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10 beautiful embroidery scissors

Looking for a special gift for someone who loves embroidery? Browse through the most beautiful embroidery scissors.

stork embroidery scissors

Give someone who enjoys stitching, sewing, or embroidering a pair of special embroidery scissors to celebrate their talent. There are so many beautiful embroidery accessories out there and embroidery scissors are a key part of any stitcher’s arsenal. With a surprising amount of designs and styles, embroidery scissors are like little pieces of artwork themselves, and you won’t want to put them down!


From glistening flamingos to shining gold storks, you’ll find many styles of embroidery scissors on this list, suitable to all tastes. These embroidery scissors would make a special small gift or stocking stuffer for someone special.

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What are embroidery scissors used for?

Embroidery scissors are small in size and sharp, which makes them ideal for delicate embroidery work. They are ideal for snipping and trimming fine threads, and any other intricate snipping required.

10 beautiful embroidery scissors


Gold stork embroidery scissors

The stork embroidery scissors are a popular choice among embroiderers, and we can see why! They’re delicate, whimsical and we just can’t stop admiring them. The imaginative design sees the beak of the stork as the blades of the scissors and the feet and wings leading down to the handle. These scissors are sharp and practical but also beautiful, what more could you want?

Stork embroidery scissors, Etsy, from £3.99

stork embroidery scissors


Floral embroidery scissors

These intricate scissors look as if they’ve fallen straight out of a fairytale. For those who love all things magical, these scissors will make the perfect addition to your embroidery kit. With delicate floral handles and a sharp blade, they are the perfect mixture of classical beauty and modern practicality.

Floral embroidery scissors, Etsy, from £10.95

embroidery scissors


Rose gold folding embroidery scissors

For those who love to stitch on the move, these stylish folding embroidery scissors will fit comfortably in any bag or small kit. They are easy to fold up and the point of the scissors is hidden so won’t catch on anything.

Rose gold folding embroidery scissors, Etsy, £4.99

embroidery scissors folding


Colourful embroidery scissors

These gorgeous pastel coloured embroidery scissors will complete any modern embroidery kit. They make a great gift for anyone who loves bold colours and a cute design. These funky embroidery scissors have gold blades and are available in four different handle colours.

Colourful embroidery scissors, Etsy, £10

embroidery scissors colour


Skull embroidery scissors

These skull embroidery scissors would make the perfect gift for someone who loves all things alternative. These are certainly eye-catching, and the perfect accessory for those who love a unique style of embroidery!

Skull embroidery scissors, Etsy, £12

embroidery scissors skull


Flamingo embroidery scissors

Add a touch of tropical to your embroidery kit with these bright pink flamingo embroidery scissors. They would make a fabulous gift for flamingo fanatics and pink-lovers alike, they would especially make a lovely stocking stuffer this festive season.

Flamingo embroidery scissors, Etsy, £9.95

embroidery scissors flamingo


Milward yarn ball embroidery scissors

It’s not just cats that love yarn, we do too! These cute scissors are unique yet practical making them the perfect addition to any stitcher’s kit. With a sharp blade and precision tip, they are ideal for even the most complex of cutting.

Milward yarn ball embroidery scissors, Etsy, £7.99

embroidery scissors yarn


Rabbit embroidery scissors

These beautifully delicate embroidery scissors are a masterpiece, we could look at them all day! They have an aura of magic around them that makes us feel like we’ve fallen into Alice and Wonderland. These would make a special gift and will add a touch of whimsy to that special someone’s day.

Rabbit embroidery scissors, Etsy, £16.95

embroidery scissors rabbit


Clear and gold embroidery scissors

These sleek clear-handled embroidery scissors are ideal for anyone who wants to add a touch class to their embroidery kit. They are ultra-modern and would make a fab gift for anyone who loves a minimalistic style.

Clear and gold embroidery scissors, Etsy, £6

embroidery scissors clear


Gothic embroidery scissors

Add a touch of gothic glam to your embroidery kit with these wonderfully dark embroidery scissors. They are super detailed and remind us of gothic architecture, or a wrought iron gate. Anyone who is a fan of vintage or gothic styles will adore these.

Gothic embroidery scissors, Etsy, £7.99

embroidery scissors gothic

Now you’ve got your embroidery scissors sorted, it might be time to take on your next embroidery project! If you’re new to embroidery make sure you head over to our embroidery for beginners guide plus this useful embroidery stitches library. If you need some inspiration, we have plenty of amazing free patterns ready to stitch right here on Gathered, try the cute bee embroidery, the bicycle embroidery pattern, or maybe this cool ice cream embroidery. If you’re looking for more of a challenge give this fun octopus embroidery a go. Practice your straight stitch with the sun embroidery design.