How to make a Crochet Magic Loop

Learn how to make a crochet magic loop with our handy video and step-by-step guide!

How to crochet a magic ring - how to crochet a magic circle - magic ring for beginners

The crochet Magic Loop (which is also called a Drawstring Ring, Drawstring loop, Crochet Magic Circle or Magic Ring) is a popular starting method when working amigurumi. With circular crochet, you will often make an amount of chains and join with a slip stitch to make a ring, but this can leave an unsightly hole – the magic loop crochet technique allows you to close this hole creating a perfect circle!

When using the magic loop crochet technique for amigurumi you will normally use it in combination with double crochet stitches, but the crochet magic loop can be used with larger stitches such as treble stitches too. Below you’ll find our magic circle step-by-step guide including instructions for left-handed crocheters too, and if you need any more help check out our video tutorial:

How to crochet a magic loop

Follow our magic circle step-by-step guide to start your circular crochet projects (photo’s for left-handed crocheters can be found at the bottom of the tutorial)

Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial - steps 1 - 3

Step 1

To start a Magic Loop, don’t make a slipknot. Instead, make a loop with the yarn, leaving a tail around 10cm long. Make sure the tail end is on the bottom.

Step 2

Now insert your hook into the loop, from front to back. Wrap the working yarn around the hook anticlockwise and pull the yarn through the Magic Loop.

Step 3

Now make a turning chain, the correct length for the stitches you want to work. In the example above, we’ve worked double crochet stitches, so we’ve made one chain for the turning chain.

Crochet Magic Circle Tutorial - steps 4-6

Step 4

Now work your stitches into the Magic Loop, making sure all the stitches are worked over both the loop itself and the tail end (so two strands of yarn).

Step 5

Once you’ve worked the number of stitches you need, simply pull the tail end of the yarn to draw up the ring – magic!

Step 6

Close round with a slip stitch as usual.

Left Handed Step-By-Step Magic Loop Crochet Tutorial

And thats how you make a crochet magic loop! If you’re using particularly thick yarn you may find that the hole opens up a bit as you work more stitches, but this can always be fixed by pulling tightly on the tail to close the gap and then weave in the tail end to lock the loop in place.