!

Wood pallet idea: Fencing

Want to separate areas of your garden? How about making this quick and easy fence by upcycling wood pallets – no one would ever know!

Wood pallet idea: Garden swing

How about this for a brilliant idea – a body-sculpting swing made from wooden pallets. It looks great fun – we’d love to relax there for a few hours with a good book!

Wood pallet idea: Shed storage hack

This wood pallet project couldn’t be simpler. Grab a wood pallet, stand it up on one end and use it to store long-handled tools. That’s it! Paint it if you wish – but this wood pallet storage the easiest way to keep your tools off the floor but still providing easy access when you need them.

Wood pallet ideas: Living wall

Make this living wall by pulling apart an old wood pallet and attaching the plants at an angle – Ananda over at A Piece of Rainbow shows you how!

Wood pallet idea: Garden gate

Add some privacy to your garden with this beautiful wood pallet project from Funky Junk Interiors! Use it to hang lanterns, or plant some trailing plants at the base for an easy DIY trellis.

Wood pallet idea: Lamp

If you have an old lamp that you want to upcycle – why not try this wood pallet project – an upcycled lamp!


We hope you’ve been inspired by our collection of wood pallet projects! We have plenty of other upcycling projects here on Gathered, too. Why not make your own DIY birdhouse, organise your seeds with our seed storage box or give these needle felted birds a go?

Cat condo made from wood pallets - wood pallet idea by Hoosier Handmade