Knitted heart pattern

Send someone a knitted hug with this cute heart design by Jane Burns. This easy beginner knit is a fun stashbuster and works up in a flash!

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Knitted heart pattern

Show somebody you care with this knitted heart pattern by Jane Burns, taken from Simply Knitting issue 142. Perfect for charity knitting, this heart gift is a sweet way to send some love to anyone who needs a smile.


Our little knit heart is great for using up scraps from your stash, as all you need is a small amount of DK weight yarn. You could also substitute whatever yarn weight you have available – just be aware that it’ll change the size of your finished heart and you need to use the right needles to match.

If you haven’t got any toy stuffing to hand why not stuff your heart using more yarn scaps? Don’t throw away those little yarn ends from other projects! Jane’s heart pattern is for a keyring, but you could add a hanging loop made from a crochet chain or length of ribbon instead if you wish.

We love how easily this knit heart pattern can be customised – and we hope you’ll love it too!

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To make this knitted heart pattern you will need:

  • Rowan, Super Fine Merino DK (100% Merino wool, 115m/50g), 1 ball of Zing (146)
  • A pair of 3¼mm knitting needles
  • Toy stuffing
  • Darning needle
  • Keyring

How to knit a heart: easy knitting pattern

This pattern uses our standard knitting abbreviations. This pattern is written in UK metrics but it’s really easy to convert, just check out our yarn weight conversion chart and beginner’s guide.


Yarn used knits as DK to this tension: 24 sts and 34 rows to measure 10x10cm over st st using 3¼mm needles


The finished knitted heart is 8cm wide

Knitted heart keyring

Make 2 pieces.

Cast on 2 sts using long-tail method.

Row 1 Knit.

Row 2 Purl.

Row 3 (Kfb) twice. [4 sts]

Row 4 Purl.

Row 5 K1, M1, knit to last st, M1, K1. [2 sts inc’d]

Row 6 Purl.

Rep last 2 rows 8 more times. [22 sts]

Row 23 Knit.

Row 24 Purl.

Row 25 K1, M1, knit to last st, M1, K1. [24 sts]

Row 26 Purl.

Row 27 Knit.

Row 28 Purl.

Row 29 Knit.

Row 30 P12, turn and work on these sts only.

Row 31 K1, ssk, K9. [11 sts]

Rows 32, 34 & 36 Purl.

Rows 33, 35 & 37 K1, ssk, knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, K1. [5 sts after row 37]

Row 38 P1, p3tog, P1. [3 sts]

Cast off.

With WS facing, rejoin yarn, purl rem 12 sts.

Row 1 K9, k2tog, K1. [11 sts]

Rows 2, 4 & 6 Purl.

Rows 3, 5 & 7 K1, ssk, knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, K1. [5 sts after row 7]

Row 8 P1, p3tog, P1. [3 sts]

Cast off.

To make up the knitted heart

Use mattress stitch to sew two hearts together, leaving 2cm gap. Stuff gently and sew closed. Sew keyring to top of heart using image as a guide.

Download the knitted heart pattern

Follow this link for a downloadable version of our heart knitting pattern:

Knitted heart pattern PDF


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