One of the things we love most about crochet is that you only really need a hook and some yarn to get started... but there are also plenty of fun crochet accessories for you to treat yourself to once you're hooked on crochet! If you're completely new to crochet, you might want to check out our Crochet kits for beginners guide first as that covers more of the basic crochet tools and accessories you'll need. Before we dive straight into the fun world of crochet accessories, we'll quickly go over some handy links to help you make the best decisions when buying your crochet basics - hooks and yarn!



There are so many different types (and prices) of crochet hooks available, and if you've been crocheting for any length of time you probably already know which type you prefer. But if you're looking for advice, check out our pick of the Best crochet hooks, which also includes some crochet hook sets, or if you really fancy a treat have a look at the Top 10 luxury crochet hooks


If you're only just starting to delve into the world of yarn, prepare to be spoiled for choice! If you need a helping hand, check out our Guide to choosing the best yarn for crochet to learn all about the different types of yarn, and you can find out where to buy them in our guide to the best places to buy yarn online. And if you can't find the right yarn for the pattern you want to make, take a look at our guide on How to substitute yarns

There can be so many different factors when it comes to choosing your yarns - fibre content, weight, dye technique, price. Here at Gathered we try and help you always make the best decisions, so if you're looking for some yarn advice check out our ever-expanding list of buyers guides.

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Best Crochet accessories - Tools

Yarn cutters

You'll find that most crochet patterns won't ever mention that you'll need something to cut the yarn - but a good yarn cutter is an essential tool in any crocheters arsenal! There's nothing wrong with a good ol' fashioned pair of scissors, but personally we're big fans of simple snips, as they're small, sharp and compact - so can fit easily in your pocket or bag for when you're crocheting on the go (and most thankfully come with a protector for the blades too).

Buy a pair of snips now on Amazon

best crochet accessories - crochet snips_

Another popular tool for cutting those yarn ends are thread cutters, which come in a range of styles and materials. Yarn cutters are normally comprised of a sharp cutting disk inside a protective case, with grooves that are big enough for you to put yarn through for cutting but small enough that you won't accidentally cut anything else. We particularly like this funky blue polkadot pendant yarn cutter from Prym.

Buy the Prym thread cutter pendant on Amazon

best crochet accessories - prym thread cutter

If you fancy taking your crochet gadgetry to the next level, then this cutting ring from Thread Cutterz has got to be one of the most innovative crochet accessories out there! No more reaching for scissors or snips, this cutter is already attached to your finger with its adjustable sized ring.

Buy the thread cutterz ring on Amazon

best crochet accessories - thread cutter ring

Yarn needles

Now that you've got the perfect tool for cutting your yarn, you'll equally need something to weave those pesky yarn tails in! Often referred to as yarn, wool, or tapestry needles, these sized up versions of your conventional sewing needle are a must-have for any crocheter! Unlike conventional sewing needles, wool needles are often slightly blunt at the end, which is designed to help you find the best position for your stitches while not catching or damaging your crochet fabric when weaving in your ends. There are quite a few styles available, like the colourful plastic Knitpro tapestry needle set which feature a slight bend in the needle to make it easier to insert the needle into your stitches, or the metallic Clover darning needle set which comes with 3 sizes of needle and a handy carry case. Yarn needles will often come in a few different sizers, but it can still be tricky to thread your yarn through the eye if you're using a chunkier yarn - which is why we really like these Pony aluminium wool needles, which feature a flexible nylon loop at the end of the needle which makes it super easy to thread your yarn through!

best crochet accessories - wool needles

Stitch markers

Don't you hate it when you're busy stitching away, only to be interrupted mid-way through a row making you lose count of your stitches! Well, that's why we use stitch makers! These handy little crochet accessories are great for keeping count of your stitches (and are especially useful for amigurumi crochet projects), as well as for marking any important points when crocheting intricate or detailed stitch patterns. Be warned thought, these little markers do have a tendency to go walk-about (we're always finding them down the side of the sofa or at the bottom of a bag), so we'd advise stocking up on them, and you'll have plenty with this pack of 150 stitch markers. If you want to check out some more stitch markers, or find some really special ones for a treat, then check out our pick of the Best stitch markers for knitting and crochet.

