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32 upcycling clothes ideas

Turn old unloved items into something beautiful and wearable with our upcycling clothes ideas. There's everything from men's shirt refashions to DIY bikinis helping you save both your bank balance and the planet!

how to sew a pocket final

People are become more conscious of fast fashion and taking to their sewing kits to find new and inventive ways to upcycle. Whether that’s turning an old blouse into reusable dishcloths or crocheting their own reusable cotton pads from leftover yarn, we’re all doing our bit to make our home and wardrobe a little bit more sustainable. An estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year and this is both terrible for the planet and our bank balance! So how can we all become more sustainable? Well reducing, reusing and re-wearing is a start but here at Gathered we’re all about upcycling clothes. Using just a needle, thread, and some scissors you can turn unloved items into new stunning pieces that are fit for the red carpet. You could turn them into an entirely new item, you could mend them using funky stitching and fabric or you could adjust them to fit better to your size and style. Inspired by our favourite TV show The Great British Sewing Bee, we challenge you to turn an unworn item in your wardrobe into something new using these upcycling clothes ideas. Love everything in your wardrobe? Then head down to the charity shops instead of the high street and pick out some items that have, with a little bit of love, the potential to be fabulous.


If you’re new to sewing and upcycling then don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of handy guides here on Gathered to help you. Check out our sewing for beginners guide along with our how to use a sewing machine tutorial. Both will teach you the basic skills you need to refashion clothes. Oh, and if you’re in the market for a new machine then head to our best sewing machines for beginners round up. 

Now on with the upcycling!

32 upcycling clothes ideas


Turn a shirt into a blouse

How to turn a shirt into a blouse

Upcycling clothes doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as removing the sleeves! Jennie Jones explains how to turn a shirt into a blouse in her simple step-by-step tutorial.


How to sew a pocket

how to sew a pocket final

Upcycling old T-shirts can be as easy as adding a contrasting pocket. Mollie Makes shows you how to sew a pocket here on Gathered so you can make your clothes both pretty and practical.


Wrap crop top DIY

upcycling clothes ideas wrap crop top

The Felted Fox has created a really simple upcycle which turns a men’s shirt into a wrap crop top. We love the bow at the back and think these tops will become a summer staple.


Vintage blouse to bustier transformation

Transformations By Tracy has an amazing Youtube channel where she gives you loads of upcycling clothes ideas. We particularly love this vintage blouse to Regency Era inspired bustier tutorial. It’s easy to follow and gives us all the Bridgerton vibes.


Sarong refashion

Sun top pattern

Upcycling clothes has never been easier. Use Portia Lawrie’s refashion tutorial to turn a sarong into a summer top. This is especially good for us Brits who don’t get much use from their beach clothes!  Check out her sun top pattern and add it to your To Upcycle list.


Turn jeans into a cute skirt

How to sew a denim skirt from an old pair of jeans

Transform old jeans into a mid-length skirt with Jessica Entwistle’s free upcycling clothes tutorial. A denim skirt is a summer staple and you can customise the pattern to make it as long or short as you’d like. Learn how to turn a pair of jeans into a skirt and share this hack with all your pals.


DIY high waisted bikini out of leggings

This incredible upcycling tutorial is by Miaira Jennings and truly is genius! Turn old gym leggings into high-waisted bikini bottoms and matching top with her easy-to-follow Youtube tutorial.


Shirt to cami upcycle

Mens shirt refashion tutorial

Whether it’s your partners, dads, or a charity shop find, there’s plenty of upcycling ideas you do with men’s shirts. Jennie Jones’s easy men’s shirt refashion turns plain shirts into cute off-shoulder tops that are ideal for summer.


Turn a scarf into a summer cover-up

Free kimono sewing pattern

We’re not settling for just upcycling clothes ideas, oh no. We’re going all out with accessories upcycling too. Lana Red shows you how to turn a scarf into a summer cover-up that’s perfect for your next holiday. This refashion is much more affordable than buying a new beach cover-up and it’s better for the planet!


DIY bodysuit

upcycling clothes ideas bodysuit tutorial

My Styled Diaryy is a Surinamese Sewing blogger & Youtuber whose platforms are full of incredible upcycling clothes ideas. Here she shows you how to turn an old tank top into a fitted bodysuit.


DIY maxi dress refashion

upcycling clothes ideas DIY maxi dress refashion

Handmade with Jess is another great blog for upcycling clothes ideas. She shows you how to turn a maxi dress into a top and skirt which you can mix and match with other outfits. It’s a great beginner upcycling project and Jess’s tutorial is really simple to follow.


Men’s shirt refashion

Cami top sewing pattern

If our upcycling clothes ideas aren’t quite right for you then what about this shirt into a cami top refashion? Portia Lawrie is the queen of upcycling clothes and we think this tutorial makes great use out of unused shirts. Who doesn’t love a cami top?


Dress to jumpsuit transformation

jumpsuit upcycling clothing ideas

Cotton + Curls has a detailed tutorial and video showing you how to turn a dress into this fitted jumpsuit. Head to the charity shops to find an oversized dress then follow the video to sew your own romper.


