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18 of the best knitting bags and organisers

Looking for somewhere to store your wool and needles? Take a peek at our pick of the best knitting storage bags and organisers.

Knitting bag Prym

We’ve all been there: you have five minutes to leave the house and you’re frantically scrabbling around for a knitting project you can work on while you’re out. Where are the needles? Will one ball of yarn be enough? Did you remember the tape measure?


If, like ours, your knits live in a heap next to your favourite comfy chair rather than being neatly tidied away, you need to get yourself a knitting bag. With their specially designed pockets for holding needles and notions, knitting storage bags will help you get organised – and mean you always have a portable project to hand.

To help you choose the right knitting bag for you we’ve sorted them into three categories: knitting storage bags (with space for tools, yarn and works-in-progress), knitting tote bags (great for individual projects), and knitting needle organisers (to keep your craft space, or your other knitting bags, tidy).

18 of the best knitting storage bags to keep things tidy

Knitting storage bags

1. Hobby Gift craft bag

Knitting bag Hobby Gift

Carry your knitting in style with this eye-catching leopard-print craft bag from Hobby Gift. It measures 14 x 36.5 x 30cm and has a good sized main compartment for your latest project, with comfy carry straps. Plus there are external pockets to keep all those essential tools organised, where they can’t get tangled up in your yarn. Look out for the polka dot bag in the same range too.

Best for: Doubling as a stylish handbag

Buy now from Deramores UK store or US store.

2. Beautiful Bloom knitting bag

Knitting bag Hobbycraft

You can’t go wrong with a classic! This traditional floral knitting bag measures 18 x 15 x 42cm and has two compartments, a main one to store your yarn and needles, plus a side pocket for notions and accessories, or spare needles. It zips up securely to keep your precious knitting safe, and comes in a variety of different prints so you can choose your favourite look.

Best for: Everyone! A practical choice for at home and on the go

Buy now from Hobbycraft

3. Kelly Connor Designs knitting bag

Knitting bag Kelly Connor Designs

Don’t you just love this cool and quirky knitting bag from Kelly Connor Designs? Make a style statement with this 41cm diameter monochrome bag, which is shaped like a ball of wool. It’s made from heavyweight cotton canvas and has a zip closure and short handle at the top. We think it’s perfect for taking to knit night and would make a fab gift for a crafty friend.

Best for: Style savvy knitters

Buy now from NotOnTheHighStreet

4. Santoro Gorjuss wheelable knitting bag

Knitting bag Santoro Gorjuss

If you’ll be travelling regularly with your knitting, or transporting heavy projects such as blankets, then you need a knitting storage bag on wheels! Perfect for trips to shows and other weekends away, this wheelable craft tote features Santoro’s popular Gorjuss artwork in eye-catching blue. A choice of handles makes it easy to switch between carrying and wheeling, while the multitude of compartments and pockets makes organising your bits and bobs a cinch.

Best for: Knitters on the go, and fans of big or complex projects

Buy now from Crafter’s Companion

5. Qees knitting storage bag

Knitting bag Qees Amazon

The designers of this knitting storage bag really have thought of everything. There are interior compartments with holes to thread your yarn through, so you can keep your skeins separate for colourwork; the see-through cover enables you to see what’s inside at a glance; the side case has space for needles (plus hooks) and notions; and the choice of straps means you can comfortably carry it on your shoulder or forearm. Plus at 38 x 25 x 26cm, it’s plenty big enough for storing yarn and a project or two.

Best for: All-in-one and small-space storage

Buy now from Amazon

6. Everything Mary craft bag collection

Knitting bag Everything Mary

Solve all your storage problems with this pretty bag collection from Everything Mary. It includes a wheeled suitcase-style craft bag, deluxe organiser and desktop craft caddies, all thoughtfully designed with loads of pockets to hold your essentials. If you want a co-ordinated look for your craft space, or you’re a dedicated multi-crafter with other materials to organise besides knitting ones, then it’s a real must-have.

Best for: Updating and organising your craft space

Buy now from Ebay

7. Prym knitting bag

Knitting bag Prym

If you’re looking for a knitting bag that can double as a stylish handbag, this is the one for you. With plenty of space to store larger projects or multiple works-in-progress, it’s ideal for holidays and weekends away. The Prym craft bag is made from canvas fabric with sturdy bamboo handles that fold out to create a stand, so it’s handy around the home too. It measures 40.5 x 25 x 45cm.

Best for: Commuters and travel knitters

Buy now from Minerva Crafts

Knitting tote bags

8. Housework tote knitting bag

Knitting storage bag LoveCrafts

We agree wholeheartedly with this bag! You’ll be even more tempted to ignore the chores in favour of a few more rows when your latest project is nestled in this fun knitting tote bag. At 38 x 40cm it’s big enough for a project on the needles, pattern and accessories, with a bit of space left over for spare yarn.

Best for: Walking and knitting. Sling it over your shoulder and off you go!

