Wax seals have been around since 3300BCE. Originally they were made from clay with the household ring pressed into the clay. Rings would often bare a family crest and since clay is a moldable material, imprinting the ring into the clay was a quick and cost-effective way of sealing documents. Seals became popular among the ruling classes as a way of officiating their important letters/documents. It gave them the stamp of approval (yes that's where the saying comes from!) they needed to be regarded with respect. The wax seals we know today became popular in the middle ages but are now much more accessible to people of all backgrounds and classes.


Modern wax seals are often associated with weddings. It became popular to add them to Save the Dates and invites but they're much more versatile than you may think! Their association with royalty and magic makes them a beautiful addition to journals, letters, scrapbooks and much more. You can buy wax stampers and wax stamp heads from places such as Amazon and Etsy. Sometimes they're even included in stationary subscription boxes but if you're new to the world of wax seals then we'd recommend buying a kit.

Wax seal kits come in a huge range of styles and price points. There's cheaper kits that included just essentials and there's more luxurious kits that come with ornate tools, many wax colours and small burners. No matter your budget we guarantee there's a wax seal kit out there for you. To help you find your perfect kit we've rounded up over 20 different sets for you to choose from. Have a browse and pick up the wax seal kit that takes your fancy.

Our top wax seal kit picks 

Test out your new wax seal kit with some handmade letter writing equipment. We show you how to make paper and how to make an envelope so you can craft your very own stationery collection.

2023's best wax seal kits

1. PUQU wax seal kit

four pictures of a wax seal kit with a stamper, silver, gold and bronze wax and a kit box containing candles

This regal stamp kit is perfect for beginners. All the essentials are included; stamper, wax, candles and spoon.We love that it comes with three classic wax colours and is all packaged in a neat box. There's a kit for every letter of the alphabet so select the kit with the stamp head relating to your name or family name. We love the simplicity of the stamp heads because it gives the kit great versatility compared to a specific wedding, anniversary, or crest design. Personalise letters, diaries, invites and much more with your initials to add a beautiful extra touch.

2. Pastel wax seal kits

Pastel blue wax seal kit with a candle stamp wax and spoon inside
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Pretty wax and stamp handle colours, unique stamp heads
  • Cons: More expensive, only one stamp head included

For fans of bullet journalling and aesthetic stationery, this is the wax seal kit for you. This pretty pastel kit includes everything you need and gorgeous pastel coloured wax. The stamp head designs are fairy tale themed and completely unique to this Etsy store. Choose between six different designs based on Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince.

3. ROXOCH Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Wax Seal Stamp Kit in a blue box with two glass bottles of wax, stamper and stamp heads
  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Affordable, magical packaging, colourful wax
  • Cons: You'll need to purchase more candles

This stunning wax seal kit is from ROXOCH and would make the sweetest gift. The design is truly magical with glass bottles and an ornate stamp handle. It's great for those of you wanting to experiment with multiple wax colours and stamp heads. It also comes with a gold laquer pen to give your seals an extra glow.

More like this

4. Customisable wax stamp kit

Custom_Wax_Seal_Stamp_Wax kit

This wax seal kit is ideal for those of you wanting to completely customize your kit. There is the option to include a mini burning stove in your kit which makes it much safer for burning wax. You can also choose a custom stamp head, stamp handle and wax colours. If you pick up one of these wax seal kits then make sure you also check out our round-up of the best scrapbooking kits.

5. Mogoko Wax Seal Stamp Kit.

Wax Seal Stamp Kit with gold star wax and stamper
  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Shaped wax, pretty stamp head design, everything you need included
  • Cons: Only suitable for weddings

How cute are these mini wax stars? They make the wax seal process even more special. We love this all in one kit and think it's perfect for those of you sending wedding invites or save the dates. If the wedding design is too specific for you don't worry. Mogoko sells six different kits all with different stamp heads. They all come with star wax but the stamp heads range from a Merry Christmas message to a heart design.

6. Wedding wax seal kit

Wedding wax stamp kit with four different coloured wax a spoon and stamp inside the green box
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Ideal for weddings, customisable, different price points
  • Cons: Will take 12-16 days to arrive

Highly customisable and in beautiful packaging, this wax seal kit is perfect for Brides and Grooms to be. You can choose the colour and amount of wax, whether you want a burner stove and even your custom logo. There's also the option to send in your own design and Fabric World Angel will turn it into a stamp head. For more wedding related projects head over to our DIY wedding craft ideas.

7. Tree of Life wax kit

Vintage Tree of Life Wax Seal Stamp Kit with three stamp head and three wax colours
  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Vintage packaging, unique stamp head design, three different wax colours
  • Cons: Only one stamp head design per box

Celebrate nature with these gorgeous wax seal kits. There's three different kits all featuring different stamp heads. There's a tree of life stamp head, a rose stamp head and a mountain stamp head kit all with three different wax colours inside. We think these designs would look amazing in a DIY scrapbook album.

