How to mount your stitching in a hoop

Show off your stitches in an embroidery hoop for a stylish finish that will wow everyone who sees it! Here's our step-by-step guide...

How to mount cross stitch in a hoop

So you’ve finished embroidering or cross stitching your image – now how do you display it? Traditional frames aren’t the only option. Embroidery hoops are an eye-catching way to mount your work. Here’s how to use them as unique frames.

Main image from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, issue 258, designed by Lucie Heaton


Step 1

Using your inner hoop as a template, cut out your stitching approximately 4cm (1½in) larger than your hoop.  Then cut out a piece of white felt slightly smaller than your inner hoop.

How to mount stitching in a hoop step 1

Step 2

Insert your stitching into the hoop making sure the design is straight and central, with the screw at the top. You will want to make the screw really tight- keeping the stitching taut like a drum. Sew a row of running stitch around the outside.

How to mount stitching in a hoop step 2

Step 3

Firmly pull the thread to gather the edge of the stitching at the back, then secure.

How to mount stitching in a hoop step 3

Step 4

Lay the felt over the back of the hoop and tack in place to protect the back of the stitching.

How to mount stitching in a hoop step 4

Customisation ideas

There are lots of different things you can do to customise your hoop. Why not try painting the hoop with acrylic or emulsion, wrapping you hoop in ribbon or spare thread from your stash or even adding accessories such as pom-pom trim or card toppers.