Macrame is becoming increasingly popular in the craft world (if you're interested in 2021 crafts then check out our craft trends post) because it's as beautiful as it is meditative. Some of the biggest names in macrame have published their own macrame books (as well as their own macrame kits) making it super easy for newbies to pick up all the techniques. Whether you're completely new to macrame or more experienced there's a macrame book out there for you. There's loads of different types of macrame books, the most common type being beginner guides and picture books full of step-by-step photos on how to do macrame knots. The second most common type is macrame pattern books which are full of different homeware and decorative patterns for you to follow and make. We've rounded the best of both types of macrame books right here so you can get your geek on. There's some macrame books for beginners and some for more advanced macrame makers.


Once you've found your perfect macrame book why not give our macrame bunting a go? Oh and make sure you use our basic macrame knots guide to learn all the techniques needed and our best macrame cords to buy article which shows you where to buy your materials!

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Best macrame books

Our top macrame books for beginners

1. Sian Hamilton's macrame techniques book

macrame books for beginners

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Written by crafter and designer Sian Hamilton, this beginner macrame book includes eleven basic projects for you to make. The book takes you through all the techniques and knots you need to know as well as explains the history of macrame. It's ideal for newbies who not only want to learn but also practice their newfound skills. It has excellent reviews and we love the range of projects inside. There's everything from plant hangers to more complex decorative wall hangings so you can work your way through the book growing your skills with every project. Sian's book is available in paperback and on the kindle (super handy as you can prop it up while you make).

2. Tys Knots beginner macrame knots E-book

Tys Knots beginner macrame knots E-book

Buy it now from Etsy

Ty is the macrame expert behind the Tys Knots books and also creates kits, patterns, and workshops for the public. Her first E-book is a complete guide to seven of the most common macrame knots and has really detailed copy to accompany each step by step photo. It's ideal for beginners because it's both simple and affordable.

3. Dorothy Wood's How to Macrame Book

Dorothy Wood's How to Macrame Book

Buy it now from WHSmith

Dorothy Wood is an expert crafter who's written over 2o craft books and now she's tackling the world of macrame! Dorthy's macrame book covers all the basic knots through clear diagrams as well as her tips and tricks for getting to grips with macrame. Whilst it's mostly a how-to guide it does include three macrame jewellery projects for you to make.

4. Emily Senra's 3 macrame books in 1

Emily Senra's 3 macrame books in 1

Buy it now from Amazon

Three macrame books for the price of one? Yes please! Emily Senra is the author of four macrame books in total which range from tutorials for complete beginners to more complex patterns. This set comes with three of her books and would make a great gift for someone wanting to step into the world of macrame. It includes her famous Macrame for Beginners book as well as Modern Macrame and Macrame Patterns.

5. Fanny Zedenius' The Craft of Creative Knotting

Fanny Zedenius' The Craft of Creative Knotting

Buy it now from Amazon

Fibre artist and founder of Createaholic Fanny Zedenius has come out with her own macrame book for beginners that's perfect for curious newbies. The book features a knot glossary that covers 30 of the most popular macrame knots as well as 21 projects for you to make. Charts, illustrations and photo guides make it a really easy book to follow and read - a perfect gift for someone wanting to try macrame.

6. Windy Chien's macrame knots book

Windy Chien's macrame book

Buy it now from Amazon

You may have heard of artist Windy Chien before because of her knot challenge! In 2016 Wendy learned a different knot every single day and documented the process over on her Instagram. She's now collected all her learnings and knot knowledge in a handy book that's a must-buy for any macrame enthusiasts. Tutorials, personal stories, projects and patterns - this book has it all.

7. Adeline Clarkson's Macrame for beginners

best macrame books Adeline Clarkson

Buy it now from Amazon

This hands-on macrame book for beginners is by Adeline Clarkson. Her book teaches you everything from fundamental macrame knots to the history of the craft. There's photo instructions and plenty of projects for you to get started on. We also love that Adeline shares her top tools, tips on how to sell your pieces and how to save money on materials. Once you've learned all the basic knots from this macrame book you'll be able to make our macrame bracelet.

8. Amanda Jones' Macrame for Absolute Beginners

macrame for absolute beginners book

Buy it now from Amazon

Amanda Jones' macrame book is another affordable option for those starting out. It covers 14 basics knots all explained with careful instructions and step-by-step photos. Amanda also sells a macrame patterns book separately which includes a macrame owl tutorial! They'd make a great present duo.

More like this

9. Michelle Yate's macrame book for beginners

Michelle Yate's macrame book for beginners

Buy it now from Amazon

Michelle Yates is a macrame fanatic and has shared all her experience and tips in her book Macrame for Beginners. Throughout this book, Michelle teaches everything from what tools you need to detailed descriptions of each knot. There's even FAQ section answering the most commonly asked questions and problems when it comes to macrame making. This book is ideal for beginners and comes with some simple projects for you to make with your newfound skills.

