Choosing the best macrame cord can be daunting with the vast choice online and in-store, especially if you are a beginner in macrame. Before you pick your macrame cords make sure you check out our basic macrame knots guide and our best macrame books round-up. These simple steps should help you. First, you need to understand the type of cord/string/rope you need for your project, and then pick the material you want to use, colour and size that suits your macrame project.


There are three main macrame cord types:

  1. Braided cord
  2. 3-ply rope
  3. Single twist string

Braided cord is perfect for beginners. It’s soft and sturdy at the same time, it comes in a vast range of colours, and it doesn’t unravel. As a beginner, you might undo e redo knots a few times and this type of cord is very resilient and durable. The braided cord is perfect to use for plant hangers, homeware that might need cleaning (eg. placemats, table runners, coasters), handbags or large pieces like rugs and curtains. It usually comes in two sizes 3 or 5mm.

3-ply cotton rope is perfect for beginners. This is the most popular macrame cord and it’s made from 3 individual strands twisted together to make one rope. It’s very versatile and can be used for any macrame project from wall hangings to clothing to home decorations. It’s very sturdy and strong and it’s the perfect choice for macrame plant hangers or shelving. The end can be unravelled to give a ‘wavy’ effect or can be brushed. It comes in a range of sizes from 3mm to 20mm.

Single Twist string is the softest string and I usually recommend it for macrame makers that have a bit of experience or for smaller macrame projects. This string is made from lots of fine strings twisted all together to make a whole string. It’s beautiful to touch and work with but it’s more delicate, it can unravel very quickly and it’s less forgiving if you don’t have consistent tension or make mistakes. Because it unravels easily, it’s the perfect choice for fringes, wall hanging and home decorations. The final look is soft, smooth and lush. It comes in a range of sizes from 1.5mm to 9mm.

All three types of macrame cord mostly come in cotton, recycled cotton and bamboo. I personally recommend and use only 100% recycled cotton and bamboo materials as they are the most sustainable and eco friendly. All types of macrame cords come in a variety of beautiful colours and shades to suit any macrame project and coloured scheme.

Where to buy macrame cord

Here is the list of my favourite macrame cord suppliers list in the UK.


Hitch & Arrow

Artsy North East

Clover Creations UK

The Fibre Folk Studio


Macrame UK

Bobbiny Cords



Hobby Craft

John Lewis

10 of the best macrame cords to buy

1. 4mm Macrame Cord Single Twine Rope

1- Amazon 4mm macrame cord

Buy yours from Amazon

This cord is ideal for beginners that want to start with a simple macrame project to test this craft, like the macrame star for example, before adventuring on a larger or more complex macrame. The cord is made from 100% recycled cotton and it comes in three soft shades of colour. This single twist 4mm cord is an all-rounder thickness that can be used for almost any macrame project.

2. Aurora 5mm braided bamboo cord

Hitch&Arrow- Aurora- 5mm braided bamboo cord

Buy yours from Hitch&Arrow

This cord is it’s light and luxuriously soft. You will enjoy doing macrame with this cord made from 100% bamboo, making it the most sustainable material available. It has a beautiful subtle sheen and it’s ideal for beginners and any macrame makers working on a special project. It’s more expensive than the standard macrame cord but it’s definitely worth it if you are making a show-stopper macrame. It comes in gorgeous shades of colours and can be used to make macrame plant hangers, wall hanging, keyrings and macrame bracelets as well as crochet projects.

3. The Fibre Folk Studio recycled luxe macrame cotton

3. The Fibre Folk Studio- Happy-Fiber-Pack-scaled

Buy yours now from The Fibre Folk Studio

This is the perfect buy if you are looking for a colour scheme for your macrame projects and you don’t want to spend too much. It can be expensive to buy various coloured macrame cords for your colourful projects, especially if you need just a few accents for a wall hanging or you are making small projects like a macrame necklace and macrame feathers in various colours. There are a variety of coloured themed fibre packs to choose from, you can choose the thickness between 3 to 5mm and all the macrame cord is made100% recycled cotton.

4. Macrame UK High Definition 3ply Macrame Cord

4. Macrame UK- 3mm 3ply macrame cord

Buy now from Macrame UK

You must have this all-rounder classic macrame cord in natural is made from 100% recycled cotton. This cord is sturdy and versatile, perfect for beginners and projects like macrame wall hangings, macrame plant hangers, table runners and any macrame project. If you are planning to make macrame your regular hobby, you will find that having this cord on your shelf will always come in handy.

5. Artsy North East recycled cord spool

5. Artsy 9mm string by meter

Buy now from Artsy North East

This thick and soft macrame cord is the perfect choice to make the popular rainbows, angels or lush tassels. It’s made from 100% recycled cotton and can be bought by the meter. Buying a macrame cord by the meter is the ideal choice if you know the quantities of your project and you are making a one-off macrame, this way you can avoid wasting material and money by buying exactly want you need only.

6. Clover Creations UK 3-ply cotton rope

6. Clover Creations 20mm rope

Buy now from Clover Creations UK

This rope is extra chunky and soft, a must-have for large rainbows or extra-large macrame and weaving projects. It’s definitely a jaw drop rope to add unique textures and structure to your wall hangings. It can be bought by the meter and it comes in a variety of colours which is hard to find.

7. Sola 6mm Pure Jute Rope

7. Amazon- 6mm jute rope

Buy yours from Amazon

If you are thinking to make a macrame project for outdoor spaces, this rope is ideal as it is made from natural jute. This type of rope is very strong and durable, great for macrame projects like swings, plant holders or lampshades. The natural colour and material will give add the traditional boho vibes from the seventies and add a rustic touch. It’s available in various lengths and it is biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly.

8. Bobbiny Cords Rainbow Dust rope

8. Bobbiny Cord- 1.5mm single twist

Buy yours from Bobbiny Cords

This thin string was created with small macrame projects in minds like macrame earrings, jewellery, decorative accessories and Christmas decorations. It is soft, smooth, knots beautifully and makes gorgeous fringes and tassels. It comes in a variety of colours and shades including the fun ‘Rainbow Dust’ or the ‘Frappe’ range, a combination of two shades. Made from 100% recycled cotton.

9. Hobby Craft ReTwisst Yellow Macrame String

9. Hobby Craft- retwist macraem string 5mm

Buy yours now from Hobbycraft

Super soft, economical and of great quality, this string is perfect for macrame wall hangings with beautiful fringes. It comes in one size only of 5mm, making it suitable for medium to large projects. Four shades to choose from, it’s a must-have if you are making macrame regularly. Made from recycled fibres.

More like this

10. John Lewis Hoooked Spesso Cotton Super Chunky

John Lewis Hoooked Spesso Cotton Super Chunky

Buy yours now from John Lewis

This beautiful shade of pink is ideal for macrame projects for kids rooms and nurseries like the heart shape macrame bunting, wall hangings, dream catchers or mobiles babies. It comes in a variety of beautiful pastel colours to suit any interior and bedroom coloured scheme.


I hope this guide will help you pick the best cord for your macrame project. Don’t forget that you might have to try different types of cords and suppliers to find your favourite material and thickness. It’s very subjective which cord you like to work with when you macrame as it needs to feel right in your hand, be suitable for your skill level and project. Once you've picked your macrame cords use them to make our free macrame patterns. We have everything from DIY macrame curtains to macrame belts.


Isabella StrambioMacrame Artist

Isabella is a self-taught maker, and founder of the craft company TwoMe.

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