best crochet accessories - stitch markers

Row counters

It's not just your stitches that you need to keep count of, you need to keep track of those rows and rounds too - especially if you're getting into a big project that needs to be to precise measurements such as crochet garments. You can always use a pen and paper and keep track with a tally system, or with any of the smartphone counting apps available, but there are a few counting gadgets that will help you keep count too! You can go with a classic Handheld Counter - although it might make you feel like you're a nightclub bouncer or back at school sports day! However if you want a counting gadget that is perfect for knitters and crocheters, then you could try this Finger row counter which allows you to keep count with just a push of your thumb. Or if you're after a simple row counter that is stylish as well as practical, then we think you'll love this Knitpro row counter ring.

best crochet accessories - KnitPro counter ring

Tape measure

Although often overlooked, a tape measure is an incredibly valuable tool to have in your crochet kit! As well as using it to measure bodies or objects to ensure you're making the right size, it's also handy to have for checking your tension is correct and the same as your pattern suggests. You can't beat a Basic flexible tape measure for checking sizes, however if you're after one that fits neatly in your bag that you don't have to wind up, then a simple retractable tape measure is a great choice!

best crochet accessories - tape_measure

Hook gauge

It's fair to say that a hook gauge isn't an essential tool - however - in certain scenarios it can be an invaluable crochet accessory. Crochet and knitting gauges are used to measure the thickness of your needles or hooks, and although you'd be right in thinking most hooks or needles have the size written on them, it's easier for this to get rubbed off on older or well-used hooks and needles. If you're thinking this sounds useful but you'd only need to use it occasionally, those experts at KnitPro have combined their Knit pro needle gauge into a multi-tool with a ruler section to check your tension and a handy yarn snip on it too... oh yeah, it's also in the shape of an elephant!!!

best crochet accessories - crochet gauge

Best Crochet accessories for Amigurumi

If you're hooked on making super-cute crochet toys, then here's some must-have amigurumi crochet accessories!

Toy stuffing

The key to any good amigurumi project is the stuffing - remember you want to get it just perfect, too heavily stuffed and it'll show through your stitches, too lightly stuffed and it won't keep its shape! When it comes to toy stuffing, the vast majority is made from polyester - but we're now starting to see a trend for more ecologically produced stuffing which we'd encourage everyone to try. There's this recycled toy stuffing which is made from recycled plastic bottles, or this Hoooked cotton filling stuffing which is made from recycled and waste cotton from the textile industry.

best crochet accessories - toy stuffing

Safety eyes

Any keen amigurumi artist knows that the perfect sized safety eyes can be the key to making your amigurumi truly kawaii! Safety eyes are inserted through your crocheted fabric, and secured into place with a washer that is pushed over grooves on the eyes peg. This helps to make them very secure and less likely for children to be able to pull them off (and certainly safer than sewn on buttons) - however you should still be cautious with using safety eyes on toys for babies or very small children - we'd advise not using them for anything given to under-3 year olds - instead you can try embroidering some eyes on for a safer option. If you're only just venturing into the world of amigurumi, you can get smaller packs like this 10 pack of trimits safety eyes. However if you've well and truly got the amigurumi bug, then it's worth investing in a larger pack of eyes so that you always have the right sizes, like this pack of 150 safety eyes from Amazon.

best crochet accessories - safety eyes

Felt sheets

Felt is often that little extra piece of a project that can take your amigurumi project from looking pretty good to properly professional. It can be used to make bear muzzles, ear details, clothing items - the possibilities are endless. That said, it's also an item that is often overlooked when purchasing craft supplies, so make sure you always have some to hand (and in every colour you'll ever need) with this pack of 42 pack of square felt sheets from Amazon.

best crochet accessories - felt sheets

Noise makers

Here's some amigurumi accessories we bet you didn't think about! If you're making your amigurumi for young children, you can make them that extra bit more interactive with some simple sounds. Why not try inserting a squeaker inside your huggable characters, or even try adding a box rattle into shaker toys, or you could even go super-professional and insert a pull string music box! As with safety eyes though, please do be careful and make sure these accessories are secure before giving to young children.

best crochet accessories - box rattle

Best crochet accessories for Advanced crocheters

Ready to take the next step in your crochet adventure? Then here's some crochet tools and crochet accessories to help your deal with fancy yarns and get your crochet projects looking tip-top!