Books of macrame patterns and more advanced projects

10. Isabella Strambio's macrame for the modern home

Isabella Strambio's Macrame book

Buy it now from Waterstones (also sold at Joann's)

Isabella Strambio is a renowned macrame artist having designed projects for magazines like Mollie Makes. Isabella even has projects here on Gathered like her Christmas macrame star. Needless to say, she's an expert in all things macrame and her book Macrame for the Modern Home includes 16 must make patterns that will have your home looking like a bohemian dream.

11. Marchen Art's macrame pattern book

Marchen Art's macrame pattern book

Buy it now from Waterstones (also sold at Joann's)

Marchen Art have created the ultimate macrame patterns book collating over 30 projects in a range of sizes for you to make. There's everything from jewellery projects to DIY baskets. Their in-depth macrame book will also teach you about different types of threads, cords, clasps, and beads. It really is a one-stop shop for all things macrame-related.

12. Rebecca Millar's Elemental Macrame book

Rebecca Millar's Elemental Macrame

Buy it now from WHSmith

Macrame designer Rebecca Miller created Vanir Creations back in 2017 and we've loved her macrame designs ever since. Her beautiful whimsical projects have a magical edge and she's now published a macrame patterns book with 20 projects inside. She talks about the spiritual link between macrame and the natural world as well as incorporating healing crystals into her patterns.

13. Elly Owens Macrame Patterns Book

Elly Owens Macrame Patterns Book

Buy it now from Amazon

Elly Owens macrame patterns book is a comprehensive illustrated guide to all things macrame. It includes all tutorials on all the basic knots as well as a list of supplies you'll need. Elly shares her macrame tips alongside a range of homeware projects for you to make.

14. Natalie Ranae statement macrame patterns book

Statement macrame patterns book

Buy it now from Waterstones

Go big or go home is what we say! If you're a more advanced macrame maker then this is the book for you. Natalie Ranae is a macrame designer by trade, creating huge custom pieces for spas and homes around America. She's now created her own macrame patterns book with 12 large-scale intermediate and advanced projects inside. If you're looking to make a wedding backdrop, hammock or something bigger then pick this book up.

15. Marchen Art Studio's Macrame Decor book

Marchen Art Studio's Macrame Decor book

Buy it now from Foyles

From macrame garden chairs to macrame pillows, Macrame Decor is the go-to macrame patterns book for home interiors. The 25 patterns inside will teach you how you can incorporate macrame into every room in your home to give it a handmade touch. The photo step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and there's projects for both beginners and advanced makers.

16. Amy Mullins and Marnia Ryan-Raison's Macrame for Beginners and Beyond

Amy Mullins and Marnia Ryan-Raison's Macrame for Beginners and Beyond book

Buy it now from Waterstones

Amy Mullins and Marnia Ryan-Raison have teamed up again to write their second book Macrame for Beginners and Beyond. Their comprehensive macrame patterns book includes 12 projects with an 'easy' and 'advanced' version of each one, allowing you to tailor the patterns to your ability.

17. Couture macrame patterns book

macrame patterns book macrame couture

Buy it now from Amazon

Take your macrame to the next level with Gwenaël Petiot's macrame couture book. Having created pieces for fashion designers and Cirque du Soleil, Gwenaël is a creative genius when it comes to clothing and his macrame book is just another of his masterpieces. There's 17 patterns in this book and they'll teach you how to can incorporate the world of macrame into your wardrobe and accessories.

18. Emily Katz's modern macrame book

Emily Katz's modern macrame book

Buy it now from Foyles

Emily Katz is the creator behind Modern Macrame on Instagram and with 295k followers, you just know her book is going to be good. It's full of modern macrame patterns which add a touch of the rustic handmade into your home. From driftwood wall art to hanging herb gardens, her book will keep you inspired and passionate about the world of macrame.

19. Samantha Grenier's Macrame for Home Decor

Samantha Grenier's Macrame for Home Decor

Buy it now from WHSmith

Known as a "knotty" professional, Samantha Grenier is an expert macrame maker whose book Macrame for Home Decor uses natural macrame cord to make 40 contemporary macrame projects. If you want to learn how to knot rugs, room dividers, pillows, and more then this is the macrame patterns book for you.

20. Shufunotomo's Decorative Macrame

Shufunotomo's Decorative Macrame

Buy it now from Amazon

Decorative Macrame is the ideal macrame patterns book for those of you wanting to make both small and big projects. There's tiny macrame projects inside like keyrings or curtain ties which are perfect evening projects for beginners. But it's also full of huge projects like wall hangings and rugs which will take even the more experienced macrame artist a little time. Basically, there's something for everyone!

21. Mia Boyle's Make it Modern Macramé

best macrame books modern macrame

Buy it now from Amazon

Mia Boyle is the creator of Peanut Butter & Jelly Bean, a hugely successful brand, and Instagram which prides itself on innovative and modern macrame projects. Mia has taken all her expertise and channeled it into her first book Make it Modern Macrame. Her book features a huge range of projects including coasters, wrapped rainbows, flowers, mandalas, and much more.


Now you've got a library of macrame books it's time to get making! Pick up one of these macrame books and give to a fellow crafter or keep it safe and gift at Christmas. Now you've learned all the techniques from your new macrame book, here's >how to make macrame plant hanger and a macrame wall hanging tutorial to make your own gorgeous macrame pieces.


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