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15 Pokemon cross stitch

Gotta catch 'em all - Pokemon cross stitch patterns that is. Enjoy a hit of nostalgia with these popular 90s icons.

pokemon cross stitch
Published: November 10, 2021 at 10:00 am
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Pokemon exploded into popularity in the 90s and is still going strong now, whether that's with the 90s kids or the gen 8 fans. We probably speak for everyone in their late 20s and early 30s when we say that Pokemon holds a certain place in our hearts, and many of us still have our Pokemon card collection. In fact, if you have a shiny Charizard card hanging around in your attic, it might be time to dust it off and get it on eBay. One rare Charizard from 1999 was reported to sell for £169k. That's right, you could probably buy a decent house for that, who'd of thought that shiny piece of card would be such an investment.


To celebrate this awe-inspiring franchise, we have round up our favourite Pokemon cross stitch from a whole host of amazing creators. It's a diverse list of Pokemon, but we have to admit that a lot of them are of 1st gen Pokemon, and since nostalgia is what these patterns are aiming for, we're sure 90s kids will enjoy this collection.

These Pokemon cross stitch patterns are amazing projects to take on yourself and hang up in your home or give to a friend, as well as the perfect gift for any budding stitcher, as most of them are suitable for beginners. If you are new to cross stitching, we have lots of helpful guides available, find out how to cross stitch or learn more about cross stitch needle sizes.

1. Pikachu cross stitch pattern

A must-have for any pokemon fan, this adorable counted cross stitch pattern is available as a digital download which you will receive within 24hrs, so you can get started straight away. We absolutely love this Pikachu inside a glass jar, he just looks so cute. This counted cross stitch is designed to be suitable for beginners to this craft, so is a really fun project to take on as a newbie. Once you have completed your Pikachu why not frame it and hang it on your wall at home to brighten up any room, or gift it to a friend who loves Pokemon.

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pokemon cross stitch

2. Bulbasaur cross stitch kit

A firm favourite amongst Pokemon fans, this cute Bulbasaur will steal your heart! In this kit, you'll receive everything you need to make the design including a counted chart, 14 count Aida, DMC thread, needle and how-to guide. Fun Bulbasaur fact: Bulbasaur’s name means ‘strange seed’ in most languages! In English, it is kind of a mash-up between bulb (seed) and dinosaur.

Find the Bulbasaur cross stitch kit on Etsy

pokemon cross stitch

3. Wooden Aida Blastoise Cross Stitch Kit

Forget your fabric Aida's, try something completely different and stitch onto wood! This kit comes with a custom laser cut wooden Aida base sourced from an environmentally sustainable wood supply, it also contains everything you need to complete this project. Your completed cross stitch would make a totally unique gift for any Pokemon fans you might know. Blastoise is another firm favourite with diehard Pokemon fans, but you might know his devolved version better, the adorable Squirtle!

Find the Wooden Aida Blastoise Cross Stitch Kit on Etsy

pokemon cross stitch

4. Pokeball galaxy edition cross stitch kit

We have to say, this Pokeball is out of this world! The gorgeous design will light up the home of any Pokemon master, as a symbol of their skills. This kit contains all you'll need to finish this design including a re-useable A4 coloured folder to store the kit in, a 6" hoop, white Aida cloth, floss, needle and the pattern of course! There is even the option to add on a needle minder, which can be really helpful if you are prone to misplacing your needles. If you are brand new to cross stitch you're in luck, you will also receive an introduction to cross stitch within the kit.

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pokemon cross stitch ball

5. Gastly Pokemon cross stitch kit

Who doesn't love Gastly, he's creepy and cute all at the same time. Another 1st gen pokemon will give the 90s kids a good throwback, so if you are looking for any stocking stuffers this year, Gastly might just be your guy (or gal), actually scratch that, Gastly has no true form, due to 95% of its body being poisonous gas. This kit comes with everything you need to finish the project, even the awesome purple Aida, making it a little different from your usual cross stitch.

Find the Gastly Pokemon cross stitch kit on Etsy

pokemon cross stitch gastly

6. Pokemon cross stitch red

This is really one for the OG fans, this cross stitch features a firm favourite Charizard from the Pokemon Red game released on Gameboy in 1999, and probably worth a bit now if you've still got it! This completed cross stitch would look amazing on the wall of anyone who is a big 1st gen Pokemon fan, we promise they will love it. This counted cross stitch kit contains all you'll need to complete the project, from Aida to threads and everything in between. We think the retro Pokemon designs work really well with cross stitch because it almost gets that pixelated look which would have been true to the video game back when it was released.

