Mount your cross stitch in a hoop

Embroidery hoops are not just for holding! They make great frames to display your cross stitch

DIY Embroidery hoop

Chances are that if you have tried any kind of embroidery in the past, you will have a few embroidery hoops in your home in different sizes. They are handy for holding your fabric taut while you are stitching. But that is not all they are good for – they make perfect frames to display your finished cross stitch in as well! Our step-by-step guide will show you a quick and easy way to frame your stitching in a hoop.

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Total time:

Cross stitching time not included!

Step 1

DIY embroidery hoop

Using your inner hoop as a template, cut out your stitching approximately 4cm (1½in) larger than your hoop.  Then cut out a piece of white felt slightly smaller than your inner hoop. 

Step 2

DIY embroidery hoop

Insert your stitching into the hoop making sure the design is straight and central, with the screw at the top. You will want to make the screw really tight – keeping the stitching taut like a drum. Sew a row of running stitch around the outside.

Step 3

DIY embroidery hoop

Firmly pull the thread to gather the edge of the stitching at the back, then secure. 

Step 4

DIY embroidery hoop

Lay the felt over the back of the hoop and tack in place to protect the back of the stitching. 


There are lots of different things you can do to customise your hoop. Why not try painting the hoop with acrylic or emulsion, wrapping you hoop in ribbon or spare thread from your stash or even adding accessories such as pom-pom trim or card toppers. Find more ides in our embroidery hoop craft ideas article.

How about more hoops?

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