Yarn swift and Wool Winders

Once you've hoked up a few crochet projects and tried some different yarns, it won't be long until you start trying out some real wool or hand-dyed yarns - which often come in the form of skeins. Often also called Hanks, yarn skeins differ from conventional balls of yarn in that they are not wound into a ball, but rather are supplied as one big repeating loop of yarn, which is then twisted to make it into the skein shape. You may have an image in your head of someone holding a loop of yarn over both hands while another person knits directly from that - this is just one way that you can unravel a skein (albeit time consuming for the person holding it!). Nowadays, it's far easier to use a swift (a device that holds your skeins loops of yarn in place) in combination with a wool winder (a device that winds yarn into a ball), which then makes it into a ball that is far easier to knit or crochet with. If you're looking for an entry level swift and yarn winder, check out this yarn swift and winder bundle on Amazon, or you can find much more information in our 20 of the best yarn winder products for knitting and crochet article.


Blocking boards

Ok so you've hooked up your garment in some fancy hand-dyed merino yarn, but if it's all a bit ruffled and not lying flat - then you need to block that crochet! There are a few different ways to block crochet, but fundamentally it works by pinning out your crochet fabric, adding moisture to the fabric then allowing it to dry - which helps to settle the fibres into place. You can find out more in our how to block crochet tutorial, and it's well worth looking into as it's not just for advanced garments - blocking will help smaller shapes like crochet granny squares have perfectly straight edges too. The one thing you will require for blocking is a blocking board - normally a foam (but sometimes wooden) surface that you can pin (or peg) your crochet too in the shape that you want. They comes in many different types and sizes, so we'd recommend checking our our pick of the Best blocking boards for knitting and crochet to find the perfect blocking board for your crochet needs!

How to block crochet

Wool Cleaning products

While washing machines have come on a long way with many boasting the ability to wash delicate wool garments, it still feels like a bit of a gamble throwing something you've spent a long time crocheting into the machine! Machine washing real wool fabrics has the risk of shrinking your crochet, and can also lead to pilling or bobbles forming on your crochet, which reduces the structural integrity of the fabric. So if you've crocheted something really special, then you might prefer to play it safe! Fortunately, you can get wool detergents especially for this, with Eucalan Wool detergent being one of the most popular. You can use it to hand wash, or even machine wash (but don't spin dry it) your crochet fabrics, and because Eucalan is ph-neutral, non-toxic, free of optical brighteners, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, as well as containing Lanolin (which is a naturally occurring oil in wool which acts as a conditioner) it'll both clean your crochet but also keep it looking as good as the day you first hooked it up!

best crochet accessories - wool detergent

Wool comb

If you've already had years of wear out of your crochet garment and now it's covered in bobbles (which will naturally happen over time and with wear), don't fret, you can still get them looking better with a Wool Comb. These little combs work in the same way as those lint/bobble removers, although allow you to be a bit gentler on your fabric. You just place your crocheted object on a firm surface and gently run the comb against the surface, and the metal teeth will take off those fluffy bobble. It's worth noting though that this will only really work with dense/tightly knit fabrics - so probably won't work on that lacy crochet shawl.

best crochet accessories - prym wool comb

Best crochet accessories for making up

Any crafter worth their salt knows that you can't rush those finishing touches - they can make or break a project!


