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Moss stitch scarf pattern

Wrap up in stripes of squishy moss stitch with this scarf pattern from Sarah Winsper. Easy to knit, it's a great project for beginners.

Moss stitch scarf pattern

Moss stitch is one of our favourite stitch patterns. It’s so simple but so effective! This moss stitch scarf pattern uses alternating stripes of basic moss stitch and double moss stitch to create subtle textures that are gorgeous to look at and delightfully squishy to wear. It’s finished with tassels in a contrasting colour.


You can find out all about what moss stitch is and how to work it in our moss stitch beginner’s guide. If you find moving the yarn back and forth between the knits and purls tiring, try knitting continental style instead – it can be easier on your hands. Our guide on how to do continental knitting will show you how it’s done.

Our moss stitch scarf pattern was designed by Sarah Winsper for Simply Knitting magazine issue 181, and we’re pleased to bring it to you for free below…

To knit this moss stitch scarf pattern you will need:

  • West Yorkshire Spinners, The Croft Shetland Colours Aran (100% wool, 100g/166m)
    2 skeins of: Yarn A Melby
    1 skein of: Yarn B Belmont
    Buy this yarn from Deramores UK or Deramores US
  • A pair of 5mm needles
    Buy 5mm needles from The Knitting Network
Moss stitch scarf pattern
This moss stitch scarf pattern uses alternating stripes of moss stitch and double moss stitch.

Moss stitch scarf pattern

For a full list of the abbreviations used in this pattern see our knitting abbreviations, and check out our yarn weight conversion chart and guide to knitting needle sizes for more information on the tools you need.

Techniques required for this pattern include how to cast on knitting, how to cast off knitting, how to do a knit stitch and how to purl in knitting.


16 sts and 23 rows to measure 10 x 10cm (4 x 4in) over pattern using 5mm needles. Find out more about knitting tension squares.


27 x 170cm (10½ x 67in) after blocking. See how to block knitting projects for more on blocking.

Moss stitch scarf

Cast on 45 sts using 5mm needles and Yarn A.

Moss stitch section

Rows 1 to 12 *K1, P1; rep from * to last st, K1.

Double moss stitch section

Rows 1 to 2 *P1, K1; rep from * to last st, P1.

Rows 3 to 4 *K1, P1; rep from * to last st, K1.

Rows 5 to 6 *P1, K1; rep from * to last st, P1.

Rows 7 to 8 *K1, P1; rep from * to last st, K1.

Rows 9 to 10 *P1, K1; rep from * to last st, P1.

Rows 11 to 12 *K1, P1; rep from * to last st, K1.

Alternate these two sections until you have 29 stripes in total, ending with a Moss Stitch Section.

Cast off in moss stitch.


Cut a 21cm length of Yarn B, fold it in half, then thread the folded end through one of the gaps in the cast-on end of the scarf. Pull the loose ends of the tassels through the folded loop and secure. Repeat along the edge of the cast-on and cast-off ends. [Approx 44 tassels each side]

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