Here at Gathered our whole team is made up of animal lovers, and if they're crochet animals then we love them even more! Crochet animals are hugely popular with crocheters, with plenty of designers who specialise in creating cute crochet animals.


From easy crochet animals that are simple enough for beginners, to incredibly lifelike crochet stuffed animals that are anatomically correct (and much nice than real taxidermy), there's loads of incredible patterns out there. Most crochet animal patterns are made in the amigurumi style which is perfect for showing off the cute side of our crochet animals, and they make brilliant gifts for both kids and adults alike!

With so many crochet animal patterns to choose from, we thought we'd help you find the perfect pattern for you - so whether you're crazy about cats, dotty for dogs, obsessed with otters or addicted to alpacas - you'll find all sorts of crochet animals to hook up!

It's not just your usual animals that you'll find here - we're also celebrating those rarer animals with the help of Simply Crochet's 2022 endangered animals amigurumi advent calendar that comes with issue 117 - featuring 12 exclusive designs of fabulous amigumi patterns. If you missed out on the calendar, you can still order it as a back issue, or you can download a digital issue which includes all of the endangered amigurumi animals.
2022 amigurumi animals advent calendar

Oh and if you need any help with your amigurumi crochet animals, you can always check out our How to crochet amigurumi guide for some helpful tips and tricks!

Best crochet animal patterns

Free crochet Whale pattern

When it comes to amigurumi characters, they're often on the small side which adds to their cute factor, but that doesn't mean you can't hook up the largest animal ever known to have existed (the blue whale if we're being specific)! This fabulous free crochet whale pattern by Becky Garratt will go down a treat with kids as it's the perfect size for playing with, plus our wonderful whale has a fun stripy belly too!

More like this

Find the Free crochet Whale pattern here.


Free amigurumi Pigeon crochet pattern

This free pigeon crochet pattern from Sirdar is a super-cute small project that would make a great gift for any bird-lover (or ornithologist to use the correct term). It's made in Sirdar's brilliant Happy Cotton yarn which is a dk yarn that is not only perfect for amigurumi projects, but also comes in handy 20g balls so you don't have to buy more than you need!

Find the Free amigurumi Pigeon crochet pattern on

free pigeon crochet pattern

Amigurumi Shiba Dog crochet pattern

When it comes to crochet animals, we know that plenty of you are going to be looking for some good doggo's! There's plenty of amigurumi dog patterns out there depicting all sorts of breeds, but these adorable amigurumi Shiba Inu dogs were the ones that really caught our eye! Designed by amigurumi specialist Khuc Kay, we love the super sweet outfits on this pair of perfect pooches!

Buy the Amigurumi Shiba Dog crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi shiba dogs crochet patterns

Amigurumi Iguana crochet pattern

There are a couple of different Iguana's endemic to Fiji (in fact they're a national treasure by the government of Fiji, appearing on stamps and currency), however this lovely lizard is specifically the Fiji Banded Iguana. It is now classed as an endangered species and lives in wet forests on the islands of Fiji. If you'd like to make this sweet creature, you can find it in the Simply Crochet issue 117 Endangered Animals pattern collection which you can order as a back issue, or download as a digital issue.

amigurumi iguana crochet pattern

Amigurumi Penguin crochet pattern

Crochet animals are for life, not just for Christmas - although this adorable penguin is very much at home in a winter wonderland! This sweet baby emperor penguin by Irene Strange is made with chunky chenille yarn, making it almost as soft and fluffy as the real penguins (and just made for cuddles).

Fun fact - the collective noun used for a group of penguins depends on where they are located - on land a group of penguins is called a waddle, but when in water a group of penguins are called a raft.

Buy the Amigurumi Penguin crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi penguin crochet pattern

Free amigurumi Cat pattern

We've already had a pattern for the dog lovers, so of course we've got to include one for the fans of felines too! So a fabulous free amigurumi cat pattern by Liz Ward that includes instruction for how to make 3 different cats wearing a range of fun accessories!

