Crochet octopus pattern

Use Leanne Garrity's crochet octopus pattern to make yourself a new sea-loving pal! This little guy would make a great gift and an even better bedtime friend.

Crochet octopus pattern

New to crochet and need something cute to get you started? This crochet octopus pattern is for you. Leanne Garrity was inspired by the deep blue so created this adorable crochet octopus to bring the sea to you! This little guy will keep you company on all your future crochet projects or, if you’re feeling generous, would make a lovely gift for a beach-loving friend. Not only is he super cute but he’s actually really simple to make! You can hook this little sea creature in just nine steps using basic crochet stitches. If you’re completely new to crochet don’t worry. We’ve got both a crochet for beginners and crochet kits for beginners guide to help you learn all the basic techniques you’ll need. 

Crochet octopus pattern

You will need:

• Aran weight yarn
• 5mm crochet hook (UK 6, US H/8) (discover the best crochet hooks for projects like this in our round up)
• Scraps of black and white felt
• Fabric glue
• Soft toy stuffing
• Tapestry needle


Chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), double crochet (dc), stitch(es) (st(s)), double crochet 2 stitches together (dc2tog), repeat (rep), space(s) (sp(s)).

Head over to our crochet abbreviations guide if you’re from the USA.

Crochet octopus pattern


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Felt

Total time:

Step 1

Crochet octopus pattern step 1

Ch4, sl st into the first ch to form a ring (learn how to crochet magic loop with our video tutorial). Ch2 (counts as your first dc), 9dc into the centre, sl st into top of beginning 2-ch. [10 sts] Pull yarn tail to tighten.

Step 2

Crochet octopus pattern step 2

Ch2, dc into same sp, work 2dc into each st in round, sl st to join. [20 sts]

Step 3

Crochet octopus pattern step 3

Ch 2, dc into same sp, *work 1 dc into next st, 2 dc into next st; rep from * 8 times. 1 dc into last st in round, sl st to join. [30 sts]

Step 4

Crochet octopus pattern step 4

*Dc one round even, sl st to join; rep from * 5 times. [30 sts in each round]

Step 5

Crochet octopus pattern step 5

Start reducing the rounds. *3dc , dc2tog; rep from * 5 times, sl st to join. [24 sts]. *1dc, dc2tog; rep from * 7 times, sl st to join. [16 sts]. Fasten off leaving a long tail, stuff with soft toy filling.

Step 6

Crochet octopus pattern step 6

Now make the octopus base. Ch4, sl st into the first ch to form a ring. Ch2 (counts as first dc), 7dc into ring, sl st to join. Ch1, dc into same sp, 2dc into next 7 sps. [16 sts]. Ch1, work one round even. Fasten off and sew octopus base to body with tapestry needle.

Step 7

Crochet octopus pattern step 7

Make the legs. Ch16, skip the ch closest to hook and dc in each st back along the ch. Fasten off and rep for other seven legs.

Step 8

Crochet octopus pattern step

Attach the legs to the body and base seam at regular intervals. Weave the ends.

Step 9

Crochet octopus pattern step 9

For the eyes, cut 2 circles of white felt, 2 smaller circles of black felt and 2 crescent shapes in grey. Assemble with glue and stick in place.


Your crochet octopus is complete and what a cute little guy he is. Make sure you share this crochet octopus pattern with your fellow crafters so you can make an army of crochet octopuses! For more adorable projects check out our free amigurumi crochet patterns and our collection of over 50 crochet flower patterns

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