You've spent hours, days, weeks or even months crocheting your project, so you don't want to ruin it by adding some ugly buttons. It's worth taking the time to find the best sort of buttons to suit your project, and you don't have to buy loads, for example you can just keep things simple with something like this set of 4 buttons and just buy what you need. That said, we must confess to being suckers for choice, and love nothing more than scouring through our jars of mixed buttons searching for the perfect one! If you fancy being spoiled for choice too, you could treat yourself to this 1000 Mixed buttons pack - you may not find loads of matching ones for your crochet cardigan, but you might just find that one special button that is the perfect finishing touch for your crochet accessory project. And let's not forget about those that just aren't a fan of buttons, well you can always use snap fasteners instead - just make sure you sew them on super-securely!

best crochet accessories - buttons


The thing about zips is - you don't think you'll need them until you see a project that uses them! But they're a useful thing to have in your craft stash, as adding a zip onto a crochet purse or bag can not only make it look really professional but will actually help to make it more secure and practical too. It's relatively easy to sew a zip into place, and you can also shorten zips with some simple embroidery stitches if they're too long. Most people will only need zips occasionally so you might find it easier to buy an individual zip from your local craft store or haberdashery (John Lewis normally stock a good range in store as well as having some available online), however if you want to be prepared for all crafty scenarios, you can get this 100 piece zip multipack which comes with 3 sizes zips, each in 20 colours!

best crochet accessories - zip multipack

Pompom maker

In our humble opinion - a pompom always makes everything better! Although it is possible to make pompoms with cardboard, your hands, or even a fork (see out how to make a pompom tutorial), we'd much prefer to churn out a load of fluffy pompoms using a pompom maker! If you're in the market, there's plenty of choice - you could try the Clover large pompom maker, Clover small pompom maker or even the Clover extra small pompom maker, which can make 20mm diameter pompoms!

best crochet accessories - clover pompom maker


If you're looking to start selling your crochet wares, or just enjoy making crochet gifts for your family and friends, finishing off your project by adding a little label is a sweet way of adding some hand-made charm to your projects. You could keep things simple with these Rainbow 'handmade' fabric labels, or if you're getting really serious about your crochet, you could get your own Custom leather labels with rivets made - oooh fancy!

best crochet accessories - handmade labels
While you may not consider a book to be a true crochet accessory, they're certainly something that every crocheter will refer back to from time to time, and with such a huge range of stitch books and pattern books available, we'll help you find the best book for you with our pick of the Best crochet books or the Best amigurumi crochet books 

Best crochet accessories for storage

Ok, so you're all kitted out, you've got all the crochet accessories you need for making every sort of project, so what else could you possible need? Somewhere to store those goodies of course! We've got a few products for you to try below, but you could also check out our top 10 crochet storage ideas and make some clever storage yourself!

Yarn storage

Whether you're taking your yarn out on the go with you, or just need to keep your project tidied out of the way while you're not working on it, there's plenty of yarn storage options you can try. There are a few different style of yarn bag available, but we personally like this drum-style Yarn bag from Coopay. It's got plenty of space for your yarn and WIPs, handy pockets to keep your hooks and bits and bobs safe, as well as 2 clever holes at the top, so you can still crochet with your yarn while it's safely stowed away inside!

best crochet accessories - yarn bag 2

However, if that yarn bag looks a bit big and bulky and you like to crochet on-the-go, then you'll love this Portable project bag. Specifically designed for crocheting while out and about, you simply put your little project in the bag, hang it from the nook of your elbow and you’re ready to go! There's even a handy zip compartment for you to store your hooks or patterns in so they don't fall out!

best crochet accessories - project bag

Hook cases

Another clever storage solution to help you get organised is a crochet hook case (and yes you really do need all of those hooks!) If you're the sort of person who likes to keep everything in order and arrange your collection of every size of hook perfectly, then you'll love this Procase crochet hook organiser, with a double layer design for all your hooks and handy mesh pockets for your bits and bobs. However, if you're looking for the perfect crochet gift to buy for a friend or just prefer a simpler pouch-style design to keep your hooks in, then how about this personalised crochet hook case - we'd be so happy if we were given this as a gift!

best crochet accessories - personalised hook case

Yarn bowls

If you're yet to come across yarn bowls, then prepare for a treat! Yarn bowls are just what they sound like - a bowl for keeping your yarn in, but with a clever little detail. When working from a ball of yarn, it's easy for the ball to roll off as you pull on the yarn, and before you know it - it's rolled under the sofa and is covered in dust! By putting your yarn in a yarn bowl, it stays in one place, and yarn bowls feature a clever slit that ensures the ball stays inside the bowl when you pull on it for more yarn! One of our favourite things about yarn bowls is that there's a huge range available, with a wealth of special handmade ones by ceramicists and wood turners! Check out our pick of the Best yarn bowls for knitting and crochet to see some examples and find the perfect yarn bowl for you!