Find the Free amigurumi Cat pattern here


Amigurumi Mouse crochet pattern

So what comes after cats in the world of crochet animals... it's got to be a mouse! But this little mouse won't scare you, it's ever so sweet! This amigurumi mouse pattern is by TheLittleHookCrochet is an adorable project that is a brilliant way to brush up on your amigurumi skills!

Buy the Amigurumi Mouse crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi mouse crochet pattern

Free amigurumi Rabbit pattern

Whether you're hooking them up as Easter bunnies or just love rabbits all year round, then this free amigurumi rabbit pattern is for you! The pattern includes instructions for both the adult and baby bunnies, plus some fab accessories like the adults yellow hat, an easter basket and even some tasty carrots!

Find the Free amigurumi Rabbit pattern here.


Amigurumi Seagull crochet pattern

Seagulls do have a bit of a reputation for causing trouble, but this cheeky crochet chap can't steal your chips or rip open your bin bags! This fab pattern by Flo and Dot immediately makes us think of the seaside, and we love his cute hat and subtle stripes.

Buy the Amigurumi Seagull crochet pattern on Etsy

seagull crochet pattern - crochet animals
If you're interested in hooking up other breeds of birds, then we can't recommend this Crocheted Birds pattern book by Vanessa Mooncie highly enough! It contains 10 amazingly lifelike patterns to help you make some truly impressibe crochet bird sculptures!

Free crochet Octopus pattern

If you're browsing through this list and think these crochet animals look amazing.... but perhaps a bit difficult, then don't worry - we all need to start somewhere. Practice makes perfect with amigurumi, and with every project you'll pick up more tricks and techniques which will help your amigurumi look more professional. When it comes to your very first amigurumi project, we think this free crochet octopus is perfect - it's made entirely from simple shapes and is great for mastering crochet in the round - why not give it a try right now!

Find the Free crochet Octopus pattern here

Amigurumi Donkey crochet pattern

Ilaria Caliri is one of our favourite amigurumi designers and is the genius behind many of the popular crochet animal patterns that have appeared in Simply Crochet magazine. Without a doubt one of her most popular patterns was this incredible donkey with its impressive mane and spectacular saddle and accessories.

Fun fact - donkeys have incredible memories, and are able to recognise donkeys or places that they haven't seen for years. A male donkey is called a Jack and a female donkey is called a Jenny.

Buy the Amigurumi Donkey crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi donkey crochet pattern - crochet animals

Amigurumi Otters crochet pattern

Here's another amigurumi pattern by Ilaria Caliri that really shows how amazing her crochet animals are! This pair of love-struck otters would make a fabulous present for any couple, after all some species of otters mate for life!

Fun facts - there are 13 different species of otter, ranging from the smallest asian short-clawed otters to the giant Brazilian otters. They are part of the Mustelidae family, which also includes badgers, mink and weasels (but not beavers as you might think, who are part of the rodent family). A group of otters is called a romp, an otters den is called a holt, and an otters poop is called a spraint... which some say smells of jasmine tea!

Buy the Amigurumi Otters crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi otters crochet pattern

Amigurumi Red Panda crochet pattern

Here's another one of Simply Crochet's endangered animal patterns - and this one certainly is a little cutie! The Red Panda is native to the Himalayas and China, and despite it's name - is not closely related to the giant panda (in fact it belongs to it's own unique family Ailuridae, which is part of the Musteloidea super-family, which contains... otters!). They're about the same size as a domestic cat but with a longer body, and are incredibly skilful and acrobatic, using their long tail for balance. If you want to hook up this adorable crochet animal, you can find it in the Simply Crochet issue 117 Endangered Animals pattern collection which you can order as a back issue, or download as a digital issue.

amigurumi red panda crochet pattern

Free amigurumi Snake pattern

This is one of our crochet animals that is definitely going to split opinion - cute or creepy? However you feel about real-life snakes, we can all agree this free amigurumi snake pattern is a little sweetie!

Find the Free amigurumi Snake pattern here

Free amigurumi snake crochet pattern

Amigurumi Toucan crochet pattern

Why not take things tropical with your crochet animals and hook up this amazing amigurumi toucan! We love it's colourful bill and stout seated form!