8. Miniature wax seal kit

Miniature wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Pocket-sized, pretty floral stamp head
  • Cons: You'll need to buy candles and a spoon, not suitable for beginners

LA Hay Treasures have created this amazing baby pink wax seal kit. It comes with two wax sticks and a floral stamp head/stamper. We love how this kit is pocket-sized and we think it would be a brilliant stocking filler for stationary enthusiats. However, we wouldn't recommend this kit for beginners as wax sticks can be tricker to melt than wax pellets.

9. Christmas wax seal kit

Christmas wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Beautiful wooden stamper, six festive designs, gold pen for extra sparkle
  • Cons: No candles or spoon included, only festive designs

Give your DIY Christmas cards an extra pazazz with this fun and festive wax seal kit. It comes with red wax which is ideal for the Christmas period and six different Christmassy designs. There's everything from festive bells to a Merry Christmas phrase. They'd look great on gift tags, Christmas Eve boxes or even some DIY Christmas jars.

10. Live Life and World wax seal kit

Live Life and World blue wax seal kit  with spoon, candle, wax, pen and stamper inside

We absolutely love the packaging and aesthetic of this wax seal kit. The packaging matches the wax, stamp handle and spoon handle. If the dark blue isn't for you don't worry. There's over 25 wax colours and 36 stamp head designs to choose from.

11. Steampunk wax seal kit

Steam punk wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Ornate tools, artistic decoration, added bonus of quill pen and ink!
  • Cons: Limited amount of wax included

We've found the ultimate kit for artistic stationery lovers. Decorated with gold steampunk bolts, this kit includes everything you need to write beautiful letters. There's a letter opener, lacquer pen, calligraphy pen and accessories plus everything you need to start making wax seals. Not only do the pieces look incredible but you'll fall in love with letter writing after using these tools.

12. Celestial wax seal kit

Celestial wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Celestial themed, beautiful packaging, includes instructions, added bonus of a scrapbook and journal essentials
  • Cons: On the more expensive side of kits

This is one of our favourite wax seal kits in this round up. Not only does it include a gorgeous moon stamp head and all the wax seal essentials, but it also comes with a matching journal. There's celestial papers, washi tape and even some pre made wax seals for you to decorate with. It's an all-encompassing kit and ideal for beginners as it comes with wax seal instructions.

13. Violet Studio's wax seal kit

Wax seal kit package with two stamp head and wax colours

This nifty little kit is perfect for crafters wanting to add wax to their designs. It comes with star and butterfly stamp heads, a stamper and two wax sticks. Wax seals add a fabulous dimension to your cards. For example, they'd look great on the front of these printable birthday cards.

14. Northern Printing Co wax seal kit

Northern printing Co wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: All materials and tools including burner
  • Cons: Only one stamp head included, not customisable

We love that Northern Printing Co has included every tool you could ever need in their kit. There's a burner, two wax colours, a stamper, spoon and candles. The stamp head included says 'With Love' which is ideal for weddings, parties, journals and more.

15. Anezus wax seal kit

anezus Wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Huge selection of wax colours, plastic tray for organising wax
  • Cons: Stamp head included is chosen at random

Anezus has created a kit that includes everything you could ever need. It comes with metallic pens, a burner, candles and 12 envelopes. Plus with 624 pieces wax pellets in 24 different colours, you have plenty of wax to play and experiment with.

16. Petal wax seal kit

Petal wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Delicate packaging, plenty of wax, instructions, 2 bags of petals
  • Cons: Only white wax included

Little Added Touches are a brand that sells lots of different wax seal kits. We think this one would be ideal for those wanting to add an extra element to their seals. Choose between pink rose petals or blue cornflower petals at checkout and use the instructions included to start making wax seals.

17. Mushroom wax seal kit

Mushroom wax seal kit

Fans of the cottagecore aesthetic will love this wax kit. There's a stamper, spoon, candles and wax included as well as this adorable mushroom stamp head. We just know this would look great on cards or in nature journals.

18. House Cozy Living Store's wax seal kit

House Cozy Living Store's wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Optional burner, plenty of stamp head designs to choose from
  • Cons: Full kit is expensive

If you're looking for a wax seal kit that includes every tool then this is the one for you. With a burner, stamper, spoon and various wax, this kit would make the perfect gift. Choose between 36 different stamp heads or submit your own design for a customised version.

19. ATMOL wax stamp kit

AMTOL wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Six magical stamp heads, lovely packaging
  • Cons: Only stamper and stamp heads included

This neat little wax seal kit is ideal for crafters who already have plenty of wax and candles. It comes with a stamper with a beautiful brass head and rosewood handle, plus six different stamp head designs. These celestial stamp heads are the perfect addition to your collection.

20. Moon wax seal kit

Moon wax seal kit
  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Unique stamp head, different packaging and wax colour options
  • Cons: Only one stamp head

Capture the beauty of the night sky with this beautiful kit. You can choose your packaging, wax colour and even your stamp size. We love that you can buy this stamp head alone f if you already have plenty of wax, tools and more.

21. We Wink wax seal kit

We Wink wax seal kit

Burner, candles, spoons, pens and an organised tray of wax melts! What more could you want from a wax seal kit? We love that it comes with metallic pens which you can use to embellish your seals with.


We hope you've found a wax seal kit that suits you and your crafting needs. For more crafty kits check out our collection of the best candle making kits and best tie dye kits.


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