Free wildflower embroidery pattern

Fall in love with autumn with this gorgeous wildflower embroidery pattern by Liz Stiglets, hang it on your wall and make your home feel cosy.

wildflower embroidery patterns

If like us you’re a stickler for autumn vibes, you’ll adore this wildflower embroidery pattern designed by Liz Stiglets. The design embodies a riot of colour, to make this atmospheric twilight scene come to life. Using a multitude of embroidery stitches you’ll see the design take shape before your eyes, not to mention you’ll also up your embroidery stitch skillset with the variety of stitches in this free embroidery pattern.

This beautiful wildflower embroidery pattern showcases an autumnal meadow, and gives us warming vibes! We can completely imagine sitting down on a rainy autumn evening to complete this project. It would bring a warming glow to any room you decide to display it in your home, or you could give it to a friend as a thoughtful gift.

This design is suitable for beginners, but it does use a wide variety of stitch types, so you might need to practice a few of them if you’re fairly new to the craft, be sure to check out our helpful guide to embroidery stitches for beginners. If indeed, you are new to embroidery or simply need a little refresh, take a look at our embroidery for beginners guide which contains everything you need to get started on the wildflower embroidery pattern.
The wildflower embroidery was designed by Liz Stigletsfor Love Embroidery issue 5.

Embroidery stitches key for the wildflower embroidery pattern

Wildflower embroidery fact box:

  • Cotton fabric: 40x40cm, cream
  • Stranded cotton: 1 skein each of blue-grey, dark blue, gold, light green, dark green, red, wine
  • Embroidery hoop: 15cm diameter
  • Basic embroidery kit

Free wildflower embroidery template

You’ll also need the free wildflower embroidery template.


You Will Need

  • Stranded cotton
  • Cotton fabric
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Basic embroidery kit

Total time:

Step 1

Transfer the design from the template onto the centre of the fabric using your preferred method. We placed the fabric on top of the template and traced over it using a heat-erasable pen. If you can’t see the design through the fabric, tape it to a window or lightbox so the light shines through. Once the design is transferred, mount the fabric centrally into an embroidery hoop.
Start by stitching the patches of dark red coloured leaves that are scattered around the design. Work them in Seed Stitch using three strands of wine.

wildflower embroidery patterns 1

Step 2

Next, work the stars in two strands of blue-grey using Star Stitch. To create small neat stars make sure you push the needle back in through the same hole in the centre each time.

wildflower embroidery patterns 2

Step 3

Work the light green grass in Straight Stitch using three strands. Work the dark green grass as individual Fern Stitches using three strands.

wildflower embroidery patterns 3

Step 4

Work the line of trees across the top of the design in Long Tail Chain Stitch using three strands of red. Hold the stitch flat on the surface of the fabric before you pull the needle all the way through to create a neat tree line running across the top.

wildflower embroidery patterns 4

Step 5

Using two strands of dark blue, work the birds in the sky as individual Fly Stitches. Work the small dots in the design as Colonial Knots using two strands of dark blue.

wildflower embroidery patterns 5

Step 6

Work the branches in two strands of gold as Double Fern Stitches. When you have finished working all the embroidery you can add some more details and colour. Use just one strand of stranded cotton for this to make tiny Straight Stitches on top of some of the already worked stitches using a coordinating colour. Refer to the main photo as a guide to this, or choose your own colours and positioning.

wildflower embroidery patterns 6

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About the designer:

Liz Stiglets
With a background in illustration and design, combined with a passion for the vibrant and the tactile, it’s no surprise that Liz found her way to the creative art of embroidery. She designs kits and shares tools and resources to help others develop their skills.