Add a peplum to your T-shirt

how to make a peplum top refashion

Give old T-shirts a little makeover with Jennie Jones t-shirt to peplum top refashion. This is a great project for beginners as it doesn’t follow a pattern and can be easily adjusted. All you need is a man’s XL T-shirt and your sewing kit.


Upcycled sweater project

Upcycled sweater project

Got several jumpers you just don’t wear anymore? Then Portia Lawrie’s upcycled sweater project is your next upcycling clothes mission. She shows you how to sew several different colours/textures together to create a new patchwork jumper.


Halter dress refashion

upcycling clothing ideas halter-dress-into-midi-skirt-makeover

Hanna from Pearls & Scissors has this great halter dress to skirt DIY on her blog. We love the idea of taking a dress you’ve only worn once for a special occasion and turning it into an everyday piece of clothing.


Curtains to clothes

Patternless Tulle Skirt

Transform a pair of voile curtains (that’s right, curtains!) into a pleated midi skirt that’s perfect for twirling. Portia Lawrie’s easy tulle skirt refashion is a must-make for any cottagecore fans out there.


Full Bust Adjustment

How to do a full bust adjustment on a wrap dress sewing pattern

Upcycling clothes is all about making clothes feel comfortable and wearable for you. Having a bigger chest shouldn’t mean you miss out on wearing pretty floral dresses so learn how to do a full bust adjustment with Roisin McKenna’s tutorial.


Boho inspired jean cutoff shorts

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Emily, owner of Blue Corduroy has some great upcycling clothes ideas on her blog. These fun shorts are made from a plain pair of jeans and some floral fabric sewn together. Their rough edge gives them a beachy feel and you’ll be saving your jeans from landfill when you make this thrift flip!


Turn old clothes into accessories

How to make a bow scrunchie

We’ve given you plenty of upcycling clothes ideas but how about upcycling your clothes into something different? Cut up old dresses, tops, and trousers and learn how to make a scrunchie with the fabric. Or you could turn the fabric into headbands, a pencil case, or even a fabric necklace! The worlds your oyster with fabric.


DIY twist sweater

DIY twist sweater upcycling clothes ideas

Tiffany M has created a great upcycle sweater tutorial for Cut Out and Keep. She shows you how to add this beautiful twist to a plain knit sweater. Tiffany has also made a Youtube video showing you excatly how this DIY works.


Make flares from your jeans

upcycling clothes ideas flares

70’s clothing and flares are all the rage at the moment. If you want to jump on the flare hype then Wiki How has a really simple upcycle tutorial for you. They show you how to add an extra panel into your jeans to turn them into flares.


DIY Vest

upcycling clothes ideas cargo pants to vest

This genius upcycle idea is from Trish Stitched, a handbag designer, blogger, and petite apparel maker. She shows you how to turn cargo pants into this fab vest. It even has pockets!


Refashioning shorts to a skirt

Refashioning shorts to a skirt

Fickle Sense has some really clever upcycling ideas on her blog including these shorts into a tulip skirt tutorial. It’s the ideal refashion for those shorts which are a bit too long.


Adjust the neckline

upcycle clothing ideas tshirt to V neck

Sometimes you find a t-shirt you love but the neckline isn’t quite right. Either it’s too high, too old-fashioned, or too tight! Luckily The Fashion Wanderer is here to show you how to make V necklines in your beloved tops.


DIY choker dress from t-shirt

upcycling clothes ideas choker dress

Add an extra edge to your plain t-shirt dresses with Trash to Couture’s choker neckline. It’s an easy way to turn a high-street dress into runway style. Plus there’s no tedious hemming/finishing required – result!


Pants to pinafore!

upcycling clothes ideas pants to pinafore

How adorable is this pinafore dress? We’ve seen them all over the high-street but Sew Much Love, Mary shows you how to DIY your own. Her tutorial shows you how to turn trousers into a pinafore with a few simple snips.


Visible mending

visible mending

This tutorial by Flora Collingwood-Noris is a mixture of both mending and upcycling. Flora shows you to do visible mending, a technique where you patch up a hole or stain with a decorative pattern. The pattern can give your outfits an extra edge both fixing and upcycling them at the same time.


Cardigan conversion

Upcycling clothes ideas Cardigan conversion

If you have some sweaters that are a little too tight then Delia Creates is here to help. She shows you how to turn a sweater into a cute button cardigan. Perfect for chilly summer evenings.


Tshirt to shorts DIY

tshirt to shorts upcycling clothes ideas

The Instructables has created these surfer-style shorts from an oversized top and we just love them. All you’ll need to make these comfy shorts is an XL t-shirt and some sewing supplies.


Shirt to ruffle top flip

upcycling clothes idea shirt to top

The Essentials Club has loads of upcycling clothes ideas on their Youtube channel so we’d definitely recommend subscribing. This shirt to pretty ruffle top refashion has a drawstring tie meaning it can fit all shapes and sizes.


One-shoulder upcycle

one shoulder upcycling clothes ideas

My Style Diaryy is back with another upcycling tutorial. This time she shows you how to turn a long-sleeved top into a one-shoulder piece giving it that modern edge. You’ll just need some elastic and your sewing machine!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our upcycling clothes ideas and have found your next project to work on. For more sustainable crafts make sure you check out our recycled craft ideas for adults and our Christmas card recycling project.