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10 stylish and modern Halloween embroidery kits

Bring in the spooky season in style with these modern and fun Halloween embroidery kits.

halloween embroidery kits

Spooky season is upon us! It truly is a wonderful source of inspiration for your Halloween embroidery projects. Not only the lovers of Halloween but the lovers of autumn will also get a kick out of these projects. There are many reasons to love spooky and autumnal embroidery, but a few of the mains ones are the orange and brown hues of the threads, the cosy feeling we get from creating them, or just the fact that they make our home look like an autumnal dream.


Find all types of Halloween embroidery kits, from creepy skulls to the midnight moon, you’ll find something to suit your spooky style. If you want to create these for yourself, they make wonderfully spooky, yet subtle Halloween decor, or if you know someone who loves the season as much as you do, then make one of these kits up for them, or simply give them the kit!

If you are new to embroidery, or you need a refresh on the basics, take a look at our useful guide on embroidery for beginners, a great way to get started on this therapeutic craft. If you need a little guidance with stitching types head over to our library of embroidery stitches.

10 stylish and modern Halloween embroidery kits


Alternative Autumn Halloween embroidery kit

Kicking things off we’ve got this fabulous yet creepy embroidery kit. This one is definitely a kit for someone who loves all things alternative and wants to make an eye-catching embroidery to compliment their home. This kit contains 100% unbleached organic cotton, painted 100% Bamboo embroidery hoop, embroidery threads, comprehensive ‘how to guide’, practice fabric, and an embroidery needle.

Autumn Halloween embroidery kit, Not on the Highstreet, £24.99

halloween embroidery kits


Skull Halloween embroidery kit

This rockin’ skull embroidery kit is too cool for school and would be awesome all year round in an alternative home. This kit would also make the ideal gift for someone who might like to give embroidery a go but isn’t sure where to start. This design is fab for Halloween and will add that extra touch of spice to your decor.

Skull Halloween embroidery kit, Etsy, £22.49

halloween embroidery kits


Pumpkin Halloween embroidery kit

This gorgeous autumnal embroidery kit is giving us such warming vibes. If you don’t fancy getting messy with carving a real pumpkin this Halloween, this embroidery kit might just be the perfect (and less messy) substitute. This beautiful kit contains everything you need, plus a bonus embroidery essentials booklet!

Pumpkin Halloween embroidery kit, Etsy, £26.00

halloween embroidery kits


Mushroom Halloween embroidery kit

We adore this psychedelic mushroom embroidery, adorned with cobwebs it gives us a real spooky vibe, ideal for Halloween or anyone who loves a modern gothic style in their home. We haven’t even mentioned the best thing about this yet, which is that the outline is made with a glow-in-the-dark thread! Groovy.

Mushroom Halloween embroidery kit, Etsy, £17.50

halloween embroidery kits


Pumpkin head Halloween embroidery kit

This Halloween embroidery kit is a piece of artwork in itself, the outline of a woman with the head of a pumpkin and surrounded by mystical mushrooms and flowers, we love the outlandishness of it all! This hand embroidery kit is great for both beginners and expert embroiderers and everything in between. This is an easy embroidery project you can complete in three or four hours.

Pumpkin head Halloween embroidery kit, Etsy, £29.88

halloween embroidery kits


Witches hat Halloween embroidery kit

These simple, yet eye-catching designs are fab for beginners, they are easy to do yet look so lovely once finished. You can purchase one, or both which will arrive as full kits containing all you’ll need for these fab projects. We particularly love the severed hand and think it would add a creepy vibe to your Halloween decor.

Witches hat Halloween embroidery kit, Etsy, from £28.88 (bundles available)

halloween embroidery kits


Painted pumpkin Halloween embroidery kit

This gorgeous pumpkin embroidery is so detailed it looks like a painting! This project would be good for an advanced beginner to take on, as it requires quite a lot of detail, it is wonderful embroidery practice. Once you have finished you could gift it to someone who loves autumn (if you can bear to part with it, that is).

Painted pumpkin Halloween embroidery kit, Etsy, £25.36

halloween embroidery kits


Witches hat Halloween embroidery kit

We are loving this witches hat design with autumn pumpkins and flowers! This kit is certainly one for those who have had a bit of experience in the embroidery world before, as it is quite a complex design with a lot of stitching to be done! But if you’re looking for a challenge this might just be the project for you.

Witches hat Halloween embroidery kit, Etsy, £7.20

halloween embroidery kits


Haunted house Halloween embroidery

Get spooky with this creaky old mansion embroidery kit, we love the simplicity of the linework but also how the design comes together to create this wonderful Halloween spookfest. This project would be a really fun one to do on a cold rainy evening in October.

Haunted house Halloween embroidery, Etsy, £31.65

halloween embroidery kits


Bright Halloween embroidery kits

Choose from three gorgeously vibrant Halloween designs, we are not sure we can choose which we love the most! There’s something quite adorable about the trick-or-treat wreath on the yellow fabric, but they’re all so cute. These fab designs are available as a kit, and contain everything you need to complete your Halloween embroidery.

Bright Halloween embroidery kits, Etsy, from £10.75

halloween embroidery kits

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