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18 of the best tie dye kits 2022

Find your perfect tie dying kit with our round-up. There's everything from natural kits to kits for complete beginners so keep scrolling to get crafty!

Rainbow tie die best kits

Tie dying is a method of dying which creates patterns by tieing certain parts of the item up to shield it from the dye. It’s a craft that always reminds us of the 70’s hippy movement but it’s found new ground in recent years with people of all ages taking their old white clothes and turning them into colourful masterpieces.


Tie dying has become so popular in recent years that many online retailers sell easy to use tie dye kits. From huge clothing brands like Pretty Little Thing to more independent sellers on Etsy, there’s plenty of brands selling a huge range of kits aimed at beginners, kids and more advanced crafters. There’s also a range of sustainable and eco-friendly tie dying kits which use natural powders, glass or cardboard packaging and second-hand pieces to dye. Whatever tie dye kit you choose to purchase we promise you’ll have great fun upcycling your plain white tee’s or old bedding into something new!

We’ve rounded up 18 of the best tie dye kits so you can start tie dying at home. We’ve included kits for kids and adults at a range of different price points so no matter your budget you’ll be able to find a kit that’s perfect for you. We’ve also created a complete guide on how to tie dye right here on Gathered if you want to try it yourself rather than purchase a tie dye kit.

Main image: by Erin Calaway from FreeImages

Where to buy tie dye kits


FabLab tie dye kit

tie dye kits 1

This tie dye kit is fab for the whole family to play with. Suitable for ages 8+ it comes with seven colours and all the protective equipment you need to start dying. We’ve gathered even more craft ideas for little ones in our paper crafts for kids post so make sure you head over!


Gifort Tie Dye Kit

tie dye kits 2

If you want a wider selection of colours in your tie dye kit this is the one for you. Gifort sells this 18 colour pack which includes a whole spectrum of colours. As well as all the other essential items needed to start dying, this kit also comes with a reusable table cover to ensure your furniture doesn’t get stained in the process.


DIY Tie Dye Kit

best tie dye kits 4

Etsy has some of the best tie dye kits on the market and Craft Jar Company is no exception. Everything you need to dye one t-shirt comes in this recyclable glass packaging making it a wonderful gift for any kids in your life. Choose the size of the t-shirt (they range from size 5-6 years up to 14-15 years) then choose your trio of colours and you’re done.


Yetech Tie Dye Kit

tie dye kits 3

Yetech’s tie dye kit is great for beginners no matter your age. There’s 15 colours included as well as a detailed manual on how to start tie dying. Once you’ve mastered the art of tie dying browse our free daily craft patterns for more at-home projects. 


Rainbow Natural Dye Kit Bundle

tie dye kits 5

For a more natural approach to tie dying why not pick up The Love of Colours natural or indigo kit? This natural kit will allow you to dye four items (anything natural, it won’t work on synthetic fibre) but you’ll need to purchase the indigo kit to be able to dye every colour of the rainbow.

Natural indigo cannot be dyed in the same way as the other colours. It must be used to create a “living” vat, which is achieved through a sort of fermentation process. This is why you’ll need both kits!

Etsy, £44.35



Tumble Craft and Fabric Tie-Dye Kit

tie dye kits

For a fuss-free approach to tie dying we’d recommend these tumble dye kits. Containing three 2fl oz. spray bottles, it’s a five-step method to use these spray bottles. First, shake the bottles, then tie your item into the pattern you want, spray your chosen colour on and leave to air dry. Once it’s dry iron to set the colour in place and admire your newly tie dyed item.


Ice Dye Kit

tie dye kits 6

If you fancy trying something a bit different to your traditional tie dying kit then opt for ice dying! Ice dying works similarly to traditional tie dying but instead of washing your item so that the water and tie dye react you leave ice on top of the design and wait for it to melt. It gives a wonderful watercolour effect and this kit has several different colour options for you to choose from.

Etsy, £36.84+


DIY Tie Dye Nike Sock Kits

tie dye kit

Another great tie dye kit is this Nike sock bundle by Tie Dye Lab. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for teens and tweens looking to creative over the holidays. All they’ll need to do is follow the instructions and add some water to the bottles.

Etsy, £17.99


Natural Bundle Tie Dye Kit

tie dye kits 8

Choose between a small or large kit and dye your items with this all-natural kit. It comes with natural flower dyes, natural powder ties and a silk handkerchief as your first tie dye project. Slow Stitch Studio also has a Youtube video showing you exactly how to use the kit meaning it’s perfect for beginners!


Etsy, £28.09+


Shibori kit with Natural indigo dyeing

tie dye kits 9

Once you’ve mastered tie dying and ice dying step up your skills and learn all about Shibori. Shibori is a Japanese tie dyeing technique which produces patterns on fabric. You can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth for shibori, each way producing different yet beautiful patterns. This kit uses natural indigo dye and comes everything you need plus an instruction manual. If you enjoy this shiborie tie dye kit then head over to our how to make a shibori tie dye scarf tutorial too.

Etsy, £33.44


Tybo Tie-Dye Design Studio Craft Kit

tie dye kits 10

DIY tie dye T-Shirt Kit

tie dye kit 15


This is the most calming tie dye kit we’ve found on the market. Everything you need comes in the kit and you can choose from three nature-inspired colours, blushing coral, desert sage, indigo, earth rose. We’ve got lots of sustainable projects here on Gathered including our recycled craft ideas round up and how to make t shirt yarn tutorial. 

Etsy, £27.17


TBC’s tie dye kit

tie dye kit 13

This tie dye kit by TBC is great because of its super simple instructions. It comes with eight different colours each with its own squeezy bottle. As their instructions say just add water, apply your dye to your t-shirt, tie it up, leave for 6-8 hours and rinse!


Winsons tie dye kit

tie dye kits 14

Winsons have created a tie dye kit which has 8 beautiful and vibrant colours inside. By mixing their bright oranges and pinks you’ll be able to create stunning designs on a range of fabrics.


Ucradle tie dye kit

tie dye kit 16

For the ultimate bumper tie dye kit you need Ucradles huge colour kit. There’s 24 colours for you to get creative with which span every colour of the rainbow. There’s 90 rubber bands, 12 hand protective, 2 disposable aprons, 1 tablecloth and detailed technique guide meaning there’s enough equipment for a few of you to start tie dying!


Botanical tie dye kit

botanical tie dye kit Etsy

Give your garments a new life with botanical bundle dyeing kit. It comes with a variety of beautiful dried organic flowers including hollyhock, red hibiscus, marigolds and chamomile. The kit includes nearly everything you need and is made from recyclable materials so it’s eco-friendly. Make sure you check out our sustainable crafts round-up for more green projects.

Etsy, £38.74


DIY tie dye kit tin

DIY tie dye kit


Tie dye kit in a handy little tin? Yes, please! This tie dye kit by

Etsy, £11.99


Eco-friendly tie dye kit

Eco tie dye kit

Inspired by Japanese shibori and ice dyeing, this tie dye kit is both eco-friendly and available in four beautiful colourways. Choose between the cherry blossom, fruiti-tutti, pastel and rainbow pack and use the dyes for whatever form of dyeing you fancy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our best tie dying kits round-up! If you’re into crafting kits then we have a whole range of buyers guides here on Gathered. Head to our craft subscription box UK post and our guide to punch needle kits for lots of easy, at-home craft ideas. 

Etsy, £24.89