Calligraphy is a mindful and fun craft to take on, it's soared in popularity in recent years! The simple satisfaction of dotting your I's and crossing your T's has never been so exciting. There is a tonne of techniques and styles to calligraphy. It spans many parts of the world and is used in various ways across different cultures. Calligraphy has a rich and colourful history - you can find out much more by visiting The British Library.


If you are new to calligraphy check out this in-depth article - The ultimate beginner's calligraphy guide. Get started today with master calligrapher Kirsten Burke. Kirsten has published many books and provides easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners.

But first things first, you are going to need your first calligraphy set. Discover a variety of beginner calligraphy sets, all modern in style and bound to inspire!

12 calligraphy kits for beginners

Best calligraphy kits

1. Mont Marte calligraphy kit

This is a very comprehensive calligraphy kit, it contains a variety of tools you need to start practising your skills straight away. You'll find x4 calligraphy pens, x5 nibs and 20 ink cartridges (so you won't run out any time soon). The kit also comes with an introductory booklet and exercise booklet, so is ideal for complete newbies. This kit is a fantastic way to begin your calligraphy journey thanks to its ease of use, variety of tools and helpful guides.

calligraphy kits for beginners in a brown box

2. Calligraphy set with dipping inks

This beautiful set contains 7 inks, 12 nibs and a wooden-handled dipping pen. The inks come in a variety of colours too, so you can keep your lettering vibrant! In the box you'll also receive a handy instruction booklet which will give you plenty of tips and guidance so that you can get started right away. The set comes beautifully presented in an elegant box, which would be the perfect gift to any keen writers or budding artists you may know.

calligraphy kits for beginners in a box with dipping inks

3. Luxury calligraphy kit

Why not treat yourself to a special calligraphy kit? We love this minimalist, clean and beautifully presented calligraphy kit by Gemma Milly. The kit itself contains a premium, adjustable dual-purpose pen holder, designed and made by the awesome Chris of Yoke Pen Co., plus the One-Dip-Wonder which makes ink dipping one less thing to worry about! In the box, you'll also find a guidebook, a workbook and a guideline sheet. This really is a luxury kit, beautifully presented in a white box with rose gold detailing. If you can bear to part with it, the kit would make the most thoughtful present for anybody who is new to calligraphy and might want to give it a try. If this kit doesn't get you hooked, nothing will!

calligraphy kits for beginners in blush pink box

4. Modern calligraphy set

This simple kit is ideal for beginners, the kit includes 15 pages of comprehensive and fun worksheets and 10 pages of practice sheets, which will take you from forming the key shapes and learning how to use your pen to discovering how to form phrases. This kit includes a brush pen, so a little different than dipped pens or cartridges.

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calligraphy kits for beginners with pink paper

5. Personalised Calligraphy Set

Why not add an extra touch of personalisation to your calligraphy kit? This personalised calligraphy set contains three calligraphy inks, a pen with four nips and a set of 10 cream postcards and envelopes. It is all beautifully presented in a gorgeous box that can be personalised with the recipient's name and message. This is the ideal starter kit for anyone looking to try their hand at calligraphy and would make a thoughtful gift too.

calligraphy kits for beginners with personalised name on box

6. Brush lettering calligraphy set

Brush calligraphy is a type of calligraphy made using a brush pen. This fabulous kit includes everything you need to get started on your writing journey. This personalised calligraphy set contains three calligraphy inks, a pen with four nips and a set of 10 cream postcards and envelopes. This kit doesn't contain any tutorials or booklets to help you practice, so you might find it helpful to look up a tutorial on YouTube on brush lettering. We love this one by Kelly Creates.

calligraphy kits for beginners with dusky pink notepad

7. Calligraphy pen set

If you are already a keen stationery collector, then you might simply need the pens. In that case, we'd recommend these low-cost ad highly-rated brush pens as your first set! You don't need to blow the budget on your first calligraphy set to enjoy it. And if you decide it's not for you, at least you haven't spent a tonne of money. This brush set is made of six pens in a variety of nib sizes so you can practice different types of lettering.

calligraphy kits for beginners - pens only

8. Chinese calligraphy kit

Chinese calligraphy has a rich history, celebrated over thousands of years. It uses traditional brushes (rather than a pen), as well as solid ink, in the form of an ink stick. It's actually a type of charcoal, compressed into a solid stick which you grind down on the ink stone (usually made of slate), and mixed with a little bit of water. The result is ink which can be watered down to create a lighter grey, or if used with only a little water, will draw a solid black colour.

It follows a more traditional method and this art form can be very therapeutic to partake in. This kit contains basic Chinese calligraphy supplies, including four brushes, a solid ink stick, an ink stone, a brush rest and a small water bowl. It also contains a different type of red ink (in the ceramic pot on the left of the image) and a block that forms the basis of a seal, which is the traditional way to 'sign' your art, once it's complete.

calligraphy kits for beginners in Chinese style

9. Magic Chinese calligraphy

This kit is calligraphy with a twist! instead of ink, you'll be using water to create deep black brush strokes! Amazingly it is the special paper which is used which when wet creates a black colour. After a few minutes or when the paper is dry, the black will disappear and you can use the paper all over again. This makes a fabulous and eco-friendly way of practising your Chinese calligraphy skills. Plus you don't have to worry about ink splash or mess! Bonus.

calligraphy kits for beginners in chinese with magic paper

10. Manuscript Calligraphy Artist Set

This rustic kit is ideal for a budding artist who wants to try their hand at calligraphy. Ideal for unwinding and relaxing, this light wood presentation case features the comprehensive calligraphy set for artists everywhere! With four Acrylic inks, 12 hand-selected nibs and two dip pen holders, this gift set is perfect for calligraphers, artists and creatives of all styles.

calligraphy kits for beginners in wooden box

11. Brush lettering kit

This kit is spot on for beginners, packed full of pens, ink, paper, gift tags and more! You'll find plenty of practice and guidance books too. You'll even find a beautiful gold metallic pen in the kit, to add a little extra something to your lettering work.

calligraphy kits for beginners

12. Personalised modern calligraphy set

This utterly stylish calligraphy set is ideal for those who love a clean and tidy aesthetic and want to try their hand at beautiful lettering. It would make a wonderful present as the set can be personalised to your recipient too. There is also a choice of left and right-handed which can be particularly helpful if you are a lefty and prone to smudging your work. You will also find a vegan ink option too.

calligraphy kits for beginners with personalisation

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