Macrame can’t help but be ultra-trendy. It’s modern, contemporary and stylish, and can turn any space in your home into a rustic dream. Once you know the basic macrame knots, you can start to create all sorts of beautiful projects. From plant hangers, wall hangings and decorations to unique jewellery.


We’ve scooped up the loveliest and most simple macrame ideas which are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to dip their toe into this rich craft. We’ll run you through Gathered’s favourites, and a few ideas from our trusted crafty friends.

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Main image: macrame coasters from Amanda Puleo

Get inspired with our beginner macrame ideas for 2023

1. Macrame bracelet


When thinking about your first macrame project, it’s best to start simple. Start with this chunky macrame bracelet, which you’ll be able to knot up in no time.

Using just two strings of macrame cord in varying colours, you’ll repeat one knot until you reach the desired length. Choose colours which you love and will suit your style, it’s also a great stash-busting project if you have odds and sods of macrame cord from another project.

If you’re excited about the idea of making macrame jewellery, be sure to browse our full round-up.

2. Macrame feather keyring

macrame ideas - feather

Designed by Becki Clark, the macrame feather keychain is a really easy five-minute craft that you can whip up in front of the TV and gift to all your pals. It looks fab on your keys or as a bag charm.

Choose your favourite colour of macrame cord and get knotting! Maybe you could even combine two colours if you’re feeling adventurous.

3. Make rustic coasters

macrame ideas - coasters

Add a beautiful finishing touch to your coffee table with these macrame coasters from Amanda Puleo. These coasters take a little longer than other projects on our list due to the high number of knots you’ll need to create. That doesn't mean they are difficult though – it will be a relaxing project to take on over the course of a few evenings.

Once you are finished you’ll be left with these professional-looking coasters. Just don’t let on to your friends that you made them, otherwise they’ll all want some!

4. Macrame candle jar

macrame ideas - candle

This is another project which might look fiddly at first glance, but it uses only three knots to bring together this chic macrame candle holder.

The great thing about this project is that you can use any type of glass jar. Upcycle jam jars or mason jars for that extra rustic look.

5. Macrame star decoration

DIY macrame star

This one would be perfect for Christmas, but it is subtle enough to be displayed all year round too!

For this lovely macrame star decoration, you’ll need a wire star to begin. These can be picked up online or in a hobby store. Using only two knots, this project is suitable for beginners. However, due to it being larger in size than other projects on this list, it will take a bit longer to complete.

6. Macrame plant holder

macrame plant hanger

When you think of macrame, you probably think of plant holders! They’re very popular, and for good reason. They’re easy to knot, and they make a lovely modern piece of decor for your home.

Follow along with our video tutorial, and work up this macrame plant pot holder in just a few hours. If you prefer we have a simple version further down in the article.

6. Macrame braid necklace

macrame ideas - braid

Create your own macrame wearable with this macrame braid necklace. Make and Fable will show you step-by-step how to braid the cord to create this lovely accessory. Choose a cord colour that suits your style, and get crafting!

7. Macrame mirror

macrame ideas - mirror

Make a chic macrame mirror decoration with this fun tutorial from Made in a Day. It’s super simple to complete and requires only a few knots. They’ll also point you in the direction of finding the perfect mirror for this project.

8. Make a macrame rainbow

Macrame rainbow

This colourful and fun project uses a mixture of colours to create a beautifully modern macrame rainbow to hang in your home. For this project, you’ll need multiple colours of cord (they can be adjusted to suit your decor) and a thicker macrame cord as your base.

All that you need to do is wrap the coloured cord around the base cord to create the stripes. You can adjust the number of colours and the size of the rainbow too, depending on your taste.

9. Beginner macrame wall hanging

macrame ideas - wall hanging

Believe it or not, this macrame wall hanging is suitable for beginners! It might look complicated, but once you follow My French Twists' simple steps, you'll see how easy it is.

The wall hanging is the item lots of people associate with macrame – it’s a classic. So if anything will spark your love of macrame, it’s this project.

10. Macrame wall hanging with metal hoop

macrame ideas - hoop

Adding a metal wire shape to your macrame projects can add a whole new level of style. This beautiful wall hanging by Splendry uses a gold ring to incorporate into the knots.

The tutorial is very easy to follow and contains some key techniques you can use on many other projects.

Did someone say Christmas macrame?

Macrame is the perfect medium for modern Christmas decor. Discover our favourite Christmas macrame ideas, and get decorating.

11. How to make a macrame wall hanging

Beginner macrame wall hanging

Try your hand at this fun macrame wall hanging. This lovely project can be created using any yarn, just make sure it's chunky! Otherwise, you might find it a little fiddly.

Work this pattern row by row and you’ll have a beautiful garland in no time. It also makes a lovely homemade decoration for parties.

12. Mini macrame wall hanging

macrame ideas - mini wall

You can have this project done and dusted within 20 minutes – now that’s satisfying! This cute little project is a great first step into macrame and will help to build up your confidence.

This easy mini macrame tutorial was created by Melanie Ham. Follow the easy step-by-step tutorial and there’s even a little video to help you out.

13. Macrame placemat

macrame ideas - placemat

Add a splash of style to your dining table with these beautiful macrame placemats from Calm Moment. Not only will you receive a helpful step-by-step guide but you can read a bit about the history of macrame, and what makes it such a mindful craft.

This tutorial is suitable for beginners who have got the basic knots down. As it’s one of the larger projects on our list, it may be better to start with something small and work your way up to this one.

14. Micro macrame anklet

macrame ideas - anklet

Go super tiny with your first macrame project with this chic anklet by Otherwise Amazing. If you love jewellery making, you’ll love this project. It combines the subtle intricacies of beadwork with rugged knots of macrame.

There is a great video tutorial to follow along with too!

15. Macrame fruit hammock

macrame ideas - fruit

Who thought fruit needed a hammock? But this contemporary way to store your fruit looks wonderful in both modern and traditional kitchens.

This simple macrame fruit hammock by Marching North only uses a few basic knots, and you can follow along with their video tutorial.

Make a statement with your macrame skills

Macrame is one of those fabulous crafts where you only need to know a few key knots and techniques in order to create a beautiful piece of decor or jewellery. It can be picked up easily by a beginner, and the creative possibilities are endless!

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