Free, eco-friendly and recyclable, are just a few of the things to pine over about these magical seeds. Pine cones make one of the simplest yet most eye-catching decorations, not only are they perfect for your festive décor, but can be displayed all year round. From bird feeders to the classic Christmas wreath, you’ll find something to get stuck into this festive season, these pine cone crafts would make a low cost yet thoughtful gift for your family and friends.


So, first things first, you’re going to need to collect and prepare some pine cones ready for crafting (or you can head over to Amazon - we won’t tell), but if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way here’s the lowdown. Pine cones can be found in most woodlands around the UK, usually between September- December (it’s no wonder these are a festive favourite), and they’ll be scattered around the floor ready for the taking.

Once you’ve got your haul, there’s a little prep involved, you’re going to need to get rid of those stray bugs (it is nature after all), you can do this by baking them in the oven on a sheet of baking paper for about 30 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.

Now you’ve collected and prepped your pine cones, it’s time to grab your hot chocolate (or a glass of red wine) and get the creative juices flowing with our amazing pine cone crafts. If you're in the market for pine cone gifts, we also listed a few of those from selected designers, which you will be able to find at the bottom of this article.

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Looking for more festive crafts to get stuck into? Try these fun DIY Christmas baubles and add a touch of homemade to your tree this year.

1. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

“My pine cones bring all the birds to the yard...” Well, they will once you try your hand at these pine cone bird feeders. It really is simple, all you need is pine cones, string, peanut butter (or alternative butter) and a handful of seeds. You’ll be able to have it hanging in the garden in as little as 10 minutes.

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Find the pine cone bird feeders tutorial from Fireflies and Mudpies

pine cone crafts bird feeder

2. Paper pine cones

Ok, they may not be real pine cones, but they’re just as effective, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors without actually foraging in your local woodland. These are quick to make, all you’ll need is a polystyrene egg, paper scales (check out our free pine cone patterned paper), pins and some ribbon. Hang them from your door handles, pop them in a fruit bowl or even hang them on your Christmas tree, the possibilities are endless!

Find the paper pine cones tutorial on Gathered

New years eve party supplies

3. Pine cone garland

Calling all cottagecore fans! Pine cone garlands are the ultimate all-year-round decoration for rustic homes, or you could even add a bit of gold or silver spray paint to give it that festive sparkle. Grab yourself a bunch of pine cones, some string and a glue gun and get creating.

Find the pine cone garland tutorial from On Sutton Place

pine cone crafts garland

4. Pine Cone Cork Christmas Trees

Need an excuse to open that second bottle of vino? Well look no further, you can recycle your cork to create an adorable mini Christmas tree. You’ll just need those trusty pine cones, a splash of green paint and your popped corks (you could write a year on the cork to make these a keepsake). Why not add a little hook or string to the top of your pine cone and hang it from your Christmas tree, although we don’t want to go all ‘Inception’ on you.

Find the Pine Cone Cork Christmas Trees tutorial from Love This Pic

pine cone crafts corks

5. Gnome Pine Cone Ornaments

Cute gnomes that are inexpensive? Yes, please. Line them up on your mantelpiece, hang them in your Christmas tree, create a small colony... Whatever you do, we know one thing - everyone is going to be asking where you got them from! That’s where this guide comes in, you’re going to need: pine cones (the narrow long ones are best here, although we have nothing against bushy beards), colourful felt, mini pom-poms, a bit of glue to hold it all together, and voila! If you want the full guide check out the link below.

Find the gnome ornaments tutorial from Home Craft

pine cone crafts gnomes

6. Pine cone fire starters

I’m a fire starter, twisted (pine cone) fire starter! These neat little creations will light up your winter’s evening, and even if you don’t have an open fire (oh, we can wish!) they still make lovely decorations for the table or the mantelpiece. All you need to do is wrap a wick around your chosen pine cone, melt some wax (make sure you do this over boiling water, not a flame) then just dip the pine cone into the wax multiple times until it is built up. You could attach a little label too if you want to make it a gift.

Find the pine cone fire starters tutorial from

pine cone crafts fire starters

7. Golden hanging pine cones

These may be one of the easiest pine cone crafts on the list, but that doesn’t mean they’re not one of the most striking. They do look beautiful hanging from a chandelier, but if you’re short of chandeliers, they look just as pretty hanging from your door handles or you could hang a bunch on the wall from a picture hook. You’ll just need pine cones sprayed in your choice of festive colour and some sheer ribbon to tie around it. Easy as that!

Find the golden hanging pine cones tutorial from Rob King Designs

pine cone crafts gold

8. Christmas Wreath

Well of course we had to include the classic Christmas wreath featuring, you guessed it... pine cones! The first thing you need to do is get down to your local woods and collect some foliage, or if that’s not really your thing, give your local florist a call to help. Once you’ve got all the materials you need, you can follow along with our detailed and easy step-by-step guide right here on Gathered.