Fun facts - Toucans belong to the Ramphastidae family, which includes over 40 species of toucans, aracaris and toucanets. Toucans have a constellation named after them - Tucana.

Buy the Amigurumi Toucan crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi toucan crochet pattern
If you fancy hooking up more tropical birds, then check out the Birds of Paradise crochet pattern collection from Sirdar. Featuring 5 amigurumi patterns hooked up in their Happy Cotton, you can make your own fabulous flamingo or a happy hummingbird!
Sirdar birds of Paradise pattern collection

Free crochet Teddy Bear pattern

We couldn't possibly have a list of crochet animal patterns without including the most popular type of stuffed animal toy - the classic teddy bear! This fabulous free crochet teddy bear pattern by Lucy Pollack is a project that has that timeless quality and will be treasured forever if you're making it for a little one, plus he comes with some funky dungarees and winter accessories too!

Find the Free crochet Teddy Bear pattern here

Free crochet teddy bear pattern

Amigurumi Alpaca crochet pattern

We're big fans of alpaca yarn (if you've not tried it yet check out our pick of the best alpaca yarns), so of course when it comes to crochet animals we're big fans of this amigurumi alpaca too! This fab design by ElliesCraftBoutique uses a clever stitch pattern to transform a standard dk yarn into that wonderful fluffy fleece!

Buy the Amigurumi Alpaca crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi alpaca crochet pattern

Amigurumi Racoon crochet pattern

We don't have racoons here in the UK - although some of us are old enough to remember the animated cartoon from the 80's. However, that doesn't stop us from wanting to hook up this incredible amigurumi racoon crochet pattern by Khuc Kay!

Buy the Amigurumi Racoon crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi racoon crochet pattern - crochet animals

Free amigurumi Robin pattern

How cute is this free amigurumi robin pattern by Stella's Yarn Universe?! We love watching Robins hopping around the garden looking for worms, but now we can admire this beautiful crochet robin whatever the season!

Find the free amigurumi Robin pattern here

amigurumi robin bird crochet pattern

Amigurumi Platypus crochet pattern

There's something about duck-billed platypus' - they just put a smile on our faces! This super-fun design by Irene Strange almost looks like he's reaching out for a cuddle too!

Fun facts - The platypus is one of only 5 species of mammals that lay eggs (called monotremes, the other 4 being echidnas), it has a poisonous spur on it's hind foot making it one of the rare venomous mammals, and when scientists first came across a platypus they though it was a fake, assuming it was made up of several different animal parts sewn together.

Buy the Amigurumi Platypus crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi platypus crochet pattern
If you fancy hooking up a whole range of interesting crochet animals (which all come with some super-stylish outfits and accessories), then you'll love the Animal Friends of Pica Pau book by Yan Schenkel, which features 20 super-cute and super-fun amigurumi patterns!
animal friends of pica pau crochet pattern book

Free amigurumi Rhino crochet pattern

While we wouldn't want to come across a Rhinoceros in the wild, we're more that happy to hang out with this cute crochet animal! The fact that he has two horns means he's either an African Rhinoceros or a Sumatran Rhinoceros, as the Indian and Javan Rhino's only have one!

Find the Free amigurumi Rhino crochet pattern here

free rhino amigurumi crochet pattern

Amigurumi Giraffe crochet pattern

Say hello to George the Giraffe - a fabulous amigurumi pattern by Victoria Kairis. This clever pattern has been designed to keep sewing to a minimum, with its neck, body and legs made in one piece.

Buy the Amigurumi Giraffe crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi giraffe crochet pattern

Free amigurumi Hammerhead Shark pattern

When we told you that there was a wide range of patterns for all sorts of crochet animals, we bet you didn't think we'd be showing you a hammerhead shark! This fun pattern from Hobbii is a great project for if you want to hook up something a little different!

Find the Free amigurumi Hammerhead Shark pattern here

amigurumi shark crochet pattern

Amigurumi Koala crochet pattern

Get your hooks at the ready, cos once you've seen this super-cute crochet koala you'll want to make him straight away! This marvellous marsupial is designed by DIYFluffies, and is one of the cutest crochet animals we've ever seen - especially in those dungarees! P.S. if you're a whiz with a sewing machine, you can also find a sewing pattern version on the DIYFluffies Etsy store too!