Find the Pokemon cross stitch red on Amazon

pokemon cross stitch charizard

7. Jigglypuff Pokemon cross stitch kit

Isn't Jigglypuff just the most adorable Pokemon? We think so too! Jigglypuff is a mischievous Pokemon, its body is filled with air and, Jigglypuff can deflate until it is flat. It is also able to float by drawing extra air into its body, which most famously (if you are a fan) can be seen in Super Smash Bros games. This counted cross stitch kit contains all you'll need to have your very own Jigglypuff to take care of, the kits are made to order too, so if you wanted to personalise it, that option is available.

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pokemon cross stitch jigglypuff

8. Squirtle Pokemon cross stitch kit

Squirtle might look cute, but he won't think twice about shooting a jet of high powered water from his mouth at an opponent. If you've always wanted to catch a Squirtle (they are scarce in the wild), now is your chance, and you don't even need a Pokeball. Stitch Squirtle into this lovely card design and either keep it yourself and mount it on the wall or give it to a friend or family member who loves Pokemon.

Find the Squirtle Pokemon cross stitch kit on Etsy

pokemon cross stitch squirtle

9. Pokemon battle cross stitch

You might have caught em' all, but the real test comes when battling your Pokemon. This amazingly detailed cross stitch captures just that, the moment two Pokemon are about to battle with one another. We can see all the favourites, including Ash and Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Pidgey! You can even stitch the classic HP bars at the top of the screen. This is a digital download, so once you purchase you will receive the pattern and accompanying key, ready for you to get stitching.

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pokemon cross stitch battle

10. Pikachu balloon cross stitch pattern

One of the Pikachu variants, the flying Pikachu takes to the skies with a set of colourful balloons, first spotted in Pokemon Yellow, the flying Pikachu has glided its way into 2016 and beyond featuring on the game Pokemon GO! This adorable stitch is perfect for any fans of both the old school Pokemon right up to the newer gen. This listing is for a digital download of the pattern only.

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pokemon cross stitch pika

11. Pikachu heart cross stitch kit

The original pokemon, Pika had to be included on this list a few times as the OG Pokemon, you can't really get more iconic. This sweet pokemon cross stitch looks as though it is homaging the 8-bit Pokemon games making it the ideal choice for all you retro fans. What are you waiting for? Become a Pokemon master.

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pokemon cross stitch pikachu

12. Charmander Pokemon cross stitch kit

You can celebrate every season with Pokemon, but we particularly love this Charmander Christmas card! Imagine the look of the recipients face when they receive this. In this kit, you'll receive everything you need to make up this card in no time, then you'll just have decide who to give it to. Can I send myself a Christmas card?

Find the Charmander Pokemon cross stitch kit on Etsy

pokemon cross stitch charmander

13. Pokemon cross stitch pattern Eevee

Eevee is one of our favourite Pokemon, wielding the ability to evolve into any of the below depending on what it is exposed to. If you can't choose your favourite Pokemon which Eevee evolves into, you can enjoy stitching them all in this detailed pattern. Once completed, you could frame your finished piece and be the envy of your friends! This pattern is available as a digital download, ready for you to print at home.

Find the Pokemon cross stitch pattern on Etsy

pokemon cross stitch

14. Pokemon Generations I - VII Cross Stitch Pattern Collection

With this cross stitch, you really will have caught em' all, well not all, but quite a lot of them. This cross stitch contains Pokemon from gen 1-7, and you can stitch them as you wish, whether you keep them all together on one large Aida, or you use them individually, the possibilities are endless! We do know one thing though, there won't be any plain fabric in your home. This is a digital download only.

Find the Pokemon Generations I - VII cross stitch pattern collection on Etsy

pokemon cross stitch

15. Pokemon GO! Cross stitch pattern

Did you and your friends get on the Pokemon GO! hype in 2016? Then you'll love this Pokemon cross stitch pattern, it contains all of the Pokemon GO! favourites, and it will be a nice big project to get stuck into. This is a digital download only, so it'll be ready for you to print at home and get going straight away.

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pokemon go cross stitch

Bonus! Pokemon needle minder

A must-have for any keen stitcher, and why not get a needle minder that matches your next Pokemon project. These handy devices will attach to your fabric with a magnet and will keep your needle safe! These also make great stocking stuffers for any stitching fans.

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pokemon cross stitch needle

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