Buy now from LoveCrafts

9. Personalised knitting bag

Knitting storage bag Gifted Keepsakes

Give your knitting storage bag the personal touch with this customisable design from Gifted Keepsakes. It would make a thoughtful gift for a knit-night friend or crafty relative. Choose between lightweight cotton and heavier canvas fabrics depending on the kinds of projects that will be carried and how heavy-duty you need your storage to be. The bag measures 38 x 38cm and it’s machine washable too – bonus!

Best for: Gifting, and adding a nametag to your precious knitting stuff

Buy now from Etsy

10. Voulez Vous Tricoter knitting tote

Knitting storage bag We Are Knitters

Here at Gathered we can’t resist a slogan tote, and with its bold monochrome colour scheme this one from We Are Knitters fits the bill perfectly. Plus being written in French (it translates as “Will you knit with me tonight”, in case you were wondering) adds extra style points, naturellement! Pack your latest knitting project and a few everyday essentials and you’re ready to face the world.

Best for: Knit night fashionistas and chic commuters

Buy now from We Are Knitters

11. My Favourite Hobby knitting bag

Knitting storage bag Hippowarehouse

Another truth immortalised in bag form. Hands up who else spends almost as much time browsing beautiful yarns online as they do knitting? You’ll be able to stash plenty of new skeins in this roomy 10-litre-capacity tote bag, which comes in more than a dozen different colours. Why not hide a few around the house for all your half-finished projects? (P.S. You can also buy T-shirts featuring the same slogan.)

Best for: Multi-project knitters who need a bag for every WIP

Buy now from Amazon

12. Knitter tote bag

Knitting storage bag Stitchers Tees

Stitchers Tees is the place to go if you want to wear your crafting credentials on your sleeve – or bag. This simple but striking 100% organic cotton, Fair Trade tote comes with one of three logos (Knitter, Crocheter, or Yarnivore) and at 43cm across and 33cm deep it offers plenty of space for everything a knitter needs to carry. Use it as a knitting storage bag at home or take it out and about – and don’t forget to wear your matching Knitter hoodie!

Best for: Letting everyone know your favourite craft

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Knitting needle buyer’s guide

Want some smart new needles to put in your brand new knitting bag? Check out our guide to 10 of the best knitting needles, which features our pick of the top brands and knitting needle types to try if you’re a beginner, improver and more.

Best knitting needles, KnitPro Symfonie

Knitting needle organisers

13. Nostalgia Knits knitting needle bag

Knitting needle bag Nostalgia Knits

Knitters know the value of beautiful handmade items, so it seems fitting for us to choose hand-crafted storage options too. We love this wedge-shaped knitting needle bag from Nostalgia Knits, which has been stitched with love in the UK. Measuring 42 x 15 x 5cm, it’s made from canvas and craft cotton, and has a zip closure. It’s available in a range of different prints, so you can choose the one that matches your style.

Best for: Crafters who love to shop handmade

Buy now from Etsy

14. John Lewis knitting needle organiser

Knitting needle organiser John Lewis

A great option for beginners, John Lewis’s knitting needle organiser comes complete with bamboo needles in sizes ranging from 2¾ to 5½mm. It rolls up neatly and is secured with a simple tie. If you don’t already have a collection of needles, or want to start again with a beautiful matching set, this is the perfect choice! And have we mentioned that adorable dog print?

Best for: Newer knitters and pet parents

Buy now from John Lewis

15. Hobbygift knitting needle organiser

Knitting needle bag Hobbygift

Multiple projects on the go? Slip this knitting needle organiser inside a bigger bag to ensure you always have the right needles on hand. Sturdy and hard-backed, it’ll stand up to a bit of wear and tear while keeping your precious pins (and other little bits and bobs) safe. Hobbygift’s woodland-themed needle case measures 13 x 40 x 4cm and holds up to 10 pairs of needles.

Best for: Corralling the clutter in your project bag

Buy now from Amazon

16. Creative Options knitting needle bag

Knitting needle bag Creative Options

With its bright neon colour and funky geometric pattern, this handy knitting needle bag will ensure you never lose your pins again. It has eight elasticated pockets and a large inner pocket, and at 45cm long there’s room for even the longest straight needles. Simply fold over the top to keep your needles secure. Get one for metal needles, one for plastic and one for wooden, and you’ll be in organisation heaven!

Best for: Keeping smaller needle collections tidy

Buy now from Ebay

17. HiyaHiya circular knitting needle organiser

Knitting needle organiser HiyaHiya

Circular needles deserve their own special carry case too, which is why HiyaHiya have created this beautiful knitting needle organiser just for circulars. It’s made from their signature fabric, a gorgeous floral brocade, and contains six compartments to tame those tangles and keep your cables tidy. There’s also a zipped pocket on the back for carrying extra accessories.

Best for: Knitting-in-the-round fans with a big stash of needles

Buy now from LoveCrafts

Make your own knitting bag

18. Knitting storage bag sewing pattern

knitting project bag

And finally, if you can’t find a knitting bag in the shops that you love, why not make your own? We love this DIY knitting project bags pattern from our friends at Mollie Makes magazine. It has a drawstring closure and handy pockets at the front for storing all your knitting tools. Choose a gorgeous metallic fabric to make it really shine!

Best for: Crafty types who love to sew too


Get the free DIY knitting project bags pattern

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