Find the how to make a Christmas wreath tutorial

pine cone crafts wreath

9. Mini pine cone star ornaments

These fun little pine cone stars make fabulous ornaments, and tree decorations. They are very easy to make and require very few materials, you can follow along with the video tutorial on Pinterest via the link below. Once the star shape is created you can add a touch of white paint and a sprinkle of glitter for that extra festive feeling, if you are feeling extra fancy you could even use gold or silver spray paint.

Find the mini pine cone stars tutorial on Pinterest by Crafty Mela

pine cone crafts stars

10. Bleached pine cones

If you don't want the traditional dark brown pine cones for your decor, a great option is to bleach them to create a lighter, more soft colour. Follow along with the tutorial with eHow to find out how to make these, once they are bleached you could even add a few drops of essential oil to give them a lovely scent.

Find the bleached pine cones tutorial from eHow

pine cone crafts bleached

11. Pine cone figurines

These adorable pine cone craft figurines are so easy to make and look really cute sitting on a mantlepiece or sitting in the Christmas tree. Choose from four designs, Rudolph, Santa, an elf or a snowman, or make all four! If you have leftover material you could also create your own designs too, once you start it's hard to stop.

Find the Pine cone figurines tutorial from Hello Wonderful

pine cone crafts santa

12. Pine cone trees

Make these miniature pine cone trees to add an extra touch of sparkle to your home this Christmas. You'll need some wood slices for these, which can be easily purchased from any craft store or on Amazon, but if you are feeling extra crafty, you can use a fallen branch from your own back garden! These pine cone crafts also make sweet little table decorations or favours.

Find the pine cone trees tutorial from What I Live For

pine cone crafts santa

13. Pine cone Wreath

This absolutely gorgeous pine cone craft will take your Christmas decor to a whole new level of professionalism this year. It looks spectacular but you actually don't need lots of materials to put it together. A Piece of Rainbow has a fab tutorial to show you exactly how to make it. You could even add wire fairy lights for an extra magical feel.

Find the pine cone wreath tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow

pine cone crafts wreath

14. Pine cone framed flowers

Pine cones are certainly not just for Christmas! That is proved with these gorgeous floral frames made with our pine cone friends. For this pine cone craft, you could thrift an old photo frame, or reuse one you might have knocking around at home. You'll also need some paint in whichever colours you like, and a hot glue gun and get sticking! There are no rules, you can create your very own unique piece of artwork.

Find the Pine cone framed flowers tutorial from Crafty morning

pine cone crafts flowers

15. Pineapple pine cone

Forget Christmas, if you want to be whisked away to the tropics try your hand at these fab pineapple pine cones, use them as decorations for summer parties, or just have them sitting in a bowl on the windowsill. It's easy to make pine cones fit with your decor, even during the summer months.

Find the Pineapple pine cones tutorial from Recycled Crafts

pine cone crafts pineapple

16. Pine cone jars

These are truly a winter wonderland in themselves, they would look perfect as a table decoration on the big day, or perched on a mantlepiece above a fireplace. If you have pets around or don't like burning candles you could always put some electric tealights in the jars.

Find the pine cone jar tutorial from Crafts by Amanda

pine cone crafts jars

17. Edible pine cone decoration

We can't quite believe our eyes that the pine cones in the picture below are edible and made from cereal and peanut butter mixed together! Not only do they look great, but they are also so easy to make, you could even get the kids involved, there is no baking required.

Find the Edible pine cone decorations from Handmade by Charlotte

pine cone crafts edible

18. Pine cone crafts bouquet

Create these lovely decorative pine cone flower displays to add a quirky twist to your decore. You can simply choose a colour that fits in well with your home, and get painting! If it is indeed Christmas time, why not use some festive colours and maybe even a sprinkle of glitter?

Find the Pine cone crafts bouquet tutorial from The Whoot

19. Pine cone tree

Don't want to have to buy a plastic tree this year for it to only sit in your attic gathering dust? Make your own Christmas tree this year out of pine cones, not only are you upcycling, but you're avoiding any plastic at all! You can find the whole tutorial on the link below.

Find the pine cone tree tutorial from Listotic

pine cone crafts tree

20. Ombre pine cones

A subtle yet striking pine cone decor and we absolutely love it! These have such a classy look and they can be used all year round. You'll only need some paint, pine cones and a steady hand to make these beauties.

Find the ombre pine cone tutorial at Whimzeecal

pine cone crafts ombre

21. Pine cone crafts framed

Make use of an old picture frame and give it an all-natural makeover! These are really quick yet look visually quite striking hung up on the wall. You can get the kids involved to help in collecting the pine cones too. A cute idea would be to let each member of the family choose their pine cone and add their name to it!

Find the Pine cone crafts framed tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous

pine cone crafts frame

22. Pine cone table setting

Glam up your Christmas table and create these pine cone name placeholders with your pinecone stash. This would also be a lovely idea for anybody who is having a Christmas or Winter wedding, classy and eco-friendly! What could be better?