Best crochet accessories for style

You've spent so long working on that fabulous crochet project, so now you definitely deserve a treat! Here's a few fabulous products to really help you accessorise your stunning crochet to the max!

Shawl pins

If you've spend hours hooking up an intricate shawl in super-special yarn, then you want to make sure it looks it's best when you're showing it off... and no shawl is complete without a beautiful shawl pin! There's a huge variety available, and you can pick up a quality shawl pin like this KnitPro Symfonie shawl pin for a very affordable price. However, if you really want to treat yourself (and support independent artists), then we'd definitely recommend going for a handmade one, such as these gorgeous Handmade metal shawl pins or these Handmade wooden shawl pins.

best crochet accessories - shawl pin

Fake fur pompoms

If you've hooked up a hat or bag that you were planning on topping off with a fun pompom, why not add an extra level of luxury with a fake fur pompom! This gorgeous Rowan handmade pompom is available in 4 realistically furry shades (although don't worry, they're all vegan friendly) - although if you don't quite have the budget for that one then this Rico fake fur pompom is a more affordable option.

best crochet accessories - fake fur pompom

Crochet badge

So you're showing off your new crochet garment or accessory and have answered the common questions... 'Yes, I did make it myself'... 'No, it's crochet not knitting'. Well save yourself some time and let everyone know about your favourite craft with this Crocheter enamel pin! Available in 3 colour options and 5 different slogans (including 'Maker' and 'Crafter' for you multi-crafters), you can show everyone you are serious about stitching!

best crochet accessories - crochet badge

Best crochet accessories for comfort

If you're thinking we've come to the end of our crochet tools and accessories, think again! We've got one more very important subject to cover - looking after yourself! Here are a few products that you can try to ensure you can crochet in comfort!

More like this

If you crochet for any length of time, even the best of us can start to develop aches and pains - and elbow and shoulder pain is common among crocheters. You might think this is just something you have to learn to live with, but that wasn't good enough for the folks at Hobbii, who have developed this specially designed Crochet pillow! It not only raises your arms and elbows up to a supported comfortable level (as well as relieving strain on your shoulders), but also comes in 3 different sizes, is fully machine washable, and you can even adjust the amount of filling for a firmer or softer cushion!

best crochet accessories - crochet pillow

So that takes care of the pain in your arms and shoulders... but what about your hands? Again, cramp in your hands is a common affliction amoong knitters and crocheters, and using fine yarn or lacy patterns can make it worse, as you instinctively hold your yarn tighter to perfect your tension. Amazingly, there's even a product to help you with that too! We've found this crochet ring which you can thread your yarn through, and it will help releive the stress of your hands whilst also helping to keep you tension even - plus these ones are beautifully handmade in sterling silver!

best crochet accessories - crochet ring

Ok, so that's muscle and join pain covered - how's your eyesight? Ours isn't great, and if you're like us then crocheting in low light or with dark shades of yarn can become really tricky. Fortunately, there's a product to help. This clever Crochet neck light has seen a boom in popularity among knitters and crocheters. You simply place the light round your neck (moulding it into a comfortable shape), and then your hands are free to crochet all night long! Clever eh?!

best crochet accessories - crochet light

And finally, let not forget about your skin! As much as we love working with yarn of all types and fibres, prolonged exposure can lead to your hands becoming dry and irritated after a while, so it's important to look after them! Using any sort of moisturiser or hand cream will help, but you want a non-greasy one like this Love + Leche Hand Balm so that your skin can absorb it quicker and then you can get back to what you love - crocheting!

best crochet accessories - hand cream

We hope you've enjoyed our pick of the best crochet accessories. If you fancy some inspiring projects to make with all your new crochet accessories, then why not check out our pick of the top crochet afghan patterns or the top crochet shawl patterns. Or if you're looking for more yarny product inspiration, you could check out the best crochet kits for 2021, or our list of 25 fabulous crochet gift ideas!


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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