Buy the Amigurumi Koala crochet pattern on Etsy


Free amigurumi Monkey crochet pattern

If you fancy making a little monkey (perhaps as a gift for your own little monkeys), then you'll definitely want to check out this free amigurumi monkey pattern by AllAboutAmi. This clever pattern also includes instruction on how to add wire into this sweet little monkey so that his arms, legs and tail are posable!

Find the Free amigurumi Monkey crochet pattern here


Amigurumi Axolotyl crochet pattern

Time for another rare crochet animal pattern for those of you who like something a little different. This fabulous amigurumi Axoltyl pattern is designed by Erinna Lee, and is a stunning example of how even the strangest of creatures can be transformed into super-cute amigurumi crochet animals.

Fun facts - the Axolotyl (or Mexican walking fish) is a type of Salamander only found in the Valley of Mexico. They can regenerate parts of their body, so they can essentially 're-grow' a new tail or limb if they need to. They used to be a staple of the Aztec diet, although are now critically endangered.

Buy the Amigurumi Axolotyl crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi axolotyl crochet pattern

Free Bat crochet pattern

You don't have to wait until Halloween to hook up this little flying fellow, he'll be happy to 'hang out' with you all year round! This free bat crochet pattern by Simply Crochet editor Sara Huntington is a brilliant pattern for those of you who are new to amigurumi, as it only uses simple shapes and his wings are made out of felt.

Find the Free Bat crochet pattern here

Free amigurumi bat crochet pattern

Amigurumi Badger crochet pattern

Lots of amigurumi crochet animal pattern come sporting some interesting outfits, but none quite so pretty as Betty the Badger, with her beautiful dress and adorable flower crown!

Buy the Amigurumi Badger crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi badger crochet pattern

Free Owl crochet pattern

Who doesn't love a good old owl (well, apart from mice maybe). This pair of awesome owls are out on a romantic picnic, with their basket and a bottle of fizz, and each sporting a stylish hat too! They're another simple pattern that crochet beginners can try, so why not give them a go - you could easily hook up an owl in an evening!

Find the Free Owl crochet pattern here


Amigurumi turtle crochet pattern

We love the fabulous crochet shell on this Green Sea Turtle from Simply Crochet's Endangered Animals crochet pattern collection. These turtles are named for the layer of green fat under their shell, probably due to their diet of marine plants as they're mostly Herbivorous. Unfortunately they are classes as endangered due to a variety of factors, including pollution and habitat loss. If you'd like to make this sweet creature, you can find it in the Simply Crochet issue 117 Endangered Animals pattern collection which you can order as a back issue, or download as a digital issue.

amigurumi turtle crochet pattern

Amigurumi Hedgehog crochet pattern

We do love a hedgehog, but they can be a bit pricky... but that's not a problem with this amigurumi hedgehog pattern by Irene Strange. This cute crochet hedgehog has a fluffy back made from bouclé alpaca yarn rather than sharp spines, so you can cuddle him to your hearts content!

Buy the Amigurumi Hedgehog crochet pattern on Etsy

amigurumi hedgehog crochet pattern

Free amigurumi Seahorse pattern

If you want to keep your crochet animals on the small scale, how about hooking up this free amigurumi seahorse pattern by 1DogWoof! It's not only a sweet pattern that won't take you long to make, but it's the head, body and tail are all made in one piece, so you'll only need to sew on the mane and tail!

Fun facts - The seahorse is a type of fish from the Syngnathidae family in the genus Hippocampus - which takes its name from the ancient Greek for Horse (híppos) and sea monster (kámpos) - if you're thinking Hippocampus sounds familiar, it's part of the brain that relates to memory, and you guessed it, is named so because it's shape resembles a seahorse!

Find the Free amigurumi Seahorse pattern here

amigurumi seahorse crochet pattern

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best crochet animal patterns. Don’t forget, if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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