Find the Pine cone table setting tutorial from It All Started With Paint.

pine cone crafts table

23. Simple pine cone tree ornaments

Follow along with the easy tutorial and easily create a dozen of these simple pine cone decorations to hang on your tree, give as gifts or decorate gifts. There is lots you can do with them, and they are very fun to make!

Find the Simple pine cone tree ornaments tutorial from An Extraordinary Day

pine cone crafts decor

24. Paint splatter pine cone crafts

Time to get messy with these paint splatter pine cones, this craft is great for little ones and gives them plenty of chance to put their mark on these pine cones. Once you and the little ones are done with throwing paint around, you can add some string and hang it up, or pop them into a glass bowl or jar to admire!

Find the Paint splatter pine cone crafts tutorial from East TN Family fun

pine cone crafts paint splatter

25. Frosty pine cones

All you'll need for this one is white paint, glue and glitter, and you'll be left with these wonderfully snowy decorations. They are perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree or left in a glass bowl as a winter table decoration.

Find the frosty pine cone tutorial from Kid's Craft Room

pine cone crafts frosty

Pine cone Christmas decor to buy

If you don't feel like whipping out your craft box but would like some gorgeous pine cone decor, check out these beautiful products from selected suppliers below.

26. Cute pine cone elves

These mini pine cone elves are so adorable we just want to collect them all! They come in a variety of styles and colours and because each one is handmade they all have a unique personality. Don't forget, one of these elves isn't just for Christmas.

Find the cute pine cone elves on Etsy

pine cone crafts elves

27. Pine cone beeswax candles

If you know someone who is mad about pine cones, they are destined for these candles, it might even be you! Choose from yellow or white and light up your home decor today. They even come in a cute little pouch which can be reused.

Find the pine cone beeswax candles on Etsy

pine cone crafts candles

28. 3D pine cone biscuit cutter

This really takes the biscuit! In the best way possible of course. Make up a batch of delicious cookies using the pine cone cutter and you'll have some very happy gift recipients.

Find the 3d pine cone biscuit cutter on Etsy

pine cone crafts biscuit

29. Pine cone mixed bag

We can almost smell the festive scent through the screen! With a mixture of pine cones, citrus fruits and cinnamon, your home will be smelling like a winter wonderland in no time at all. Grab one of these bags and a big bowl and Christmas will have arrived!

Find the Pine cone mixed bag on Etsy

pine cone crafts bag

30. Pine cone earrings

These delicate earrings celebrate all things winter, and would be the ideal gift for any pine cone, winter or nature-lover! The hooks are sterling silver so great for sensitive skin too. Why not wear them whilst you take on your winter crafting.

Find the Pine cone earrings on Etsy

pine cone crafts earrings

31. Magical colour changing pine cones

Now if we had the secret ingredient we'd make these if we could! But alas we will leave it to the experts! These incredible inventions mean that you can throw these pine cones onto a fire and the flames will change colour. The effect last for about 15 minutes, but how incredible is that?! It's a big yes from us.

Find the magical colour changing pine cones on Etsy

pine cone crafts colour change

32. Pine cone rubber stamp

This beautiful pine cone stamp is a gorgeous design and means you'll be able to add pine cone stamps wherever you please! Create your own pine cone wrapping paper, and what's better is that it can be used over and over again with a variety of different coloured inks. You can choose from a large or small stamp, or both - we wouldn't blame you.

Find the pine cone rubber stamp on Etsy

pine cone crafts stamp

33. Pine cone garland

This beautiful garland will give any room a warm and country cottage feel. It is the most beautiful blend between natural and glitzy, and we are here for it. It would look fabulous draped along a fireplace or on a windowsill.

Find the Pine cone garland on Etsy

pine cone crafts garland

34. Frosted pine cone table decor

Make your festive table to the envy of your friends and family with these gorgeous pine cone centrepieces. Choose between three styles, and truly add a splash of class to your celebrations.

Find the Frosted pine cone table decor on Etsy

pine cone crafts table

35. Pine cone felt decoration

These adorable handmade pine cones would add a cosy touch to any home. Pop them in a basket, hang them off the tree or give them as gifts! They are beautifully made and give a vintage look to any home.

Find the Pine cone felt decoration on Etsy

pine cone crafts felt

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of favourite pine cone crafts and decorations for this festive season. If you are looking for more crafty Christmas fun try out these amazing projects. Try these eco-friendly Christmas decorations, to add a personal touch to your display. Find out how to make a Christmas wreath with our simple tutorial! Want a smaller project for yourself, try this mini Christmas crochet tree – so cute!


If you want to get the kids involved we have plenty of projects for smaller hands too, try the Christmas crafts for kids. Keep them busy over the holidays with our fun arts and crafts to do at home.


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